Avengers Assemble, Morbius, Tiger Woods and More!



Less that 2 weeks to Endgame y'all!  There is no time for a long winded intro this week,  My hockey team and basketball team are in the playoffs, the wife is willing to cosplay the White Violin ( comic costume ) and Rob Liefeld made Spider-Man Deadpool 47 a gem.  Things cannot get much better.  Enjoy the pics!







Avengers 10 & 16

First time anyone says “Avengers Assemble ” and first time Cap says it

Leakage is a bad thing.  Some major spoilers for Endgame just hit and we now know that a most famous battle cry is finally going to be bellowed on screen.

  The first time anyone said it was Thor in Avengers 10 ( and again in 14 ).  But in Endgame Cap gets the honor, as he should.  He first said it on the cover of this Kirby classic.





Creatures on the Loose 30

Tyrese Gibson has been cast as Simon Stroud, the agent paid to hunt down Morbius in the upcoming film.  It remains to be seen what kind of role he will have and non-powered castings don not do as well as heroes.  Still, this is a bad ass cover and he may very well play  major role.




The Simpsons Comics 63

First appearance of Tiger Woods in comics

The legend is back!  What a win for a guy who can't out drive the field and has a back held together with glue.  Tiger has made a few comic appearances, here is his debut.





Young Justice 1 ( Jiminez Variant )

 ( Preview )

No racially insensitive, misinformed first appearance notification here, just a simple preview that predates issue 1 of Naomi.  There are a ton of these but the Jiminez  Superboy appears to be the winner.  Technically this is her first appearance is a Young Justice book and she is set to join the team.

There's a preview here too and a feature dated 11/18

and a sore exclusive poster that came out in the first week of Jan 2019



Hellboy: Darkness Calls 3 & Fairy Parade Tale Parade 6

First appearance of Koschei the Deathless and first appearance of both in the public domain

Yea I know, Hellboy is not doing well at the box office.  Sadly they set up for a sequel but now who knows if it will ever happen.  If it does Koschei is likely the main protagonist along with Baba Yaga.




Hanna-Barbera Scooby-Doo 1

First appearance of Dynomutt

Ya tell me there is a live action Dynomutt coming and I go buy the first.  That is all.




Avengers Vol 4 issue 12

First time Iron Man wears the Infinity Gauntlet

There's a lot of speculation as to who is going to wear that Iron Gauntlet in Endgame.  My money is on Iron Man. Now that we know Professor Hulk ( he's a lefty anyways! ) can't handle it, it seems to be between Iron Man and Danvers.




What the?! 10

First appearance of Bart Simpson in comics

While on the hunt for odd Akira books ( see me next week for more! )  I came across this little golden nugget.  Not only do Jughead, Archie, Calvin, Hobbes, Charlie Brown and a ton of others appear but Bart Simpson does too and it predates all other comic appearances.  It is important to note that these characters are not parodies either.



Captain Marvel 1 ( 2012 )

First Danvers with short Hair.

NOTE:  There are other covers for this book including a sketch 2nd printing.

Best to end on more Endgame spoilers.  It appears Brie will have a new cut, taken right from the comics in the Phase 3 finale.




  • Avatar

    Do all the issues from that week contain a preview?

      • Avatar

        Dude it’s in almost every DC comic released that week. Just say oops I messed up and move on. Stop trying to defend this. You were wrong.

        • Topher

          I’m not defending anything bra. Did I say in my article it was only in the Jiminez? No. And “ almost” supports exactly what I said. Troll elsewhere sir!

          • Avatar

            How am I trolling? If anything you trolled this entire website and all it’s readers saying this preview was Naomi’s 1st. And you did it in the wake of everything that just happened and the creator telling everyone that her 1st is undoubtedly Naomi #1. But you want to try to call me a troll? Just admit you were wrong and move on man. You’re making this entire site look bad.

          • Topher

            I wasn’t wrong at all. If you read me you know I mention books like this an clearly state what they are! You are wasting your time here!

