Epic Evil by the Fireside


Greetings my fellow agents.

Things have been rainy and drab this week in Tennessee. As a result I haven’t made it out into the field as much as I usually do.

I have however spent some time on the computer and I have noticed several of Marvel’s Epic Collection selling for a nice premium.


Fantastic Four The World's Greatest Comic Magazine Epic Collection



Iron Man The Golden Avenger Epic Collection



X-Men Children of the Atom Epic Collection


I’ve mentioned the Epic Collection before. They are paperback like the Essential Collection only the interior paper is a better quality and the art is colored. The three volumes shown above sold this week for $100 or more.


Resident Evil Code: Veronica Book 3


Here’s a fun one.

I remember watching my friend play Resident Evil for the first time. It was night and we had the lights turned out. The original game had more jump-scares than a slasher film!

This series of books follows the story of Claire Redfield. She’s back and must once again face the zombies of the dreaded Umbrella Corporation, if she is to save her missing brother.

All four books sell for multiples of their original $14.95 retail price. Books 2-4 are harder to find because they were not reprinted. In great condition they can go for $100.


Superhero Women


I’m throwing this last one in as a bonus. I’ve talked about Marvel Fireside books before, so you know I love this precious series of trade paperbacks and hardbacks. I wrote a poem about them for goodness sakes!

A high grade copy is almost impossible to find. I found this volume in the wild two weeks ago. It was dirty, torn, and the pages were falling out. It made me sad. Anyway, a high grade copy just sold on eBay for $199.

This volume contains The Amazing Spider-Man #62 and #86, The Cat #1, Fantastic Four #22 and #36, Marvel Feature #4, Ms. Marvel #1, Savage Tales #1, Shanna, the She-Devil #1, Tales to Astonish #44, Thor #189 and #190.



That’s all for this week. Be careful out there.

Agent Newton out.



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    I hate that these Epic Collections go for so much…especially considering the masterworks never come down in price. Almost cheaper to collect low-grade floppies…

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