I am happy to announce the latest update to the site; THE CBSI FIRST APPEARANCES LIST


This is a living list.  We will continue to update it as time goes on, as I am sure we will get lots of suggestions for characters to add as well as lots of “You missed X”.

A huge thanks to Inigo for pioneering this monster.   This list has been added to the menu bar and can be found in the link below as well.




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    Is there a reason why Fone Bone’s 1st app is Bone #1 rather than the OSU strips or the collected edition from the ‘80s? I’m just curious if those College books count,

    • Ben C

      I actually thought it was Thorn Tales

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        Yes, “Thorn” was a serial comic strip Jeff Smith drew for the OSU newspaper, The Lantern. A bit later, he put together and sold a TPB called “Thorn: Tales From The Lantern” that collected all the strips in one volume, which was then only sold on campus. Just curious if those strips should be the first appearance or Bone #1. I would prefer Bone #1 since I have it, but I don’t know what the rules the market would accept.

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    Major X #1 is NOT his 1st appearance. Why did you bow down to Liefeld? Traitor!

  • zraximus rouge

    F%^*en Awesome!

  • Demon Jim

    How do we suggest characters for the list? Is there a submission form?

    • Ben C

      Post it right in here my friend. This post was meant to start a discussion, we are absolutely looking for suggestions, responses, updates etc and we will update this every few weeks or so.

      • Demon Jim

        Awesome. I actually have a list of notes that keeps track of all the 1st appearances and major events. A lot of them are from my own personal research. Not all of them are recognized by CGC when most of them clearly are. I’ll only post stuff the CGC officially recognizes.

        • Demon Jim

          Here is a few for now. All of these are recognized by CGC and are posted on the label.

          -A-Force Vol. 1 #1 1st appearance of Singularity

          -Adventures of Superman Vol. 1 #500 1st appearance of John Henry Irons (Steel) and Kon-El (Superboy)

          -All-New X-Men #1 1st appearance of Tempus (Eva Bell) and Triage (Christopher Muse)

          -Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27 1st appearance of Annex (Alexander Ellis)

          -Amazing Spider-Man #253 1st appearance of The Rose

          -Amazing Spider-Man #255 1st appearance of the Black Fox (Raul Chalmers)

          -Amazing Spider-Man #264 1st appearance of Red Nine (Wallace Jackson)

          -Amazing Spider-Man #272 1st appearance of Slyde (Jalome Beacher)

          -Amazing Spider-Man #414 1st appearance of Delilah

          -Amazing Spider-Man #509 1st appearances of Gabriel Stacy and Sarah Stacy

          -Amazing Spider-Man #550 1st appearance of Menace

          -Amazing Spider-Man #650 1st appearance of the Spidey Stealth Suit

          -Amazing Spider-Man #656 1st appearance of new Spider-Armor (MKII)

          -Amazing Spider-Man #663 1st appearance of the new Wraith (Yuri Watanabe)

          -Web of Spider-Man #100 1st appearance of the Spider-Armor (MK1)

  • accustomfigures

    This is really amazing. Kudos! I remember when Inigo started this in the forums a couple years ago. Great to see it come to life. I randomly picked a couple characters just to see how it worked. Is Damian Wayne really Battle for the Cowl #3?

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    Flash Comics #89: 1st Rose and Thorn
    For SA Huntress, I’m always confused what’s generally considered the 1st Huntress, but I always thought it was considered DC Super-Stars 17 even though that came out a couple weeks after All-Star 69 I thought.
    Justice League of America #75: 1st real appearance of the Silver Age Black Canary where she gets all her stuff and important things happen
    Justice League of America #73: 1st time the new Silver Age Black Canary dons the costume
    Flash (Vol. 1) #250: 1st Golden Glider
    Flash (Vol. 1) #140: 1st Heatwave
    Flash (Vol. 1) #122: 1st The Top
    Flash (Vol. 1) #128: 1st Abra-Kadabra
    Flash (Vol. 1) #137: 1st Silver Age Vandal Savage
    Flash (Vol. 1) #304: 1st Colonel Computron
    Space Adventures #33: 1st Captain Atom
    Blue Beetle (Vol 2?) #1: 1st The Question
    Fightin’ Five #40: 1st Peacemaker
    Blue Beetle#82: 1st Nightshade

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    Great idea! Correction about Uncle Scrooge: his 1st appearance is Four Color #178 (Christmas On Bear Mountain).

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    Great feature! There used to be a searchable online database of 1st appearances but it no longer works. It was a little difficult to use because it only had a search feature but no browsing options. So you had to know the character’s name perfectly to find what you were looking for. Being able to browse alphabetically is huge help, and also more fun as I run into characters that I completely forgot about. Thanks!

  • Easy_Nator_Comics

    1st Harvey Bullock – BATMAN #361

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    I believe Big Hero Six first appeared in Sunfire & Big Hero Six #1 a couple months before Alpha Flight #17

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