Star Sapphire aka Carol Ferris

Star Sapphire, we haven’t done her yet. She’s pretty straight forward. Nothing crazy. There's a few different version. There's the golden age version who first appeared in All-Flash Comics #32, but I believe the version people are most familiar with is the silver age version, which I believe is volume 2. There seems to be a discrepancy, which as you can imagine will create problems later on.  Her first appearance is Green Lantern vol 2 issue 16, which I’m sure everyone knows. Her “secret identity” is Carol Ferris, who first appeared in Showcase vol. 1, issue #22. Star's first appearance seems to keep creeping up in value even with zero hype. No movie news, no rumors, she’s not even doing much in the comics that i’m aware of. Yet the prices are goes up and the condition of the copies available just keep looking worst and worst, relatively speaking. Currently I’m in the process of buying her other later appearance, something to do I guess.

I think Star has a pretty decent shot of making an appearance in a future DCU movie, which is part of why I decided to compile this. Carol and Hal have a… whatever the polar opposite of a story book relationship is. Which can make for an interesting film when you think about it. Let's be honest, it's a physical impossibility for DC/WC to do a worst film than Green Lantern, so a Green Lantern with Star as the antagonist could only be an improvement.  Maybe change things around and instead of Hal pair her with Guy or John… or any other Lantern. It's not like WB is shy when it comes to completely ignoring cannon.

There’s a few other Green Lantern book with Star Sapphire that fetch some good money, if you can find them cheap enough to make it worth the flip. I know there's other appearances for her, that I will not  be mentioning. I've just highlight some of the ones I'm familiar with…

Green Lantern vol 2 #26 and #41

Even her second and third appearances have been creeping up in asking price. It’s easy to forget how tough to find in higher grade DC silver age books can be. In issue #26 Hal learns Carol is Star Sapphire. Which is the opposite of what the cover promises. Eventually she'll learn his identity. which is something that seems to be a necessity in the modern Hollywood superhero film formula.

Superman vol 1 #261

She makes Superman her slave… and with a cover like this, who doesn't want to see this happen on the big screen. I'd pay to see Superman licking her boot, or under heel on the big screen, that'd be a riot!  It's no wonder higher grade copies have been drying up quietly. I've seen pricing all over that place on this one, so buy with caution and don't pay top dollar for a beat to $#!% copy.

Planet of The Ape’s Green Lantern #1 ComicsPro Star Sapphire Virgin Variant

This is a pretty cool Planet of The Ape’s Green Lantern crossover virgin cover… I don’t think she’s in this issue though. Never read it. I bought one off eBay because I was running out of Star Sapphire interior appearance to buy. Not sure the print run, but it's a ComicsPro one so i'm sure it's fairly low.

Green Lantern vol 4 #1820

3 issue story arc featuring Star Sapphire. Issue 18 has a great cover in the same sort of vain as the Superman issue mentioned prior. Oddly enough, these were the first 3 books I ever bought that she appeared in.

Green Lantern vol 4 #40 1:25 Variant

There’s also this Star Sapphire variant cover, I wish i could remember where I first read about it. I love this cover and the image got me interested in the idea of Sapphire not necessarily needing to be intermingled with Hal. Rather a different Green Lantern. Not just in a movie, but I'd be interested in a monthly comic series exploring that.

Green Lantern vol 4 #4546 

She appears in these two issue during Blackest Night, 45 also has a 1:25 variant featuring her.

So, believe it or not, this has all been leading up to something else. I had to go through all that Star Sapphire stuff to get to what I really wanted to talk about. Blackest Night Wonder Woman. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been much of a Wonder Woman fan, but this mini series is pretty cool, and Wonder Woman becoming a Violet Lantern was a strong enough draw, so I checked them out.

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3 Regular and 1:25 Variant 

Many collectors already have both covers of issue #3 on there radar, the Ryan Sook variant already goes for pretty good money if you can find it. They pop up on eBay every once in a while in the $75 – $150 range…. even though they sell for between $40 – $100 raw, grade seems to be irrelevant in determining the listing prices. It's just all over the place… There’s a lot of discrepancy between what is actually sells for and what it’s listed at. Regardless, it's a tough book to find in the wild. Every copy I've ever purchased was online and I think I've only ever seen one for sale at a convention.

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2 Regular and 1:25 Variant

The book people should probably keep their eyes out for is Blackest Night issue 2 variant. All the variant covers for this series have a lot of black, so getting a 9.8 can be difficult regardless of which issue it is. While WW isn’t on the cover rockn’ that Sapphire neon pink, it’s still has Wonder Woman vs Mera on the regular cover. A cool half skull image of her on the 1:25 variant. It’s also the issue where Wonder Woman becomes a Violet Lantern or Star Sapphire if you prefer.

Granted, it’s only on a few pages, but in a world where people are willing to pay money for a book with a  panel of a hand or fist, or a boot… or some other obscure nonsense. Seriously, how is this not the book? I love issue #3's covers… but this is clearly the moment were Wonder Woman Star Sapphire Violet Lantern becomes an actual thing.

The answer is pretty simple, it's the same reason people keep buying Wonder Woman 7's instead of #9's. Cuz the majority of comic buyers don’t read comics. That’s literally the equivalent of buying records and CD’s, but not listing to music. Granted, there are a lot of hobbies where the thing collected in never used. Toy collecting springs to mind, so maybe the idea of collecting something that is never used for its intended purpose isn’t so strange after all.

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    Very thorough while still being concise. nice work.

    In a few years, that comicspro could be an extremely tough find. For whatever reason (probably because she isn’t front and center), it’s never generated much wide spread interest. A CBCS 9.8 recently went for 30 shipped.

    • Skot Whitman

      I think you’re probably right about it being tougher to find long term, i’d agree, there’s really not a lot of interest in it right now. As to why, I think because nobody really knows about it. For me, I just stumbled across it and it was $10, so why not pick it up.

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    Was able to secure a 9.8 of BNWW3 Cover A and couldn’t pass up the Planet of the Apes variant either. Really solid books with beautiful art.

    • Skot Whitman

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Nice score on the CGC BNWW #3 A cover. I think over time the Planet of the Apes cover will be tough to find, I honestly think people just don’t know it’s a thing, I didn’t, until I saw it.

  • Peter Renna

    Great stuff Skot. Love the not reading to not listening to a purchased CD analogy. It is so true. I love those Blackest Night WW books.

    • Skot Whitman

      Thanks for reading and commenting Peter. I love those BNWW books too, they’re also probably under some folks radar… it also doesn’t help that the listing and actual sold prices differ wildly. So it doesn’t hurt to generate some excuse to mention them lol

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