1st Appearance Lucifer Morningstar

Making his DC Vertigo debut in the fourth issue a Sandman, Lucifer would soon be get his own solo series that would run for years(to the surprise of many).


1st Appearance Mazikeen

The demon assistant of Lucifer, Maze is a daughter of Lilith and an integral part of both the Netflix series as well as the comic.


1st Solo Series

A comic that was all but irrelevant outside the cult following this comic had until rumors started swirling that there would be a series.  While this comic has cooled off a touch, it still is a must have for all Lucifer fans.


1st Appearance Amenadiel

Not the easiest comic to find, though not well known either.  The first appearance of another integral character on the now Netflix owner show.


Predates Lucifer #1

While Vertigo was getting ready to launch their new Swamp Thing title and the Lucifer series, they put out a free “preview” book featuring both Swampie and Lucifer as a special flip book.  While by no means a rare comic, finding these in true high grade is definitely a challenge.

House of mystery #175

1st Appearance Cain

While only around for the 3rd season, Cain played an important role on the show.  This comic is also on fire with the surge in Bronze Age horror collectors gobbling up all the 1st appearances and keys possible.

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