Banana Splits, Major 🤮, Calvin, Hobbes, Bruce the Shark and More!


Welcome back to True Firsts!  This week is probably about as crazy a group of comics as I can produce.  I hope some of them inspire you to go to your LCS, put on yor CBSI knee pads ( available soon! ) and get diggin'!







The Banana Splits 1 ( Gold Key )

First appearance of the Banana Splits

Syfy has announced a horror Banana Splits movie!  That's a bout as strange a sentence as I will ever type.  If such a production is your thing and you collect comics here are the books to buy.

Gold Key Comics Digest 2

This one comes in tied for the first appearance and may even predate the book aboove.


A more adult version and their first modern appearance was in this special from DC with 2 covers.

There were very few appearances of the Splits and this one might be the hardest to find.

March of Comics 364




Spider-Man Deadpool 47

First appearance of Major-X

What a major mess.  Clearly age has not made Rob Liefeld any less of a tool.  If you are reading this then you know the story.  I will say this, Rob owes an apology to the creative team behind this issue.  Rob says that this cannot be the first appearance of Major-X because he appears on the cover to his variant for Deadpool 10.  Now Deadpool 10 hit shelves on March 6 and this book on March 13 but here is the problem, Major-X does not appear in Deadpool 10 and only on the cover to Rob's website variant which had yet to ship. That puts his at delay and in comics that means one thing,  it ain't the first appearance.  Even if it were, collectors have always had issues with labeling a cover only appearance a first.  I am not one of those people but a delay is a delay and most will see the cameo in this comic as the first appearance and first within a story.  Sorry Rob. I’m not a hater but there were better ways for Mr. Liefeld to handle this.

NOTE: Rob’s variant was available at ECCC on the 16th still putting it out after Spider-Man Deadpool 47 and his own tweets confirm delays in shipping.

Despite all this I bought it for the Death of Bruce the Shark.

Bruce first appeared here. There are four covers but only Cover A has Bruce ( or Deborah ) on the cover.  He is also not a sharkman yet. This issue may also be the first appearance of Boy-Thing.  I am not sure it's the same character but he's a miniature version that LMD Clay Quartermain wears just like Blade does in the new Avengers 2018 series by Aaron.

And here is the first appearance of Bruce and Deb with a bodies.




Avengers 12 ( 2018 )

First appearance of Boy-Thing

Issue 14 was hot for a minute thanks to the Colonel wearing Boy-Thing and for having a pretty rad costume.  Even though that book has cooled the fact that Boy-Thing has become Blade's sidekick is rad.  The little guy first appeared here.





What the?! 10

First appearance of  Bart Simpson

In my search for Akira appearances I came across this gem.  Not only do Archie, Jughead, Bugs Bunny, Bazooka Joe, Dennis the Menace, Godzilla, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus, The three Stooges and Charlie Brown appear in a Marvel book but this book is the first comic appearance of Bart Simpson. Oh and both Calvin & Hobbes make a rare appearance.  This is pretty important as Calvin was not in a lot of comic books and Bart appears well before his accepted first.  I find it amusing that Marvel is  the place where both Bart and Marge ( see New mutants ) appear in comics before they do anywhere else.  NOTE:  There is a lot of parody in books like this but there guys are not parodies in this issue.

  Calvin & Hobbes did appear in Honk 2 and on the cover from 1987 but this is not a comic. 

Their first and first cover was here!





Craig Yoe's Weird but True Factoids

Here is one I have been waiting to talk about for a while.  Not only is it filled with some of the most interesting comic and cartoon tidbits but it has some firsts you should know about.

This book ha in an s the first comic appearance of Batman 66′ as drawn by Adam West in an exclusive.

It is one of the earliest appearances of South Park's Kenny.

It has a cartoon of John Lennon by Lennon which had never seen print before.

It has a self-caricature of Calvin and Hobbes creator,

and a previously unpublished Jim Henson cartoon.




Umbrella Academy Oblivion CBLDF variant

Netflix has announced that they will be adapting this recent series.  There is a con ashcan and a litany of variants but the gem is this rarity.




  • Avatar

    Just curious what is the universally “accepted first” for Bart Simpson? Simpson’s Illustrated?

    Personally I have always thought of it as the Simpsons X-Mas Book because even though it’s a hardback HarperCollins book it has a few sequential panels much like a comic does. But I know most people don’t view that as the first though.

    • Topher

      Yea that is a book and an ep adaptation. Both What The and the book you mention were published in 1990. It would be interesting to learn the publication date of the book! As far as comics go he appeared in a Swimsuit issue but I am not sure if that predates the Simpson’s Illustrated magazine ( small or mag sized )

  • Avatar

    What happens if or when Spider-Man/Deadpool 47 is called a cameo by CGC ? Is this going to be another Null 1st appearance mess or another Venom Sinner Takes All #2 vs #3 situation?

    • Topher

      Well Knull’s first was retcon so who knows. At the end of the day a first is a first. She-Venom clearly appears at the end of Sinners 2 and has almost the same amount of panel time as She-Venom in 3. The market selected 3 because of the cover, something that happens all the time! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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