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In media news…

Did you see that new Boys trailer? Wow! Looks like it’s going to be an entertaining show!

Mary Marvel actress Michelle Borth signed on for another 5 films. Maybe Shazam is here to stay, huh?

Mouse Guard is again back to being shopped around.

New Hellraiser movie in the works?

Sounds like MOTU was pushed back to 2020 for the planned release. All good in my book, as long as they do it justice!

A Six Billion Dollar Man movie is in the works!

Ok, comic time!




Mighty World of Marvel #1, 1972, Marvel UK.

The first ever Marvel UK book? I read that and suddenly the book became important to me.

Reprints the first appearances of 3 of the most iconic Marvel characters: Incredible Hulk #1, Amazing Fantasy #15 and Fantastic Four #1.



Dracula Live #21, 1975 Marvel UK.

Reprints Tomb of Dracula #10.



Titans #23, 1976 Marvel UK.

Reprints the first meeting between Spiderman and the X-Men. Really cool how this book opens up with stories sideways.



Captain Britain!

Captain Britain Marvel Summer Special #1, 1981 Marvel UK.

This is the cover from Marvel Team-up #65, reprinting the origin and first US appearance of Captain Britain.




These 1:50’s are not all that easy to come by. Love, love, love the Mattina Nova #1 2016-17 1:50 “Helmet” Variant.

Next we have Nova #25 from 2015. This one’s actually a 1:25.

Then, pictured next is Nova #3 1:50 from the 2013 series.

And we are introduced to Cosmos in Nova #8, 2008…



He speaks! A lot!



I had to add this full page advertisement. What in the…





Wonder Woman #204 and #206 1973, DC.

First Appearance and origin of Wonder Woman’s sister, Nubia. Still picking these up. Nubia deserves so much more spotlight.

And the bondage cover to Wonder Woman #199 from 1972 is classic cover territory.

Here’s the last page of #206 where Wonder Woman and Nubia stop fighting and become allies, and also where she discovers Nubia is her sister.





Similar to Nova, these (Howard the Duck 2015 5st series #’s 1, 2, and 3 1:25’s) are not all that easy to find. Is #1 a 1:25 ratio, or something higher? The Deadpool’s Secret Wars #2, 2015 is her first appearance, or a debated first appearance I believe. Is this one a ratio at all or simply a cover B? Does Gwenpool have a future? Cosplay at the very least? So many questions!




Avengers #684, 2018. First Immortal Hulk.

Not-Dead Hulk is still moving, and now sharing the spotlight with Naomi.

Venom #1, 2011, 4th Print “Pink” Variant and #2, 2011, 2nd Print Variant.

The Venom later printings from 2011 were not selling often, but this year the cheaper copies have been disappearing.



He-man Thundercats #1 2016 Exclusive Convention Wraparound Foil Cover.

This cover is nice. Did you know? They originally came sealed with their own super thin backing board.


Sponge-Spawn the Red-Psychic!


SpongeBob #1, 2011, United Plankton Pictures.

Rest in peace Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob creator. It’s just so sad when anyone passes too soon.

This book has always been sought after and that will very likely always be the case. The “profitable zone” disparity certainly exists between raw and 9.8 for it.

Finally found! Mr. Spawn Error of Malibu Sun #13 from 1992. Here’s what the printing error looks like on the back…


Red Hood! Batman #635, 2005. A few years ago this book sold consistently in the single digits. Now that’s almost impossible as raws fetch $50+, much more in higher grade.

Psylocke! In her own self-titled series from 2009/2010. This is the 2nd Print variant cover of the first issue by none other than Mr. David Finch.


Free Hellboy!


Hellboy Seed of Destruction #1 2019 25th Anniversary Edition, Dark Horse.

This interior spread caught my eye…



Blackbird#1, 2018. Covers A and B, Bartel and Staples.

I’m hearing great things about this series.

Naomi #1, 2019. Covers A and B.

Incredible what rumors, gossip and hints can do for a book. Or what it can do for a first appearance, I should say! Is this the first appearance? Can’t we all just get alo…, I meant, can’t we all just say yes? Ha!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, In 6 months will Naomi #1 book prices rise or fall?


Ultimate Taskmaster!


Ultimate Spiderman #26, 2013. First Appearance of the Ultimate Taskmaster.

I’ll end with a cautionary tale, of sorts. These were nearing $100 sales prices when I clicked the button that said something along the lines of, “Wow, what a great deal! Quick! Order online now by pressing this gorgeous ‘order online now’ button!” Or that’s what it said in my head! In any case, almost a month later and they finally arrive. Prices are down just a tad bit. Ok, a lot more than just a tad bit.

Do you think this version of Taskmaster will wind up being used mainstream?

Here’s his introduction in this book…



Alright comic-ians. I’m out. Out, like lights out. Out, like too many bad hands at the table. Out, like time to call it a night. (Really? But it’s only 2am!!) I’m out, like all out of copies of that book you wanted. So sorry but I promise I’ll try to track down a copy for you!!  


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