The Wednesday One 4/10/19

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE. The Wednesday One. 

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

I really enjoyed Peter David’s run on Spider-Man 2099. Here he is attached as writer that shows us what happened before discovering the dark secret the black suit ultimately revealed.

Not much I'm hyped to read this week from Marvel but Venom + Carnage makes it worth checking out.

Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

This is the series finale. The first few issues had some fantastic Jim Lee covers and overall has been a great story. There have also been some Kaare Andrews and Ben Oliver variants. This being the final issue could see a lower print run and sought out by collectors later on. I like the Mirko Andalfo cover B for this issue. If you’re a fan of Scooby Doo with a slight touch of horror, this book is for you.

I really enjoyed reading Tec #1000 and believe there will be long term (10 years or so) value in the nostalgia of the event. Some felt the book was underwhelming. Well, if that is the case it is only because the story leads here: to the debut of The Arkham Knight in continuity. Bat fans seem excited so I am on board. I like cover A better than B on this one mainly because it features The Arkham Knight on the cover.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

A bored teenage girl that dabbles in dark magic and gains the attention of hell? I’m in! Sounds like an episode of Supernatural to me. If only the Winchester brothers would show up lol.

All the adults are dead, everyone is an orphan. Now, 20 years laters the kids have grown up and are rebuilding society. Sounds like a premise a Netflix type would be all over. For spec purposes, BOLO for that Juan Doe 1:10 Variant.

​Cover Art

I’m hit or miss with Lucio Parrillo covers but this one is amazing. A lot of people were well aware of this before FOC so I don’t expect it to be hard to find as it was most likely heavily pre-ordered.

I really dig this one. I want to pick the Red Hood book but I see you beat me too it. I like this one less for the art as it is the art style with this book displaying almost a movie poster style. I don’t expect to see this heavily ordered so you never know.

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

I’m pretty burnt out over Captain Marvel as of late but this Asgardian Variant from Gerald Parel is worth picking up. With most people’s attention focused on Symbiote Spider-Man and Cult of Carnage variants, this book could fly under the radar.

This is the week of the later printings. So many good ones Immortal Hulk #2 continues to rise in price and this is a great book to at the very least help sellers complete lots. I could see this one doing well post release day. A lot of stores miss out on these late printings.

​Regular Price Variant DC

Batman Who Laughs is super popular, just look at the prices of Teen Titans #12 lately. This story is shaping up to be reminiscent of Scott Snyder’s Batman New 52 run, it’s that good. I like the cvr B from Kaare Andrews more than I like the Jock regular cover so that’s what I’ll be pick up.

I could care less at this point that Brian already picked this book. I am a long term advocate of many of these DC cover B’s. This book fits that bill. I can see Red Hood fans wanting this book for years to come. Dealers saw this one coming and copies will be available on release day. This is a long term play for me. I think it's only a matter of time before we get a B.A version of Red Hood on the DC App, possibly this year in Titans Season 2.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

This book sounds like Alias meets Saga and the Lotay variant is gorgeous!

So Brian already gave you the 411 on Faithless, and he even also chose Tula Latoy. But this book is my pick because I totally agree in the spec on Faithless and if the book pops, this cover could be majorly under ordered. I am not usually on for the nude covers, but with this book having reader buzz and Lotay having a solid following combined with stores reluctance to carry a black polybagged cover could make the perfect recipe for a spec hit.

​Incentive Variant

This will most likely be the book everyone is hunting for this week. It has been solicited heavily from a bunch of online retailers. Personally, I would not pay above ratio for it. It’s a great cover by one of the most popular cover artists right now.

Yes, this is reused art from a previous marvel publishing release, but to the general comic community, this is the first time they are seeing this Mcfarlane gem. Mcfarlane’s fan base is strong and rabid. We have seen retailers already pricing this one above ratio. BOLO for this on at or below ratio.

​Top Spec Pick

The solicit states Thor’s baby sister could be the key to saving the realms. Asgardians of the Galaxy #8 looks to also tie into this. Could we see a spike in price with Spawn #9 or Age of Ultron #10? Also Original Sin Thor and Loki the Tenth Realm #1 is where it is revealed Angela is Thor’s sister. It remains to be seen how big or small of an impact Angela will have but I’m liking this incentive variant either way.

