May 12


What another shell-shocking, heat-pounding, astounding week in comics!


Notes to self…


Spend a little time looking at past Dark Horse titles, now that they are up for grabs through the Netflix “first-look” deal.

No doubt this is a result of the Umbrella Academy show success. Dark Horse has hundreds of properties to choose from, many of which are currently in the dollar range. What does it take to move a dollar book to $20? “Breaking News!” from damn near any website these days, even if it’s not 100% accurate information. Still, the way properties continue to get optioned, and the low buy in price that exists today, it’s hard not to throw a few of your weekly lotto ticket dollars into something Dark Horse-related. Wait, what? You don’t play the lottery?!?


Ok, onto pickups!

The Evolutionary Tale of Jessica Cruz!



Saw these Thor 134’s beginning to disappear and figured, why not?


First appearance of The High Evolutionary!

There’s a lot of faith this character will play a large role in upcoming films.


Who is he?

He was a scientist who received secrets to unlocking genetic codes from an Inhuman.

With his technology, he took to the stars and evolved himself into a higher being to better combat Thor and Hulk.


Did you know?

He grew up idolizing Mr. Sinister’s early work back when he was Dr. Essex.

Lots of good stories about him I’m reading, one being that he developed the ability to de-power mutants by removing the mutant gene.


Here’s our first couple looks at him in story.



Other characters, created by The High Evolutionary, who first appear in this book are…

  • New Men, a human-sized animal race with human equivalent intelligence. Some first appear in Thor #133 and there are a few who first appear here in #134.
  • The Man-Beast, a genetically modified wolf with high intelligence and strength, who wound up revolting against his creator and built his own animal army.
  • The Knights of Wundagore, a team made up of some of the New Men.


We get a bonus first appearance in the back up story in this book.

First appearance of Fafnir!



At first glance, I thought I was looking at Fing Fang Foom!


So, who is he?


“Fafnir was once the King of Nastrond, an extradimensional realm on the continent of Asgard. As Fafnir and his people were thoroughly evil, the ruler of Asgard, Odin, destroyed the kingdom and all of Fafnir's subjects. Fafnir himself was left to die in the ruined wasteland that was his former kingdom. Fafnir, however, found a pool with magical properties, and while drinking from the pool sustained Fafnir, it also transformed him into a massive dragon. Fafnir now possessed strength on par with the Thunder God Thor; a devastating flame breath; the ability to cast illusions and control weak-minded individuals. Fafnir was now almost invulnerable, as his dragon hide was so dense that he barely felt blows from Thor's hammer Mjolnir.”


His homeworld Nastrond and the Cave of the Ancients locations first appear here as well.



I thought the first appearance of Jessica Cruz was Green Lantern #20, but now I’m seeing Justice League #30 and/or #31?? In any case, didn’t see this 1:25 around much. Not cheap anyways. Famous last words. Ha!


In this issue, #31, the ring chooses her on the very first page.



Then, on the last splash page, we see her fully suited up as a Green Lantern.



Don’t ‘Die’ on me now!



Wanted to get in while the getting’s.. cheap! What are they on? 5 or 6 printings now of #1? That usually spells good things for a series future and potential for household recognition.


Sinning never felt so good!



Original Sin #’s 1-8 2014 1:50 Dell Otto Set. These have come down a bit but still make for a beautiful set. So many great variants came out in 2014.


Speaking of beautiful!



Hard to go wrong with Parrillo virgins. The first is from Queen Sonja 2009 Dynamite series, and the next 2 are from Red Sonja Revenge of the Gods 2011 Dynamite series. And some of those Vampirella covers are fantastic, including #19 from Dynamite 2010 series, pictured above.


Bloodrayne Seeds of Sin #1, 2005, Digital Webbing.

Some of the variants in the many Bloodrayne series are impossible to find. Super low print runs.


Lady Mechanika has a cult following. Rumors of something live action planned is perfect! #0 from 2010 is her first appearance. Can be tricky to spot the first printing with all the reprints, but there are clear indications on the cover, specifically, the ‘$2.50 Oct 2010’ wording in between her head and the gun.

