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So, hey, DC's summer event books, DCeased and Year of the Villain, came out last week. I thought it would be a great opportunity to pit them against each other. They both were pretty decent stories, but both had some art that was questionable, in my opinion.

In the battle of the covers, I got to give it to DCeased. There were a billion DCeased store variant covers, some good some not, but this was my winner…

There were some ok Year of the Villain covers, but I was not feeling the main Greg Capullo cover at all. With that out of the way it's time to talk content.

DCeased 1, DC Comics, 5/1/2019
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Trevor Hairsine, James Harren, and Stefano Gaudiano

DCeased I had heard good things about. There were dozens of store variant covers leading one to think that this was a big deal. I started to sow some seeds of anticipation.

Starts of with Superman breaking Darkseid’s jaw and him taking off because, “he got what he needed.” Batman then reveals he has been tracking Cyborg, who is missing, and the rest of the League is upset with him.

Cut to Cyborg in Apokolips and the art is drawn in this, how to describe it, cartoonish style. It contrasts greatly from the darker page style before it. So much so that it has to be intended. It is like a simplified Kirby style, but that isn’t really accurate, let me just show you. It’s taking me out of the story a little, to be honest.

Cut to Darkseid who does the kinds of things that Darkseid does until he becomes victim to the Anti-Life it makes him crazy and falls victim to it. This whole part of the book is kind of a whirlwind.

Darkseid’s minions send him back to earth and the Anti-Life Equation is spreading via Cyborg and the internet. Batman’s computer reveals that over 600 million people have been affected, turning people and heroes into crazed zombie types.

This was an intriguing issue, but I wouldn’t be being thorough if I didn’t point out that panels like these made me laugh and took me out of the story.

I liked this, but I had to read it twice. 3/5

Year of the Villain 1, DC Comics, 5/1/2019
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jim Cheung

My first impression on YOTV is I think the renderings of Amanda Waller are pretty weak. It’s Jim Cheung though, so I will keep an open mind.There’s a lot to take in here and they break it down into 3 chapters, which is appreciated. Going bullet list to summarize.

  • Chapter 1 is mostly Lex a Luthor and Brainiac. They take out Waller, Lex reveals his plan to Brainiac, and Lex seemingly takes his life.
  • Chapter 2 starts with Batgirl, Green Arrow and Merlyn, the Dark Archer, meeting up. Merlyn is freaked out about the Villains all in alignment for their “royal flush” as Leviathan (League of Assasins schism) appears. Batgirl is eventually having a conversation with a mysterious something or other (face is silhouttted out) asking her to join him and help set the world astraight.
  • Chapter 3 sees the Justice League assembled as they are preparing for war. We get a fairly awesome splash page. Then we cut to Perpetua (remember her?) the creator of the DCU multiverse. She’s assembling the villains and we cut to her observing Luthor as lays in the fetal position in some kind of embryonic pod.

Ok, this was pretty damn good! Then I see the rest of the event continues in another 4 books. If this title was just self contained in this book and Justice League, I’d be all in, but I am not so excited to see I have to read all of these other titles to keep up, yuck. Still, this was good. 3.5/5

The Winner

So, I liked Year of the Villain the best for the 1st issues. It just had a little more story going on. Oddly enough, the only title I will probably be following for the duration is DCeased as it is self-contained to its own title. I dislike crossover stuff, y'all.

Quick Hits

Black Hammer 10 almost brought me to tears this week; I really love this title. Look for the B cover, not seeing a lot of those out there.

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