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Major X #1 1:25 Portacio Variant

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Someone please tell me this character isn’t for real…still waiting…ugh, seriously, it looks like Cyclops and Judge Dread had a baby. And I can’t imagine the story is incredible considering Rob Liefeld wrote it. People are eating it up for $50 though, so what do I know.


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Thanos #15 Fourth Print Variant

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I’m not sure if this is going to be the same character as Silver Surfer: Black, but the fourth print with the Fallen One appears on the cover, and it’s now outselling the first printing. Recent sales are between $35-40.


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Captain Marvel #1 Artgerm Walmart Variant

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I found this on Friday at my local Walmart, showed some friends and then forgot about it until I read a few posts on Monday morning and saw the tweet by Artgerm. In that time frame, the book went from $35 to around $20, with the market being pretty flooded.


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