Indie Spotlight Series 29


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Indie Spotlight Series. Tons of great stuff releasing this week so let's not waste any time and jump right in.


Honor and Curse 1 Second Print

Mad Cave Studios

I have said it before and I will say it again, I'm a sucker for second prints with different cover art. Honor and Curse 1 second print is no different and it will definitely be a book that I look to pick up tomorrow. The story is amazing as Mark London is just on absolute fire right now.  I also think this book will be hard to find.  Keep in mind issue 1 had a print run right around 1500 copies and I expect this one to be lower than that. Issue 1 sells from $8 to $10 right now but can sometimes be found cheaper and the second print has already seen a sale of $8.


Metalshark Bro 1

Scout Comics

Metalshark Bro written by Bob Frantz, Kevin Cuffe and Walter Ostile, is then next installment in Scout Comic’s new binge series.  What is the binge series you ask, well it's a new idea from the  President of Scout Comics, James Haick, and I love it.  It breaks down like this.. issue 1 will still be released as a normal comic (variant covers and all) but issues 2- 6 will not be printed in comic form, just trade paperbacks.

The trade paperback will also have the first issue in it as well and will read as a complete story arc.  With the world moving more the Netflix route and issue 2’s  in comics having a standard 50% drop off in orders this may be the wave of the future.  They have still left the collectibility in the series and issue 1s but now also appeal to the TRUE readers more.  Time will tell if this will work but I’m definitely on board for now.

So on to Metalshark Bro……… This project started as a kickstarter before finding its home at Scout Comics. Premise is a shark stumbles upon Satan and becomes his collector of souls.  The outline in Previews also states if your a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Rick and Morty than this may be the book for you!!!  I did have the pleasure of emailing with the writers and they gave me a couple cool facts as well.

The idea was born after a 5 am phone call from Bob to Kevin stating how much sharks like heavy metal, and it was on from there.  For all you easter egg fans out ther , the Goat Demon is based on Led Zeppelin’s The Hermit , and the Undead Dragon has all sorts of 80s nostalgia in his belly…… E.T.’s bike, Speak and Spell, etc…..

Sounds like a great off the wall whacky read and I'm totally in.  Very few listed on ebay  and the kickstarter versions may get hot if they can be found.


These Savage Shores 4

Vault Comics

These Savage Shores 4 is the book I am most looking forward to reading this week. Honestly, I can't say enough about this story and the way it’s unfolding.  War is on the horizon and we may see the first battle in this book if we’re lucky.  With issue 4 releasing this week, look for other past issues to trend up in price as well. Sales are good on this one so far and I fully expect to see this be an $8 book after Wednesday. I won’t pass this one up and can't recommend the story enough. 

Afterburn Crossfire 1

Red 5 Comics

Afterburn Crossfire also comes out this week and it comes to us from Red 5 Comics. I honestly can't wait to read this one as I was a fan of the original series. This title is set to have a movie released soon with Gerard Butler to be the star. Not sure if this book will pertain to the movie at all, but you never know with Indie publishers. This is another book that I think will be hard to find tomorrow. If your LCS does not order it make sure to check the publishers website.  Copies are selling above $10 right now on the secondary market. This is my Pick Of The Week.


Druids Path One Shot

Amigo Comics

This is my head scratcher of the week by far.  I like the premise of the story.. what little they actually give you.  Amigo Comics is definitely one publisher that brings some way out there ideas to life and I hope it's a home run.  Normally you see at least one listing of a book on ebay but with this one I have found none. That definitely throws up an indicator for me that this book may be seriously underordered.  This is going to be one to keep your eyes on folks as it could heat up.




The Electric Black 1

Scout Comics

The Electric Black from Scout Comics written by Rich Woodall and Joseph Schmalke was an amazing read!  If horror is your thing then this is the book for you.  Everything centers around this mysterious pawn shop that has a certain way of getting people in the door.  Once they are in they may never leave again, but the choice is entirely up to them it seems. The shops owner gives a very Tales From The Cryptish vibe and I LOVE IT!  This book contains stories within the story that will literally eat at you.  Don't want to spoil too much but I can see this series being a huge success. Highly recommended read!!


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week


Deadly Class 38

Image Comics

Excellence 1

Image Comics

Gunning for Hits 5

Image Comics

Ice Cream Man 12

mage Comics (Cover B Lotay cover is one to watch)

Murder Falcon 8

Image Comics

Section Zero 2

Image Comics

Unnatural 9

Image Comics

Vindication 4

Image Comics

Aliens Resistance 4

Dark Horse Comics

Anthem 3

Dark Horse Comics

Black Hammer Age of Doom 10

Dark Horse Comics

Frozen Reunion Road 3

Dark Horse Comics

She Could Fly Lost Pilot 2

Dark Horse Comics Berger Books

Wyrd 3

Dark Horse Comics (Don't sleep on the Dellotto cover.  Will be a very small print on this book I believe)

Ever Stranger 1


Lodger 5


Sonic the Hedgehog 16


Hack Slash vs. Chaos 5


Red Sonja Vampirella Betty Veronica 1


Gears of Wars Hive Busters 1

IDW (Don't sleep on the 1:10 incentive variant)

Empty Man 7


Jim Henson's Storyteller Sirens 2


Ronin Island 1 Second Print

Boom! (Don't Sleep on this one. Different cover art)

Ronin Island 2 Second Print


Ronin Island 3


Archie 704

Archie Comics

Bronze Age Boogie 2

Ahoy Comics

Exilium 5 of 6

Alterna Comics

Hellchild Blood Money 2


It came out on a Wednesday 6


Jungle Comics 1

Antarctic Press *******(Cover price of 34.99 for the pre order variant) WOW

Last Space Race 4

Antarctic Press

Love Town 3

Devils Due / 1First Comics

Midnight Mystery 4 of 4

Alterna Comics

Oberon 4

Aftershock Comics

Shades of Magic 5

Titan Comics (Love Cover B)

Samurai Jack Lost Worlds 1

IDW (1:10 Incentive may be one to watch)

Wasted Space 9

Vault Comics


Last Week's Updates


The Rejected Unwilling One Shot

Source Point Press

Well this one definitely lost some of the early steam it had built up, but still seeing some sales slightly above cover. Great read though. Love the Glossy card stock cover on it as well


Nobody is in Control 1 of 4

Black Mask Studios

Wild, out there, full of conspiracies and mind benders!!!!  I loved it and can't wait for the next issue.  Starting to creep up above cover price.  Don't sleep on this one.


Hashtag Danger 1

Ahoy Comics

I have not had a chance to read it but I must admit I haven't heard rave reviews. That being said I will read and judge for myself.  Copies can still be found everywhere at cover price.


Twiztid Haunted High Ons Darkness Rises 1

Source Point Press

Entertaining read and copies are going for just over cover price.


Descendent 1  (1:10 Incentive)


Another one with a promising first issue that will definitely make me pick up number 2. Incentive variant is selling for right at ratio.



Sleeper Pick

Five Years

Abstract Studios

Decent sales, but still found at cover price. I have not read this one.


Thanks again to everyone who reads and comments!



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