UPDATED :Single site credited, other groups reporting on this seem to be taking info from the same source.  Take this info for what it is, speculative theory…
The website “We've Got This Covered” is reporting that both Beta Ray Bill and Quasar with appear in the third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy Trilogy.


While the obvious BRB book would be THOR #337 featuring his first appearance, Thor #338 & Thor #339 might also get some attention.


The 2 books to keep an eye out for with Quasar are Hulk #234 where Marvel Man becomes Quasar but also Captain America #217 which is the 1st appearance of Marvel Man.


What are some other comics that could see some real gains?  Let us know what you think in the comments!!



  • SkillzWeldon

    What if they do the female Quasar?! Sam Wilson: Captain America #7 1:100 Alex Ross?

    • Avatar

      I could totally see them doing that, but I think she might get casual audiences confused a bit with the powers of Carol Danvers. I have to admit haven’t read tons with Phyla-Vell but the two seem bit similar. Also, just because they may not go with a female Quasar doesn’t mean Phyla-Vell won’t ever be introduced in the MCU. Never know.

  • Avatar

    Sources around the internet?

    Only place I have seen this info is We Got This Covered which is a sketchy site to say the least.

    Beta Ray Bill is a great character to invest in (maybe Quasar) but take this info “with a grain of salt”.

    1st appearences are never a bad buy when found cheaply just b cautious…

    • SkillzWeldon

      Yeah I know this all to well thanks lol

    • Ben C

      Maybe the other sources are basing it on “We Got This Covered” as well then?

      • Avatar

        Right now I think most are. “We Got this covered” doesn’t have the greatest of track record so they better get on the ball before people start to ignore them altogether. I hope they are right…Quasar would be pretty cool as would Beta Ray Bill!

        • comic_gateway

          I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about Phyla-Vell.. he was talking about Avril Kincaid. Which I can see them more going that route since there going more into women superhero’s..

  • aceshighcomics

    Quasar #1 would also be a good pick. If rumors are true.

  • Avatar

    Quasar was one of my fav characters in the GOTG comics and Annihilation Wave along with Nova and Drax so I was banking on him making an appearance eventually.

  • Avatar

    Quasar shouldn’t really be a surprise… James Gunn tweeted a picture of a vintage “quasar” VCR about a year ago.

  • natethegreat80

    Both of these character are looking like pretty good bets. I’m covered on each of them.

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