Writer Wars Round 3: 35 Cent Variants



Today we collectors are inundated with variants, but a few short years ago, in a time before reboots, there were only the occasional second print variant and the mythical 30 cent and 35 cent variant. The way I built my collection was buying lots off ebay and hitting up bargain boxes. I was always seeking anything old and spiderman related. If you become a regular at the local shop you also get to know the other regulars.

They each have a story of the one that got away, and of the time they found one the shop let slip by. If you have been collecting a while you know there are a few 35 cent variants everyone talks about (Star Wars 1,2, & 3, and Iron Fist 14) most LCS don’t miss these, occasionally they might notvalue the 35 cent price.

This one guy full of comic knowledge, always shares what he knows (whether or not you ask). He is always looking for Spiderman, because he is trying to complete the collection at 8.0 or better (all variants, newsstands, and direct editions). I have listened to and watched many unsuspecting comic novices begin to flip through a box near him only to have him accost the unsuspecting customer with unsolicited advice. Even though he is exhausting, 

he helped me know how to do a quick search for the 35 cent variant. His fish storyhe shares is finding a Star Wars 2 variant for the price of a regular Star Wars 2 a few years ago. But if you asked anyone who knows him, it would be the time that he pulled two 35 cent Howard the Ducks for $2 each only to turn around and flip them a week later for some copper age Spider-man he didn’t have. We could not believe it, so little in return. 

For me my first 35 cent variant was right at the peak of Inhuman craze. Some Inhumans came in to my favorite LCS for $3 each. I found Inhumans 11 (first Korath the Pursuer) 35 cent variant in the box. I was so excited thinking I had found a grail, but only to find out that the 35 cent variants are hard to find, but only a select few are considered valuable. They are usually ghosts on eBay, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that Korath becomes important in the MCU. 

Finding one 35 cent variant motivated me to dig through my bronze age comics. I discovered in a random lot I bought when I first started collecting, a Marvel Two-in-One 30 (2nd full appearance Spider-Woman) 35 cent variant.

This is a book I hadn’t valued at all in a stack of unbagged bronze age books. I have since begun my Spider-Woman speculation and started gathering early Spider-Woman comics. Both comics are ghosts on eBay, but I am happy to own them. Ebay Search.


Till next dig,

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