First You May Have Missed: Doomsdame

Have you ever wondered what Doomsday would be like if he was a teenage girl? Well wonder no more on today's First You May Have Missed features Doomsdame.

The Adventures of Super Sons #10. We get the villain no one asked for, Doomsdame. While the super sons face off against the injustice army they are met with the might of Doomsdame. Doomsdame is a teenage female version of Doomsday who seems to have the same powers as the original Doomsday we don't yet know much about and I'm not sure if we ever will. Pretty slow week I know… but hey they can't all be winners right?



The super sons are still on the line of loved and hated among the comic world and its hard to see much coming from any of the dozens of character's that are part of the injustice army……sorry slow comic week.



Adventures of Super Sons #10 1st Doomsdame. No print numbers but #8 had a 19k print run so i suspect this issue to be the same or less. 1 cover and she is featured on it. This is one of those books you buy to round off your purchase.

Thanks for reading next week will be better but as always “its better to have first and flip, than to never have first at all”– Valiant Horton


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