I want to take a minute and thank everyone who contributed to the success of the CBSI Variants Program.


  • To Chris and the awesome folks over at Mad Cave Studios for helping us with our first CBSI Variant : Knights of the Golden Sun, and of course the current Honor and Curse CBSI Variant THANKS!!
  •  To David and all the excellent folks over at Vault Comics for helping us release the Queen of Bad Dreams CBSI Vault Retailer Vintage Variant THANKS
  • To all the CBSI Comics writers, especially the CBSI Social Media Team of Jack DeMayo and Brian Wood as well as CBSI Indie Spotlight Series champion Andy Tomberlin for helping promote and spread the word not only about the CBSI Variants, but for making everyone was aware that part of that purchase was going to the St Jude Childrens Hospital, THANKS!!
  • And of course a HUGE THANKS to everyone who purchased a CBSI variant!!  Because of all the incredible efforts of this comic community, I am proud to announce that our Honor and Curse and Queen of Bad Dreams Variants have raised a little over SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for the St Jude Childrens Hospital charity!!


None of this would be possible without the incredible members of this awesome comic community.  So again, a huge thanks to everyone for helping us make this program a success!!  I am grateful and humbled to part of such an awesome community.


For those still interested we still have a limited number of HONOR AND CURSE CBSI VARIANTS as well as QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS CBSI VARIANTS left for sale, with a portion of each sale still going to the St Judes Childrens Hospital.



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