Death and All of His Friends



Death and All of His Friends


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. As Hollywood continues to dictate the comic spec world in many senses, I felt it was time to look at something on the back burner right now in many eyes. The MCU is chalk full of excitement right now as it is a blank canvas to all of us waiting to be painted by Kevin Feige and his crew. However, there are little rumblings being heard coming from the other camp, the DCEU.

As of right now, everything is just pure speculation within the MCU, down to the latest Beta Ray Bill and Quasar news. It's just hearsay until proven legit. We are all having fun bantering back and forth about what we would want to see on the screen going into the next phase. A close friend of mine continues to remind me that the DCEU actually has their own Feige now, in Geoff Johns. With this, a person in control who gets IT and understands a grand plan – see his track record as reference.

With all of this, let’s have fun with the DCEU and spec on who could be the next villains. We all know the big boy books. How about the ones that are low risk, and could be high reward? These are the ones all of us like regardless of how much pennies are in our pots. What’s that saying zig when everyone else zags? No one is paying attention to the DCEU right now, why not throw a few darts at the spec board that could have potential to become more than just comic panels. Let’s look at some unknown guys that just bring darkness – I like to call them Death and all his friends

The following are in no particular order…


Anti Monitor


1st appearance

Crisis of Infinite Earths # 5


1st Full and Cover

Crisis of Infinite Earths # 6


Who he is and why he could work…

When the Multiverse was in its infancy, a disruption in its development resulted in the birth of two beings—the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor first made his home in the Antimatter Universe, but once he conquered all of it, he set his sights on the rest of the Multiverse.


“A monstrous being—both physically and mentally—the Anti-Monitor is one of the strongest and most savage villains mankind has ever faced. He’s capable of consuming both antimatter and positive matter, making and unmaking matter at will, all while altering reality and augmenting his own powers. Commanding an army of “shadow demons,” destructive warriors of pure antimatter that are loyal only to him, the Anti-Monitor has single-handedly destroyed thousands of universes. He takes lives by the millions and very few can stand in his way. Those who have, including our greatest superheroes, have met defeat and even death.”


This dude wreaks havoc period! He has many ties with the Green Lantern Universe via the animation cartoons. Finally, we hear rumblings of a movie coming within that realm, minus Ryan Reynolds.




1st appearance

Tales of Green Lantern Corps # 2


Who is he and why he could work…

Nekron is the ruler of a dimension that borders Hell, Limbo and Purgatory. His realm serves as a place where the departed souls of all who have died await passage to their final destination, good or bad. Since Nekron receives power from the souls who inhabit his realm, he is constantly trying to obtain more.


“Nekron is the Lord of the Unliving, one of the most powerful forces in the DC Universe, able to summon the dead to serve him towards whatever ends he might seek. Nekron is a concept/physical manifestation of the concept of death as a cosmic certainty and as the ultimate opponent and opposing force of all life that exists. As a cosmic force for evil, he has frequently found himself in conflict with the Green Lantern Corps. During Blackest Night, he has been revealed as the mastermind behind the Black Lantern Corps.”


This is another guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. He is Death personified, and has been an integral part of the GLC. His appearance within the DCEU would not be a total surprise.




1st appearance

New Year's Evil: Prometheus


Who he is and why he could work…

Prometheus is a twisted mirror image of Batman. As a child he watched in horror as police slaughtered his criminal parents in a Bonnie and Clyde style shoot-out. At their death, he swore from that day forward to annihilate “the forces of justice.”


The child who became Prometheus was raised by two hippy-criminal parents who stole and murdered indiscriminately. When the young boy asked why the police were always chasing them, his father responded that they were ‘trying to bring them to justice’; making the child think that ‘justice’ was a actual place. They were eventually ambushed by the police and gunned down before his very eyes. His hair turned stark white from the shock. He later swore an oath on their graves, dedicating his life to destroying the system of the law.”


No, this is not a Ridley Scott Alien movie. He has been likened to Bane, just not as popular in the mainstream. Without giving too much away, we have seen this madman, albeit in a different form within another comic medium proving there is a market for him.




1st appearance

New Teen Titans # 5


Who he is and why he could work…

Trigon is a demonic conqueror intent on bringing every reality in existence under his control. He is also the father of Raven and a deity worshiped by the Church of Blood.


“Trigon was originally born of celestial blasphemy, spreading viral like evil that would corrupt worlds and civilizations into self destruction. In an effort to cleanse his soul of evil, the Three Divine summoned the great Heart of Darkness to feast on his soul. However, Trigon was able to absorb the power of the Heart of Darkness (the collected evils of a hundred galaxies), becoming a supreme power that would destroy countless worlds. He killed his mother and fathers, the Divine, shredding them of their flesh and wearing their skin. Unable to cross the Divine's barrier, Trigon would summon women from other worlds, consummate with them, and send them back, spreading his evil to destroy countless universes.”


Hmmm, another cat I would really not want to piss off. Like with others on this list we have seen him pop up in a different form within another show: *cough *cough  Titans. Again is this testing the waters for a big appearance down the road in the DECU? Time will tell but his very presence on another medium makes him a candidate.




1st appearance

Green Lantern # 50


Who he is and why he could work…

An ancient horror, Parallax, one of the seven emotional entities, is comprised of pure fear that can possess other beings. It is known to ravage planets and strike terror into the hearts of even the Guardians of the Universe.


“Parallax is the living embodiment of fear, a demonic parasitic entity which would travel from world to world, causing entire societies to destroy themselves out of fear and paranoia.”