Not my favorite book or art, but speculators follow trends. #1 performed well and #2 seems to be heading that way. This book has two recent sales of $36 and $40 and is sold out at Midtown. BOLO on this book at ratio or lower.

​Sleeper Pick

After the huge release of Detective Comics #1000 and the million different covers from DC and store exclusives. This could be a book to pick up as there are less covers and if Arkham Night becomes a big player in DC comics this title may gain popularity later. 

This book has had a few issues that have popped on the secondary market. Dark stories/horror is popular right now and I wonder if this couldn’t be adapted into an adult themed animated feature on the DC App. This weeks release is the final in the series and we have seen final issues having a history of being under printed and under ordered. Could this book go that way? Seems speculators think so. BOLO on 1-2 copies at cover if you see them available. Might be worth the risk. It is the definition of a sleeper as no one was talking about this book weeks ago.

Last Week Look Back

Winner: #TeamBolo

The streak continues! I want to judge this any other way but its a 2-1 Hot 10 appearance battle with Bolo taking the crown.

Winners: (In No Order)

  • Immortal Hulk #16 1:25 (Bolo) - Hot 10 entry and going for 4x-5X ratio.  This is one we KNEW would be hot
  • Amber Blake #1 1:10 (Simpleman) - Another Hot 10 entry that was popping well over ratio almost right out the gate.  Oversized and under ordered, this one hit 4x ratio
  • Major X #1 1:25  (Bolo) -  Major X was THE talked about book on release day.  This trend continued into the weekend. This book also made the Hot 10

Losers: (In No Order)

  • Marvel Regular Priced Variants (Both)- We talk about this week but Marvel Cover B’s are continuing to prove to be a tough profit maker in the short term. When will we stop buying these lol. I expect this weeks JSC cover to trip up a lot of speculators.  I hope I am wrong. War of Realms continued the trend. Some of these Asgardian variants may just be the thing to buck it.
  • Marvel Comics Presents #1 1:50 (Bolo) - This one is selling for at ratio so it could easily be added to the below section, but when you make it your top spec pick in a week that sees Immortal Hulk and Major X release, you go in the losers section.  This one did sell for $80 early but saw drop offs as the week progressed and supply increased.

Jury Is Still Out

  • Green Lantern #6 Parillo (Bolo)- drying up and selling for cover price or just above
  • Deathstroke #42 Mattina (Simpleman)- going the way of GL #6. 
  • Stiletto #1  (Simpleman)-Very little available on ebay but only a couple sold.  Is the demand there? If it is, the supply may not be. 
  • War of Realms (Both)- While a good read, it introduced a lot, and was a big spec loser.
  • Most books released last week- It's hard to call a lot of books losers after just one week. Let us know in the comments what books you think the jury still out on!

We did pretty well this week making something out of slow week. Be sure to let us know in the comments your picks and predict who will win out #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo.

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    The Wednesday Twenty

  • Ben C

    Great job fellas. Interesting picks here, I am definitely digging the War of the Realms 1:50.

    Liking the IH 2 4th print call as well. Glad they are changing up the covers on these as they go.

  • Clint Joslin

    Great work again gents! Seems like a solid for
    both spec and readers. Always appreciate the hard work and time it takes to put these things together each and every week. It doesn’t go unnoticed by the majority of us!

  • Avatar

    With all the new Angela talk I was researching her variants. Angela Queen of Hell #3 Seinkewicz variant only has 600-800 print run. Pretty sure it was a 1:50. Could only find one on eBay. Might be worth a look.

  • Eman

    Great job guys… Keep up the great work.

  • sdalton32

    I could see the Ghost Spider #8 Asgardian variant – a Simpleman sleeper pick – in the jury still out/slight winner category. Some sales as high as $15, some at cover with most asking prices above cover.

  • sdalton32

    sorry – meant Ghost-Spider #7

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    #Simpleman for this win for me this week. Great books on the list, but why no love for the Marvel Tales: Thanos Bartel virgin variant? That book is pretty stunning (if only my LCS ordered enought to qualify).

    • Avatar

      I literally looked at the finished article myself and said man how did neither of us pick that Bartel Variant?!?!?!?! Lol Its just the nature of the beast with the categories but If I could go back I would switch the Momoko with the Bartel.

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