1 Thor #337

WRITER: Walt Simonson
ARTIST: Walt Simonson
Boy do we love rumors.  Again, there is zero confirmation of Beta Ray Bill for the MCU, but people are paying like it is a done deal.  Soooo many sales the past few days.  9.8’s last week were $325-350. This week they are hitting $500+.  9.6’s jumped from $175 to $275. (keep an eye on Nova #15 1:50 variant).  You will see a running theme on this week's list…

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2 Strange Tales #169

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: Gene Colan
Rumor of Brother Voodoo in the Doctor Strange 2 movie has caused massive activity on his first appearance.  9.0=$425; 6.0= $135.  Raws disappeared faster off eBay than ½ the population after Thanos’ snap.

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3 Tales of Suspense #52

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Larry Lieber & Chic Stone
I really think Marvel Studios has something unexpected for Black Widow, she is just too popular at the moment as evidenced by this, her first appearance.  9.0 = $8000 (previous high was $5300); 7.5=$2600(previous high was $2100); 5.5 =$1145 (previous high $615)…all just this week. Even a 0.5 incomplete sold for $250!

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4 War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 Patrick Zircher 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Gang Hyuk Lim
Marvel definitely seems to be hitting weekly on these lower ordered side titles and having a 1:50 variant that most stores will never get.  Consequently, these seem to be hitting big numbers the week of release and this one is no different.  $150ish right now.

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5 War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 Pyeong Jun Park 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Gang Hyuk Lim
Along with it's sibling variant above, this is definitely the book of the week.  Numerous first appearances that may or may not stick.  Selling in the $50-60 range.

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6 Bloodstone #1

WRITER: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
ARTIST: Michael Lopez & Scott Hanna
If Marvel does bring back Blade, why not include Elsa Bloodstone?  Anyway, just a couple weeks ago this was about a $10 book.  Now it has had several sales in the $25-30 range this week.

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7 Captain America #117

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Gene Colan
The trickle down effect has hit Falcon’s first appearance.  And maybe it isn’t seeing  the rapid gains you might think, it is hitting, or re-hitting all time highs in many grades. 6.5=$300; 8.0=$470; 9.2=$1235

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8 War of the Gods #1

WRITER: George Perez
ARTIST: George Perez & Cynthia Martin
Huh?  So apparently, there is someone on YouTube that has a large following and he mentioned that this has a possible 1st appearance that might show up in Wonder Woman?  I cannot confirm the validity of any of this info, but there have been truckloads of cheap sales ($5 or less) this week and the price has moved up to $10-15 and a possibly legitimate auction that ended at $48.  I both love and am completely confused by this current market.

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9 Marvel Age #97

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Mike Manley (cover)
People are still hoping for Darkhawk to show up in the MCU and anything is possible at this point.  People are drawn to this issue as it much less available than the overprinted #1 Darkhawk. Several VF copies sold just a few weeks ago for $10 or less.  This week saw a raw NM sale of $75 and a 9.8 sale at an all time high of $350.

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10 Lady Killer #1

WRITER: Joelle Jones & Jamie Rich
ARTIST: Joelle Jones
The Dark Horse library was picked up by Netflix, likely as a result of Umbrella Academy.  While no ‘next' project has been announced, this series is a likely candidate.  This was selling in the $20-25 range but picked up yesterday after the announcement and there have been copies selling for $40-55.  <old spec never dies!>

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Dark Age FCBD 2019

WRITER: Don Handfield & Scott Chitwood
ARTIST: Rod Thornton
This already had buzz because of the ashcan that has done well.  I do not endorse getting FCBD books to flip as it defeats the purpose of the day, but on the aftermarket, this one is getting up to $10.

Underworld Crime #7

WRITER: Bill Woolfolk
ARTIST: Various
The cover art is uncredited but it might be Ed Ashe.  In any case, it is incredible on this hard to find gem.  A 5.0 sold in December for $3100 and a 6.0 with Brittle pages just sold for $3850.  As is usual on this list, sales are blowing the $800 guide price out of the water.

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