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No April fooling’ around here!

The addiction continues!


Comic Reader!


X-Men Giant!

Comic Reader #117, April 1975.

This preview predates X-Men Giant #1 by one month.



Comic Reader #129, April 1976.

First Nova?

Nova #1 Debuted in September 1976.


Black Lightning!

Comic Reader #139, January 1977.

First Black Lightning?

Black Lightning #1 debuted in April 1977.


Moon Knight!

Comic Reader #126, January 1976.

Love the Moon Knight cover. It’s his Marvel Spotlight #28 cover pose. MS #28 was published later that year in June 1976.



Comic Reader #130, May 1976.

Really nice Batman, Joker and other villains cover.

Comic Reader #136, October 1976.

There’s a few preview pictures in here I found.

Ms. Marvel #1 (pub. Jan-1977)


Fast Willie Jackson #1 (pub. Oct-1976, Archie/Fitzgerald Periodicals)

For those not familiar with Fast Willie Jackson, it was a 7-issue run. The book mirrors the Archie cast.



DC Super Stars #11 (pub. Jan-1977)


Left one out!

Comic Reader #137, November 1976.


Inside, we have Marvel Spotlight #32 cover (pub. Feb-1977)


Turtles Knight, Bitter Foils!


TMNT #3-RI, 2011, IDW.

I remember the “ooze” from the 80’s cartoon that turned the turtles into, well, into turtles! Bigger, talking turtles! Bigger talking turtles who know martial arts! I love the added info to their origin. And splinter too!


Kill them!




Take that!


Remember me?


Moon Knight #1, 2011 2nd Print Variant

This cover is stunning. About a $40 book but should be more, in my opinion.

Bitter Root #1, 2018 Akira Homage. MCS knocked it out of the park with this cover. Kicking myself for not buying a bunch when they were available for $5 back in, what, November?


DC Foils!

Suicide Squad, Supergirl, and Doom Patrol Convention Foil #1’s from 2016.

DJ in-the-comic mix!



Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Part 1, 1999, #1. Will this be the go-to book when the movie gets closer?

Adventures Time #1, 2012, Boom Studios.

Still a tough find and still sought out.

1st Elementals!

Supernatural Thrillers #8, 1974. Going off the rumor that they will appear in the Eternals movie, this book gained some spotlight a little while ago. There’s also a note that they’re appearing in Spiderman Far From Home.

Who are the Elementals?

Let’s have Wikipedia explain. Wiki, can you please tell us about the Elementals?

“The Elementals are four extradimensional humanoids who became immortals with power over natural forces and who ruled a kingdom on Earth before the rise of the original Atlantis. They are Hydron, lord of the waters; Magnum, master of the earth; Hellfire, wielder of flame; and Zephyr, mistress of the winds.

-Hellfire – The leader of the villainous group, who can generate flames.

-Hydron – A foe with aquatic powers, including the ability to control water.

-Magnum – He has abilities that allow manipulation of earth, minerals, and rock.

-Zephyr – The sole female of the team who has the power to control air and thereby affect many of its aspects.”

Here’s a pic!



Invincible Controversy!

Invincible #110, 2014.

Has it really been 5 years to the month that this debuted? It had heat on release as Invincible is assaulted against his will. Dubbed the rape issue? If Amazon builds this into the show, this book might do what Alf #48 is doing, or better. Speaking of Alf, can you believe what issue #48 is still doing? It’s incredible!


Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998. First appearance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comics. That’s the Topher voice in my head. More than a voice. It’s taking over as yet another personality! Make room! And, can I interest you in the movie Identity starring John Cusack and Ray Liotta? But, back on the road of yellow bricklings, here’s her introduction…



Gore Shriek!

If #6 ½ is the winner, #4 from the 1986 series, produced in 1988, is a runner up. There’s a centerfold that appears to be urging one to cut it out!



Power Stars #1, 1985, Madison Comics.

Didn’t see this around. I believe the stories are collected from previous individual books.

Mortal Kombat #6, 1994

Final issue to the limited series. Did not know that it leads right into the Tournament Edition.


Primal Goon-Thing, raging from another world!



These Primal Rage issues from 1995-1996 Sirius Comics are not easy to find. It’s a 4-issue series. Number #1 has a variant. This issue is #2.



Goon #1, 1999, CGC 9.8. Super limited book that’s really hard to obtain without flaw. Figured rolling the dice on a Nine-point-Ate wouldn’t be a terrible decision.

Thing from another world Eternal Vows! Here’s another 4-issue mini-series produced in 1993-94. This one, #4, appears to be the least easiest to find of the 4?

Side note: The Trade Paperback Thing from Another World Climate of Fear from 1993 that collects the 4 issue mini of the same name from 1992 is pretty rare. Don’t think it’s around for under $100.


All Hacked up with Hard-pool-Ware!



Hardware #1, 1993 Platinum Edition.  By who? … By DC Comics!

This can sell ok at times. Hardware is introduced here. There is also a Blood Syndicate Preview.



Age of Ultron #1, 2013 Hastings Variant.

Hastings strikes again! It’s amazing what going out of business can do to a book’s value years later.

Hack Slash the Series #24 Variant, 2009 Devil’s Due.

Cool cover.

More stuff!

Beetles and Marvels and Quakes!



Kamala Khan!

Ms. Marvel #1, 2015 Phantom Portrait.



Secret War #2, 2004. First appearance of Daisy Quake.

Here’s our introduction to her.



And a little background…


I have the power!

Just like the Convention Exclusive Preview from last week’s post, this is also a preview edition from 2002 introducing MOTU. This blank was done by Dynamic Forces and indicates with a COA that it’s limited to 5,000 copies. It’s so flimsy. More like a pamphlet. Hard to imagine these surviving spine ticks and other damage. But like all books, I can picture an unopened case of hundreds sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust. I’ve managed to find quite a few of these boxes, but so far, only in my dreams! Haven’t figured out yet how to pull them into reality, though I try hiding them in my dreams so I can find them when I wake up! Ha! Where’s Freddy when you need him?!?

Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle!

We are introduced to Jaime in Infinite Crisis #3, 2006. This cover is a second print. Here’s our first look…



We see Jaime turn into the Blue Beetle for the first time here in Infinite Crisis #5, 2006. This cover is also a second print…



Really liked this spread in here too.


Alright, all done for this week. All done as in, pencils down, eyes up! All done, as in Conor McGregor’s fighting career? All done, as in the need for Pagers and Payphones? Shot out to The Wire! One more!

All done, as in, officially…. Google+ !?!

Have a great start to the month!


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