CBSI Writer Wars Round 3: Chilled Keys by Ariel Lazo


Tired of paying top dollar for key books? Hate that feeling that you overspent on a book due to timing? Well then read below and start jumping on these Chilled Keys! 

This is where patience pays off! While everyone is jumping on the hottest books hitting the market, people tend to forget older keys whose prices are dropping and becoming affordable again. Remember you want to buy low and either sell or value (for personal collections) high. You don’t want to pay top dollar for a hot book when you can wait a month and save 50% off the price.  

Many key books see a spike depending on what movie is speculated to be out, what actor/actress is slated to be in said movie, or what artist/writer is working on the project. After the hype wears down so does the price and Fair Market Value (FMV) of the comic, which is WHEN you want to buy. Obviously there are some keys that will never drop such as Amazing Fantasy #15, Giant Size X-Men #1, or Incredible Hulk #181. However, look at Batman Damned #1, in its height it was about $150+ now you can find some rare sellers off-loading them for about $50.

Enough chatting let’s get to the top 5 Chilled Keys:


New Avengers #27

1st Appearance of the Second Ronin, Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Currently according to GoCollect you can obtain one below 9.6 for under $50! With all the new spin-offs happening in Marvel, this book still has room to grow and it is a great addition to your collection.


X-Men #129

1st Appearance of Kitty Pride, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, and the Hellfire Club. The Dark Phoenix Saga begins here as well. 

With the movie coming out you figure this book would be on the rise, but you can still get your own copy of a 6.0 for about $60. If you message some sellers on EBay you might even strike a deal! This is a great book to have especially with the X-Men finally joining the rest of the Marvel Universe, only the sky is the limit for them!

Amazing Spider-Man #4

1st Appearance of Silk (Cindy Moon), a Korean girl who was bit by the same spider as Peter Parker. 

Although you meet Cindy Moon in issues 1-3, we first meet Silk fully in issue 4. Sony has planned a movie starring Silk with no one yet slotted to play the lead part. But why wait till this book sky rockets again? You can find some great prices (like about $5) for the first 3 issues but for #4 we have 9.0’s valued at $50. Find a nice copy for cheap, get it pressed and hold on to it for the up soar when the movie is announced!

Detective Comics #850

1st Team-up of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy who form the Gotham City Sirens

We have been getting little Easter eggs from the show Gotham of the creation of the Sirens, so it shouldn’t be a shock that a movie is already in the works. But with Endgame being on everyone’s minds people have forgotten about this little tasty treat. Right now you can find some great deals on this book for 9.0 at about $20! When the movie hits and you have Margot Robbie as Harley again, you will wish you jumped on this now!

Superman Batman Annual #4

1st Appearance of Batman Beyond in a regular comic continuity

Now we all know that Justice League did not do so well, neither did Batman V. Superman, but with Shazam doing so great maybe DC is finally heading in the right direction. With that said, many have said that Batman Beyond will be the next big hit from DC. Not sure whether it will be animated or live-action but the 1st Batman Beyond is a must have for any caped crusader fan. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Terry McGinnis very soon, but my heart is still set on seeing Jensen Ackles doing a live action Jason Todd as Red Hood!

Well these are 5 Chilled Comics for you to hunt for. Always search for deals and talk to sellers, you would be surprised what being nice might get you. Also remember, FeeBay, I mean EBay is not the only place to hunt, search other sites and visit a local comic shop. Deals are everywhere, just depends how bad you want it.

Keep the hunt alive and Search on!

Ariel Lazo



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    Great write-up and a genuine boost to newer collectors! Thanks for this!

  • Avatar

    Good choices! Out of these I still need to pick up a Detective #850. Probably time to do it. Out of the four I think ASM #4 has the most potential. The 1:10 is the way to go if you can find it cheap-ish. If not the standard cover should still do well when/if Silk eventually hits the big screen.

    • comiccollector21

      Thanks! The DC #850 should still be in a reasonable range and I fully agree with the ASM #4 but you never know with DC, they may surprise you and start working on a new Batman Beyond soon. Either way, can’t go wrong with anything related to the caped crusader!

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    Good picks! I love batman beyond. The actual first appearance of batman beyond, batman beyond 1 (mini series) has also cooled a bit and would be a great thing to pick up now. It’s around 60-80 dollars now. That issue has always sold at a premium to Superman Batman Annual 4, came out in 1999, and is labeled as the first comic appearance by CGC.

    • comiccollector21

      You are correct! Superman/Batman 4 is his first appearance in regular continuity. Great catch, I absolutely got to start looking for Batman Beyond 1 now as well, Thanks!

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    Great article especially for newer collectors. I agree with searching other sites and local comic shops, but I have also found some great chilled keys at 2nd & Charles.

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