First You May Have Missed: King Kid

Today's First You May Have Missed was going to be part 2 to my Fantastic Four first from last week but, after seeing Shazam and loving it i decided to switch gears a bit.

If you're not following Shazam (if you are please feel free to help me in the comments) his story is currently taking the Shazam family through the 7 magic lands. I admit this is not a character or series I usually follow but starting from the latest issue #1 to the current issue #4 I have had some fun. The journey through the 7 magic lands (which I can most closely relate to the realms from Thor) first takes us to the Funlands. It is here at the end of issue #2 we get the first cameo of King Kid the self-proclaimed 7th member of the Shazam Family.

While his powers are not clearly defined, it appears that his magic staff grants him wishes of some sort. He was able to completely construct the magic lands from his mind and even provide food for all its residents which are made up of only children seeking freedom from their parents. Emancipation lands may have also worked i guess. King Kid talks with the Shazam kids in order to convince them to allow him to be the seventh member of the team so he can better protect his land with the powers. It is not stated how long he has been in the funlands or how old he truly is but his knowledge of the seven lands is pretty vast and he was brought to the funlands before Billy gained his powers so im guessing in this land he may not age.

Things quickly turn from friendly to horrifying when he finds out Mary is almost an adult. Being a run away from a bad home King Kid is not very found of adults and the Shazam kids powering up into adults convinced him that it is an invasion (which I found hilarious). While King Kid may not be the best or most interesting character he may be significant to the mythos of Shazam going forward if this theme of the 7 magic lands continues beyond this arc. For now I'm enjoying the world building happening over at DC with this and the reveals of all the other “forces” over in the Flash I think good stories are taking the front seat again.


Shazam #2 cameo of King Kid 41k print run with 2 covers. I don't favor one cover over the other and I have no idea where this 7 magiclands thing is going to go so buy with caution. A 2nd print is releasing in the future.


Shazam#3 1st Full King Kid 38k print run healthy print run with 2 covers. I really like the Cho cover B and this is a better bet in my opinion. I still would only pay maybe $1 over cover price or less for it at the moment. If the 7 magiclands story picks up I may go a bit higher. Also has a 2nd print on the way.

That is all for today and as always “It's better to have first and flip, than to never have first at all”—- Dale Valiant Horton


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