The #1 variant is by none other than JSC. Undervalued at the moment, in my opinion, judging from several listing price-points. It use to sell for quite a bit more.

Shahrazad #2, 2013 Variant. Big Dog Ink.

Another JSC cover. Campbell did variant covers for all 5 issues to the series. Some have 1:25 B&W covers, including this one. There are over a dozen exclusives in this set, many /350 and /250.


X-Men in space!



We may be a ways away from X-Men devil in the details, but I stumbled across some interesting info.

For starters, more X-Men family tree ‘Did You Know?’


Cyclops and Havok have a brother? Yes! Cosair has another son! Vulcan is his name. First appearance – X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, January 2006. There are a couple covers. Here’s a first look. Well, a first shadowy look.



Xorrians – 1st app Thor #215 1973 – Forgot to buy this book, but it’s in my notes and worthy of including, seeing as how this race created pretty much all the main races in Marvel. Over six million years ago, the Xorrians allegedly spawned all humanoid life-forms (such as Kree, Skrulls, Shi-ar and Humans) from their own DNA.


The Uncreated – Once called “the Works”, the Uncreated are warlike and seek the extermination of all religions and religious species. 1st Appearance is in Excalibur #89 Sept, 1995. It’s just 1 image of what I read is an image of the Uncreated in its raw form…



This issue also sports a newsstand edition, one with a different price point ($1.50 vs $1.95). This appears to be part of a market test Marvel performed from Nov of 1994 through Feb of 1995.

The $1.50 cover prices seem to be somewhat rare.

  • Cable #17-20
  • Excalibur #86-89
  • Wolverine #87-90
  • X-Force #40-43
  • X-Men #38-41
  • X-Men, Uncanny #318-321

After that introduction, if you can call it that, of the Uncreated in Excalibur #89, in Oct, 1995, Starjammers #1 starts a story of The Uncreated and Shi-ar War.


What do I like about this book? So many first appearances! Here they are:


Let’s start with an image of the Uncreated Spaceship. Unless I missed something, I don’t see an image of any Uncreated aliens in here.



Unless it’s this guy?



Keeyah – A Kree who is a pilot and navigator for the Starjammers.



D’Rehn – Commander of the Shi’ar Ship known as The Vengeful Wing.



2-in-1 intro panel – T’Cahr, the Minister of Peace and Hilyiani, a messenger from the Imperium Star Arm.



A location is also introduced in this book. Ardent Spring. It’s located on the edge of the Imperium. It was an inhabited world that the Uncreated destroyed. Imagine the back story here!



Helek – A Kree, who has met Cossair before.

Tried looking up more info on him but came up empty.



Note: There are cards attached to the centerfold of this book, for the completest out there who MUST have the most perfect copy remaining in existence!



Also wanted to mention some books listed in Previews hitting shelves later this year that caught my eye…



Spawn homages are a no brainer.


Reprints of books that keep rising is price tend to do well for the low buy-in.

Marvel Tails will have that dreaded “True Believers” border, but the X-Men and Giant X-Men will not.


A few other interesting books I was reading about yesterday in Previews…


  • Reaver #1 from image. Only 1 cover? Or maybe store exclusives will exist? Either way, premise may be big.
  • Manor Black #1 from Dark Horse. Sounds interesting. A and B cover. Planned for only a 4-issue miniseries.




  • Aquaman #50 – Jackson Hyde, an Aqualad, wants to be mentored by Aquaman. Jackson Hyde first appears in Brightest Day #4. 2010. There is a 1:25.

Side note: Sook has a really cool cover B of Black Manta.

  • Batman #75. Dell Otto is doing the cover b of Bane.
  • Collapser #1 – A and B covers. Interesting premise and possibly a brand new character?




  • Areo #1 – There is a 1:50. Cover A looks nice. Artgerm Var also.





Have a great week and enjoy the spec-tacle guessing and hunting games that never disappoint each and every week!


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