#CBSIBOLO List For NCBD 5/8/19


What Is The #CBSIBOLO List?


The Bolo List was created, initially, as an Instagram exclusive piece of content I dubbed comics cliff notes. A cheat sheet of sorts, the purpose of the Bolo list is to give CBSI Nation the most up to date information as LCS doors open on NCBD.

The Bolo list is not a list of books you should buy or books that will rise in value.  It's simply a reporting of what we are seeing in social media response and chatter, talk within our community, initial ebay sales, as well as communication with retailers and posted online spoilers.

Similarly,  every 1st appearance in a given week may not be covered. We only list first appearances that are confirmed first hand or by multiple reputable sources PRIOR to NCBD. No delentiation will be made for full vs. Cameo Appearance as it is for the market to decide and that can not be done until after the books have hit on release day.

The Bolo List is ⅓ of CBSI's NCBD attack with Simpleman's Weekly Picks and The Wednesday One. I am very happy to be bringing the Bolo List to ComicBookInvest.Com and all our readers. Be sure to follow us on IG (@comicbookinvestcbsi) for other Exclusive CBSI BOLO content.




Confirmed 1ST Appearances

Reader Buzz

Variant Buzz

AKA Mr. BOLO'S Long Term Play


Back Issue Bolo’s


Arkham Knight

NCBD leads to the big reveal of the identity of The Arkham Knight. I am trying as best I can not to give anything away. At the same time I will say Detective Comics #1000 and #1001 have even more spec potential than initially believed. Also Bolo on todays #1003 and #1001 2nd Print.       



Honor and Curse

Today sees the release of Mad cave Studios' Honor and Curse #1 2nd Print. Honor and Curse has seen more of a slow rise than the rocket ascension of Knights Of The Golden Sun #1 but Hollywood rumors have this booking buzzing. BOLO for the 1st Print, 2nd Print and of course CBSI Variant.



Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is the talk of the spec community. Two books to BOLO for are True Firsts Comic Reader #212 and Marvel Age #6. Comic Reader came out August of 1983 while Marvel Age #6 hit stands in September. Both books pre date the November release of Thor #337. Comic Reader features an image of the cover and solicitation. Marvel Age features a panel image of Bill with a short write up.  Both can be found in back issue bins cheap. BOLO



Sonic The Hedge Hog

Good / Bad or indifferent, the Sonic Movie is getting a ton of attention. If the movie can beat the critics, there are plenty of books with meat on the bone. Yes OG Sonic 1sts will boom but also BOLO for those Sonic #1 IDW Incentives.



Good Luck CBSI Wednesday Warriors!

-Jack DeMayo




  • Gary Nusser

    Nice encapsulation as always. Two items of note:
    Spider-Bite is NOT an actual new character; it is rather a fanciful creation of a cancer-stricken child. That said, heartfelt story and great art but little spec value.
    And remember that Marvel jacked up the non-ratio covers to stores for Agents of Atlas so there are going to be a LOT of those cover A’s out there.

    • Avatar

      There has been a bit of lead up to a Spider Bite type character but this obviously isn’t it. One of those youtube channels was talking about something that was happening with a small spider and Dr Strange. Sorry for being a bit vague.

      • Gary Nusser

        I saw that…LOL… thinking that the spider that had been with Peter in the Sanctorum would be transmogrified into Spider-Bite. I don’t know where they get this stuff.

  • Gary Nusser

    Also, I might add Eve Stranger 1 from IDW’s Black Crown imprint on to the Reader Buzz; early reviews are super positive and I can’t imagine this book was heavily ordered so the 1:10 might be worth grabbing.

  • aceshighcomics

    Look at how many Spider-Gwen #1 were printed back when her vol.1 started… $10 book all day long now.
    I have been starting to throw out all paradoxes and say anything is possible now, because fanboys/girls ruin everything.

    • Gary Nusser

      True but the last time I saw huge hype around the push of a next generation of Asian super-heroes was right around the All New Superman. I’ll give Pak some leeway here but seeing as we will be getting some translated books along with new material in some of the spin-off launch titles, I’ll be watching those numbers closely after the WoftheR :AofA hype train dies down.

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