The Resurrection of Emperor Palpatine?

Despite two subpar sequels that trailer for Episode 9 was pretty awesome.  Not only did it end with a new logo color ( Anakin blue? ) but a familiar laugh, possibly confirming rumors from last year.  Are they really going to bring back the Emperor?  Is he a clone? Is Rey his granddaughter or is she a clone of Palpatine?  Her fighting style does mirror Sheev's and what about that voice that told her to kill Kylo?  All these questions are something speculators and fans should start to think about.

I have been writing about this first book for years.  High grade copies and their reprints are criminally undervalued.  Here is a link for all the variations and subsequent printings that you might want to look for.

I will also not be mentioning SW 42 because I cover it in the link below. At the end of the day that comic will always be a SW key but it is really just a reprint of a reprint of a reprint!


Put These Comics in the Cargo Hold




The Empire Strikes Back Paperback ( May, 1980 )

First appearance of the Emperor

This books is really not that hard to find unless you are looking or it in high grade.  It's variants are even tougher to track down.  Though a paperback format, this work is a comic through and through.  It was the comic adaptation of the film but created before many elements of the film were finalized, hence the purple Yoda!

I did include these explanatory pages from Star Wars 42!


Empire Strikes Back Weekly 121

First appearance of Emperor Palpatine ( in a comic )

Yes it's a UK book and yes it is an oversized comic but it is still a comic and it predates all other reprintings of the paperback.


Here are some other publications that are worth a look!


MAD 242



Return of the Jedi 1, 4

The Emperor makes his first full appearance here and his first cover appearance in issue 4.  There are Canadian 75 Cent price variants, 3 packs and Mark Jewelers for these.  This book had a hug print run so the more rare versions are the way to go.


First UK cover ( Star Wars Jedi 155 )



These Canadian 3 Packs are very, very rare.




Dark Empire 2 ( Platinum, Gold or Newsstand )

First appearance of The Emperor's Clone

We have no idea how they are gonna go with this one.  I mean how could the real Emperor have survived Vader's betrayal?

Well if you re-watch this scene the Emperor does appear to turn into blue smoke.  Is it his spirit leaving an old body or clone?  Was the original Emperor just a clone?

Or was he cloned by Kylo or someone else?  We know they won't follow this story but this book is the first appearance of Sheev's clone.




Titans 61 ( 1984 )

Looking for another rare foreign printing…

He appears in 64 too.




Cracked 199

Though a parody this one is an early appearance.




Marvel books ROTJ TPB




Book of the Sith

Written by Darth Sidious himself no other publication gives more insight into the history of the Sith and just might explain how he returns.



ROTJ Annual

There just aren't many Palpatine covers, here is a rare one.



Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir TPB

There's more insight into the Emperor here.  This one is not only rare and valuable but it's canon!



Palpatine also appears in these hard to find Dark Horse comics. i don't think we should count out the Darth Plagues connection either.  ya never know.



Star Wars Annual 1





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