  • Avatar

    Cool list. There is a color error variant for Avengers # 10 and just wanted to point out that the Scooby Doo # 1 you show is the impossible to find .35 cent variant from Marvel and not Scrappy’s first appearance which is in Archie comics # 1 from 1995.

  • AZBarbarian

    ‘Technically this is her first appearance…’ is a bit misleading with respect to Naomi. It is a preview, period. Using the term first appearance in this way is misleading at best, unethical at worst.

  • Avatar

    it will be bum rushed the way action 1002 was, don’t matter if its unethical. Naomi craze is in full effect.

    • Topher

      thanks for the comment, nothing unethical at all. I don’t presume that readers will label this as her first appearance and that all Naomi 1s will crash as a result. I clearly state why i included the book this week. Naomi fans might want it, that’s all!

  • Avatar

    Didn’t Bendis put out a tweet about the 1st Naomi appearance is Naomi #1?

  • A. J. Diesel

    I have to stay away from the entire internet due to spoilers haha. Great article!

  • Avatar

    Big fan, Topher, so don’t take this the wrong way. But to label anyone a that implied the possibility of Naomi being on the cover of AC 1002 as partaking in racist behavior is a bit irresponsible. It’s a “mob mentality” talking point that’s going around the internet so that people feel like they’re on the “right” side of this thing. There are a lot of clues that could have lead to the thought of that being Naomi other than her skin color. The color palate of here clothes compared to her appearance in her book. The Superman connection is blatant. The fact that they’re both written by Bendis. There are textual clues within AC1002 that match up with the Naomi series. I didn’t buy into the hype other than what I got for cover at my LCS, but it’s not a reach that it could have been her. I’m also not the biggest fan of how people are using “the app”, but I’ve known racism in my life. This isn’t that.

    • Topher

      Thank you for the compliment!

      As for Key I am not for or against the app. It has uses and it’s problems and I don’t think anything insensitive was intended but just because she’s a little black girl it was quite a leap. They should have checked with the creators first.

  • Avatar

    Naomi “appearance” or not, that Jimenz cover is on point. He posted the WIP on instagram as he was doing that cover. The amount of effort that went into the snake print on the skirt alone makes picking up this issue worth it. Preview/promotional appearances are collectible to some people and worth mentioning as an early or first appearance so long as its properly qualified. Malibu Sun 13, Dime Press 4, and Gobbledegook 1&2 are all proof of that. I think its totally in bounds.

  • fastballspecial

    Great stuff I enjoy these articles a lot, but the Young Justice just is a stretch.

    I guess Bendis will have to comment on this book yeah or nay as well as the other book.

  • SupernaturalDavid

    Hey guys. After reading this about the Naomi preview, I went and looked through some of the books that came out on January 9th, Batman 62, Adventure of Super Sons 6, Deathstroke 39. And they all have the preview. So Im assuming all the DC books out that week have it

  • Avatar

    Can speculators actually create a set of official rules by which they then follow, instead of always attempting to cash in by shoehorning in first apps, etc where they don’t belong. And if a creator states the first issue of a character is in a particular book, boom, done deal.

    For one character their cameo is their first; for another the cameo doesn’t count it has to be a full shot with dialogue; then we throw in silly things like advertisements and previews. Create some rules, follow the rules. Otherwise it makes speculation look petty and scattered. And just for the record, advertisements and previews should NEVER count. – My opinion on all of this.

  • Avatar

    …first APPEARANCE of a character is in a particular book… sorry about that.

    • Topher

      here’s how I would do it

      first published image ( retailer )
      first published image
      first preview ( if applicable )
      first ad
      first prototype
      first appearance ( on cover )
      first appearance via cameo ( if applicable )
      first full appearance
      second appearance
      first death

      Notes: baby and kid appearances count as firsts
      cameos can be firsts
      cover only appearances can be firsts
      no definition has ever said a first appearance has to happen in a story

  • Avatar

    Wow, so much chaos is being caused here.

    Personally, I wouldn’t count a preview as a first appearance. I think the first time you see the character in story should count. I know completionists would debate that cause it’d mean I’m dismissing their views, but I wouldn’t turn my eye on a preview if they were cheap, I wouldn’t pay a premium for it though.