Another guy I really would not want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with anytime soon. He has gone rounds with Hal Jordan and the GL Corps. As of recently, he had is day in the sun with Supes. If you want any ideas on what Parallax can do, read the Rebirth issue of Superman # 29. Enough said there. This force makes a lot of others look like Girl Scouts.


Imperiex /

Imperiex Prime


1st Appearance

Superman # 153


Who he is and why he could work…

Imperiex was a vastly powerful villain in the DC comics. He was a godlike entity that sought to destroy the current universe in order to make a new one – making him a major antagonist to any heroes he came across.


“Imperiex has the power of the big bang, the entropy power, inside himself which gives him many powerful abilities such as energy absorption and manipulation, probe creation, powerful energy blasts that can one-shot beings such as Doomsday, and once he absorbed enough power, he can destroy and restart universes.”


This guy can give anyone a run for their money as well! He has battled with Supes with the end result being a catastrophic loss of millions. In addition, he has been seen on the Legion of Super Heroes animated series. As a fan favorite of many, his promotion to the silver screen would not be unlikely whatsoever within the DCEU.




1st appearance

Underworld Unleashed # 1


Who he is and why he could work…

Neron is a fallen angel of Hell, he generally offers deals to villains and heroes for their souls. Neron has no limits in power and apparently cannot be defeated.


Neron is a fallen angel of hell, enhanced dozens of supervillains (and a few superheroes) in exchange for their immortal souls and in doing so granted them with heightened prowess. He did so by tempting them with something the victim would feel would be his or her heart's desire, in exchange for their soul (for example, when tempting Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, he offered to bring back his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, from the dead).”


There is a bit of Neron that reminds me of good ole John Constantine. The whole fallen angel thing I guess. This guy has all the makings of someone who could make the jump to the silver screen. The public, and some comic fans both have a obsessions with demons. This dude checks a lot of boxes that could point to some popularity.

One more for the road because it’s cool as Hell!


The Great Darkness / The Great Evil Beast


1st appearance

Swamp Thing # 49


Book look familiar? It should!

Who “it” is and why he could work…

Love stuff like this >>

A powerful cosmic entity, more knowingly as a demon, that appeared in the DC Comics Swamp Thing storyline, “American Gothic.” it is represented as God's dark-side. The incarnation of evil.

Want more awesomeness? >>

This being is outside of The Presence's creation. A complete absence of divine light. This being is in every way equal to the power of the Presence, but his opposite who existed before Creation. When God said the words “Let There Be Light”, the Original Darkness retreated and stayed inactive for eons.


During the earth-shaking event know as Crisis of Infinite Earths, a clan known as the Brujeria attempted a ritual to waken the Great Darkness, in order to destroy God and re-shape the universe. Instead, it went haywire and they awoke an enraged beast, unknowing of its power and confused of its existence. Several heroes tried to battle it, but were effortlessly defeated and drawn into it. Others who encountered the beast taught of its existence. Etrigan told the Darkness that it was Evil. Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) explained that Evil was hateful, wretched. Spectre taught it revenge. All the encounters unwillingly Infuriated the entity and it launched an assault on Heaven itself to demand answers from the Presence as to its existence. It decimated anything that got in its way and this power was so huge that it caused Hell's main three figures – Lucifer, Azazel and Beelzebub – to form a coherence to defend themselves if it also decided to attack Hell itself. Ironically, another band of demons led by the Demons Three, banded together and followed the Great Darkness, whom they saw as the ultimate sin and evil.”


Well for what it’s worth, this was another one of Alan Moore’s brilliant creations! This type of Biblical stuff is right up his alley as many of your already know from reading his material. An note of interest is this entity was discussed during the TV show Constantine. It seems to remind me more of something Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd discussed in Ghostbusters. Why just for a trip down memory lane let’s look at this exchange. IMO it’s one of the best pieces of dialogue from this classic movie!



I apologize for the digression. However it truly is some cool pop culture stuff mixed with real life biblical brimstone and fire. It’s a very meaningful scene in Ghostbusters that has always stuck with me and many others. It’s also a reminder of all the aforementioned hellians bent on universe destruction.

In closing, these comic issues / characters are more of what it seems CBSI nation is asking for in terms of information. Specs that are low risk that have more upside and many could be found in bins within your local LCS. Sure the first Brainiac or Black Adam are as sure of bets as there is, yet the majority of us won’t pay that kind of money. The spec game now continues to evolve and change. One item does not deviate from course and is an absolute certain – the early bird gets the worm! Good luck out there and stash these in a short box. They may, just may be a meal ticket to bigger and better books!

At the very worst, call this man! He’s like the Roto-Rooter for those who have problems with Death and any of his friends…


Talk soon,


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  • Avatar

    Thanks for the article Clint. There is a lot of very low risk DC specs out there with some serious potential. Some books even have multiple specs within one issue. For example, that Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 is not only 1st Anti-Monitor, but it is also the first DC comics appearance of the Peacemaker who is slated for the next Suicide Squad movie. While everyone is fighting to find the next big Marvel flip, I think that these, and other low risk DC investments, are books that those in the spec community should not ignore.

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    Neron has been the main villain this season on Legends of Tomorrow.

    Prometheus is kind of interesting because he is the same character as the Batman villain Wrath. It’s almost as if Morrison forgot Wrath existed or DC told him he couldn’t use Wrath. They even have the same origin story.

  • Topher

    Great list! I wouldn’t mind seeing Parallax on the big screen or even Biff reprising his role as Neron!

  • Peter Renna

    Great stuff. Never would have considered some of these big bads as options. And you know I love the Ghostbusters line 🤘🤓🤘

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