1 Marvel Comics Presents (Vol. 3) #4 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Yowza!  There have only been a few sales, but this variant is the talk of town right now.  Likely low ordered title, a high ratio, and Sienk doing Moon Knight and Wolvie?  Multiple sales over $300 already and another close to $600!

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2 Naomi #1

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Jamal Campbell
This will not die…and I don't think I want it to.  I want it to be what everyone is hoping for.  Anyway, 1st prints are now up to $100-125 and the B/W third print that dropped this week is getting $10-15.

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3 Thor #390

WRITER: Tom DeFalco
ARTIST: Ron Frenz
No Endgame spoilers here.  Just reporting on what is selling, and this one is getting $50-75 for raw NM copies at the moment.

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4 Captain America (Vol. 7) #25

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Carlos Pacheco & Stuart Immonen
Continuing with the ‘No Endgame spoilers', but this one is selling like hotcakes in the $20-25 range.

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5 Captain America (Vol. 7) #25 Adam Hughes 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Carlos Pacheco & Stuart Immonen
Just like the regular issue above, this one is hopping because of Endgame.  2 weeks ago, this sold for $30.  Now it is a $100+ book.

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6 Amber Blake #2 Catherine Nodet 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Jade Lagardere
ARTIST: Butch Guice
Clearly this one is piggybacking off the success of the #1 variant and is selling for $60-90.  The writer is a screen and script writer, per her IG page, so this one being picked up is a strong possibility.

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7 Ultimate Fallout #4 Marko Djurdjevik 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
The MCU is king right now and this book is showing no signs of slowing down because of that.  Prices for 9.8's this year have gone from $2000, to $2200 and then just this month up to $2300 and then $2400 this week.  Each were all time highs along the way.

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8 Immortal Hulk #16 Joe Bennett 1:25 2nd Print Variant

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Still ranks up with some of the ugliest covers, in my opinion, all the controversy before this came out was eerily silent after it actually came out this week.  Sales for a 1:25 at $40-50 is still pretty incredible.

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9 Marry Me #1

WRITER: Bobby Crosby
ARTIST: Remy Eisu Mokhtar
Movie news this week.  Zero copies of this series had sold since at least January.  More than a dozen copies have sold in the past 3 days with this one hitting $10-20.

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10 Exiles (Vol. 3) #2 Javier Rodriguez 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Saladin Ahmed
ARTIST: Javier Rodriguez
1st new Valkyrie here and this moved from literally a $1 book to $20-30 this week.

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West Coast Avengers (Vol. 3) #9

WRITER: Kelly Thompson
ARTIST: Gang Hyuk Lim
This one may have been passed initially because people thought the 1st appearance of Alloy was in #10, but Valiant Horton squashed that theory pretty quickly with his article ‘First You May have Missed' this week.  Currently a $15-20 book.

My Love Life #12

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Romance comics tend to get overlooked, especially compared with their horror brethren but many of these have been seeing price bumps recently.  Guide value on this one is $135 but a graded 9.0 just sold for $1200.

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  • Adam Lebednik

    gonna list some Exiles this weekend. Thanks!

  • accustomfigures

    I’m with you on that Naomi. Spec aside, it is one of the best reads for me of the last few years, easy. I don’t know what she’s going to be, but i hope it sticks and is worth the hype.

    Speaking of…that MCP#4 Bill S. cover is amazing. Right up there with his Starriors #1!


  • Avatar

    This list is like an Endgame spoiler list lol

  • Avatar

    How was this a spoiler free list??? You out a bunch of books on here that spiked because of Endgame. Seriously this put a damper on my experience at the movies. Advertised as “Spoiler free” unbelievable.

    • Avatar

      Relax. It doesn’t actually spoil anything.

    • Ben Steiniger

      I tried my best to both report what is going on in the market, but not report what happens on screen. I wanted to be respectful to all people that read this column. Hopefully, most people will understand how I had to try and work it this week. Thanks!

      • Avatar

        Honestly, there was no way to do that and it would have been better to sit on this article until after the weekend.

        What is more disappointing is seeing rude and disrespectful comments that disregard what happened to another reader.

        • Avatar

          Thank you, BlackSun.

          I landed on this article from clicking a link on Twitter from Comic Tom that said “Spoiler Free, no stress, no worries.” An hour before I went to see Endgame. What I found was a top 10 list with a book whose cover says “Who is the next Captain America?” A book I own, where I know Falcon takes the mantle. How is that spoiler free?

          A spoiler free Top 10 has no books that have anything to do with Endgame, like BlackSun17 said, at least sit on it through the weekend. The other option would be to say “Top 10, may contain spoilers!”

          After watching the movie, I watched the Top 10 video on YouTube. Maybe I was overreacting like that guy who called me “Francis” said (totally miss that reference btw). In the video Tom clearly describes the context for these books while other guy sits there snarkily eating popcorn sarcastically acting like these weren’t spoilers.

          Bottom line, I loved this site, visited it daily, looked forward to your articles, TRUSTED you. Call it an over reaction, tell me to relax, whatever. I don’t think I’ll be back, at least not for a good long time, on principle alone.

  • Foxom

    I think that MCP#4 will quickly become a ghost. Not only was it super under ordered but people will keep these for sure. It’s an instant classic cover.

  • Avatar

    LOVE THE HOT 10! I look forward to it every week. Ben you’re doing an awesome job, and that Sienk Variant is just plain ol’ sick… only thing missing is the other character in the book’s stories. Imagine if Spidey was included in the cover? With the low print and high price, I definitely agree with Fox that this book will be a ghost. Speaking of which, a friend of mine kind of mentioned that this has the making of a Dell 667. Now I don’t know about that, but the story of the two kind of mirrors each other… underordered, high-ratioed, hot artist, instant classic. Keep up the good work.

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