    If first in print is a criteria then did comic shop news have any first appearances? Why not collect those? I can see why people would like to pick up a preview as a first in print, but that’s a slope I don’t want to go down.
    Tech Jacket 1 has a premium because of an Invincible preview, but other than that, it’d be a dollar bin issue. I had the first 5 issues cause I put it on my pull before reading them and had to dump it cause I hated it. I sold those in a box for pennies before the preview sent the price of #1 up. I hate that a preview will cause a book to jump but that series sucked and Invincible shouldn’t let it ride it’s coattails.

    • Topher

      You make some valid points. I have featured books like this before and part of my criteria is to look for omes that are rare and in the case of moderns where many books from the same week have the same preview I tend to avoid. In this case I did not because she will be joining the team and the Jiminez is a solid book. I would pass on the rest. I updated to include a preview published in one book from 2018. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • Avatar

    Topher, great article and I always enjoy reading them. You come at this hobby from a different angles & I loved it. Many books I would have passed on but I remembered them from reading your articles. Buying 1st appearances is too easy & anyone can do it. Buy what you like and speculate on what you can afford to lose. Never had so much fun with this hobby. Comic 4 Life!

    • Topher

      Appreciated for sure. I don’t mind the back an forth but some times people are just rude, have agendas I don’t care for or make baseless accusations. You hit the nail on the head. I like to approach thing from another viewpoint and hope I can shed some light on different books. Glad you are having fun, that is what it is all about!

  • Avatar

    Way to delete all the comments that made you look like a jackass Topher. This site should fire your ass but I doubt you get paid for this anyway.

    • Ben C

      Topher can not delete comments on this site… Only I and a couple other admin can. Anyone who reads this site knows we do not censor.

      The point was clearly made that this was a preview appearance, do what you like with it. No idea why you feel the need to mount an attack claiming it makes the site look bad and reference things that simply did not happen…

      Great to have discussions and debates, but senseless to attack people because you do not agree with them

      • Avatar

        He made the site look bad when he started attacking me personally. Those were the posts that were deleted. Maybe you didn’t see them.

      • Avatar

        You don’t think that he made your site look bad by saying Naomi’s 1st appearance is in a preview that was in multiple DC comics? Even though the creator of the character had just said that her 1st is 100% without a doubt Naomi #1. Topher was clearly fishing for attention. Honestly people were clowning this article on a couple of FB groups. Maybe you guys want that type of negative attention, but really it hurts your credibility.

        • Topher

          You clearly don’t read. I write about these books all the time and always clearly explain why. go check dc nation 6 if ya want to see a preview that only appears in one publication. see the parenthetical? It says preview! Fact is you are rude. I respect anyone who wants to make a point that contradicts mine but your presentation leaves a lot to be desired.

        • Topher

          Im on fb and responded to the one guy who copied and pasted a snipet from this article. You are still at it though, making a mountain out of a mole hill. I post pics on fb all the time, feel free to troll me there, I will respond there to if civility isn’t your thing.

          • Avatar

            It’s funny you’re still trying to call me a troll. You tried to troll everyone. You’re the most unprofessional “writer” I’ve ever seen. You keep messing up and the competition keeps getting better and more views. Good job, keep it up…

          • Topher

            Lol I don’t do this for views! I write about comics for fun bud! You are glomming onto this simply because I am responding. I shouldn’t feed you!

            Here’s an idea, why don’t you throw your flowered cambric in the Writer’s Wars ring and see what ya got? I suspect you wont though!

  • Topher

    Also I would never initiate an attack on someone who comments but I will respond in kind to trolls.

    I have always taken ownership of my posts and that includes mistakes.

    Thanks to all who read and take the time to comment in a professional manner.

  • Avatar

    I appreciate any and all efforts of the people that take time out of their lives to contribute articles to this site every week, and anyone else affiliated with this site in any capacity that contribute to its existence. Thank you.

    If you depend on anyone other than yourself to decide what you collect, speculate on, and read as far as comics go…..i suspect you may not enjoy any of it.

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