Wednesday Warriors 5/15/19

Welcome to the NEW Wednesday Warriors!

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE.

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

Yes there are too many tie-in issues to keep count but the main story by Jason Aaron has been great! I keep saying I hope when it’s over Marvel releases an omnibus with the entire story including tie-ins.

The last few issues haven't delivered on speculator expectations.   Store variant releases hint to a possible first appearance or cameo of a new Abomination.  Here’s to hoping that pans out.

Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

It is being reported that issue #75 will change Batman aka the Dark Knight possibly forever and it makes sense the Fall and the Fallen story arc leads into it. So I’m anxious to see what the build up entails and how issue #75 delivers or underwhelms.

This issue has two main things going for it. First it contains the fallout of the Terminus Agenda storyline with our heroes taking a hard look at their actions. But the main draw is the first meeting in print of Crush and her father Lobo.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

This book sounds like a supernatural True Detective show and I can’t wait to read it.

I love this outside main continuity TMNT stuff. This book is dark and very adult. This is a series I highly recommend reading if you are only familiar with the variants.

​Cover Art

I’ve been loving the Victor Hugo War of the Realms variants but this cover is my favorite so far as it has Daredevil with Heimdall’s Sword “The God without Fear”.  

I love the Miami Vice sort of techno color 80’s vibe to this variant.  There is some reader buzz on this book this week as well. But for this category, its all about cover art and this is some poster worthy cover art.

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

Black Cat is getting a lot of buzz lately with her own self titled series about to start. These battle lines variants are flying under the radar right now and I think down the road collectors are going to want to build sets of these. This black cat cover is gorgeous. Buy it now for the art alone. Flip it later to collectors.

The Battle Lines Variants have been sneaky popular and this one could be more limited than others. While it is a retailer summit variant, it was available through Diamon. BOLO at your LCS Wednesday for this one but only look to pay cover.

​Regular Price Variant DC

I love Alex Garner covers and I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection. Just like Battle Lines variant I believe these Alex Garner character portrait covers will sell well as sets later.

Slow week for DC Cover B Variants but I dig this one.  Justice League has been a sneaky (seems silly to say about this title) good run.  Snyder and Tynion have done their thing. This Opena Trininty Variant has a real Michael Turner Batman Superman run feal.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

I think this book will have some heat out the gate but will die off quickly. With that being said, anyone who collected baseball cards is well aware this is an homage to the 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken card and it is that reason alone that I want this comic.

I love Brian’s pick. I cut my teeth in sports cards managing a store for several years during and after college. But I have to pick my man David Nakayama. This 007 variant has a cool Harley Quinn vibe to it. BOLO for the Virgin Incentive version.

​Incentive Variant

Jen Bartel has been hot and I see this book keeping up with the trend of selling well over ratio. Outside of Tales of Suspense #39, I just wish the book reprinted better stories.

We have talked on the CBSI BOLO Show on Simpleman’s Comics YouTube channel about how at a cover price of $8 and a 1:50 ratio, the cost of these Bartel Virgin covers is actually pretty predictable. It costs a LCS $200 to qualify for 1 Virgin. How many stores are actually seeing demand for the trade dress version let alone 50 copies?

​Top Spec Pick

This will be on everyone’s radar as this series has scorched up the secondary market. So it’s no surprise to anyone but it is my spec pick for the week. This issue reveals her origin and her powers.

I would pick something else for a little diversity but fact remains: Slow Week + Obvious Winner = Gotta pick Naomi #5.  This will probably have the highest print run to date in the series so I don’t expect any sort of quick Wed/Thurs flip, but this is one I see as a solid long term hold.

​Sleeper Pick

I really think people are sleeping on Chip Zdarsky’s run. This story is so good and I think once more people become aware of it you will see prices rise. I call it the trifecta with Chip Zdarsky as writer, Marco Checchetto on interiors, and cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco. Even if it doesn’t get hot on the secondary market it’s worth picking up for the story. You won’t regret it. This issue is the final issue of the first arc.

A lot of people have missed the point of the Dark Horse/ Netflix First Look Deal. The key part of the equation is first look. Many of the properties being thrown out by the spec community are non applicable because they have already been optioned by someone else or were available for a look without a first look deal. This will really affect future DH releases and this book is the first #1 post announcement. The solicitation seems built for a TV show. BOLO

Last Week Look Back

Readers Categories : Bolo takes two with the first Astrid Arkham and all the firsts in New Agents of Atlas.  Brian does what he does best and takes home the Indie category.

BOLO 2-1-0

Reg Price Variants: Jack was all in on Agents of Atlas even picking Cover B.  DC variants haven’t moved the market in some time.

BOLO 1-0-2

Cover Art:  Marvels Annotated #3 preformed better than alot expected, except Brian. He saw it coming.

Simpleman 1-0-0

Flip Categories: Going 1:50 over 1:25 regardless of art prefrence was the difference in this one allowing Bolo to take it home.

Bolo 1-0-2

Final: Bolo 4-2-4

Bolo takes week 3! This brings the running total to 2-0-1.   What did you guys think? Who took last week?  Who will win this week? Sound off in the comments!

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