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Greetings my fellow agents.

This week I wanted to bring you some straightforward intel from the ‘bay. I searched for sales of single graphic novels/trade paperbacks above $49. I ignored signed books and books recently mentioned in Trade Secrets. Here are some of the results from my investigation.


Thor Epic Collection Volume 4 To Wake the Mangog TPB


This book collects Thor (Journey Into Mystery) #154-174. It sold this week for $70.

I really regret not buying some of these Marvel Epic Collections. As I have mentioned before, I consider them an upgrade to Marvel  Essential Editions, in that they are printed in color on higher quality paper. The only downside in the comparison is that they contain fewer issues.

I almost purchased this very volume for $15 a few months ago. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.


BATMAN: SHAMAN TPB (DC/First  Edition)


I can hear the doubters already.

What? You can get the run of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #1-5 for less than $15. Why would anyone pay $50 or more for this trade paperback?


Because, I’m  Batman!

Seriously though, never pass over old Batman trades. There are so many that sell for a premium, it always worth a look. Fans want them for their collections and they are willing to pay. Remember there’s no need to get bent out of shape. Simply find a nice copy, sell it, and smile.

Please note: Batman: Shaman also has a Titans Books Edition with the same cover and a Warner edition with a different cover.


Tick Color Series Complete Works Volume 1 2010 TPB

This volume collects Tick Color #1-6, Tick: Incredible Internet Comic, Tick's Big Halloween Special, Tick's Big Red ‘N' Green Christmas Spectacle, and Introducing the Tick.

A recent copy of The Tick Color series sold for $200. I know I said that I don’t care why some trades sell for high prices, but I would like to know in this case. I am a big Tick fan. I looked around the interwebs, but couldn’t find anything conclusive other than it is hard to find. My best guess is that it was under-printed.

That’s it for this week my fellow agents.

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the shelves!


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  • Avatar

    I always forget that When we were kids and discovered Batman or Spider-man. We immediately go buy back issues or at least compilations of these characters we discovered. As we gather more knowledge and history we find out what is good, what is the market what is selling

    The part we forget. We may have been here 10,20, 30 years

    Behind us. Is another generation. That is also growing up, becoming adults AND getting disposable income. And now not just us in America, but around the world. So those million issues of x-men 120. Has to NOW be wanted by those fans. So these EPIC compilations are the best, cheapest and more desired way to enjoy old issues

  • Mike Morello

    Good stuff, Phil. I love Tick and can’t believe that sells for so much! Keep dropping the knowledge, sir!

  • Thor of Rivia

    I can’t believe how nobody is noticing the movement of the Polar series hardcovers. Vol 1 first editions are going for $160 CAD, vol 3 — which has a minuscule print run — is selling for over $100CAD. Even the new released vol 1 2nd edition sells for $30. They’ve all but confirmed that it’s going to be a trilogy.

  • Avatar

    I get just a little wiser every week i read this article. Thank u

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