1 Detective Comics #1000 Alex Ross Homage Variant

WRITER: Peter J. Tomasi & Various
ARTIST: Doug Mahnke & Various
Yes, I missed ordering this book ahead of time.  Yes, it is absolutely stunning.  No, I am not saying that Detective #1000 is a speculation hit.  What I am saying is that this was available for pre-sale from Alex Ross for $75 for a set of 2 and this book alone is $200+.

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2 Immortal Hulk #2 Gerardo Zaffino 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Words can't really described Immortal Hulk anymore.  And there are no words to explain how this is now an $800+ book now in 9.8.  3 weeks ago it was just $500.

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3 Bitter Root #1

WRITER: David Walker & Chuck Brown
ARTIST: Sanford Greene
Option news this week brought this one out of the back issue bins this week.  This regular cover is hitting $15 and the Akira homage variant that was an eBay exclusive, is selling for $50.  There are other #1 variants that are selling well as well.

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4 Marvel Rising #1 Peach Momoko 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Nilah Magruder
ARTIST: Roberto Di Salvo
Hmmmm…not sure that there is anything special about this issue, other than it is a #1.  It is selling for $100 out of the gate, which is incredibly high to start out.

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5 Dark Age #1 ComicsPRO Ashcan

WRITER: Don Handfield
ARTIST: Rod Thornton
Not really a variant since this is the only comic out at this time.  This hasn't even been officially released and it has already been optioned.  3 weeks ago, it was a $10 book.  Since the option news, it is pushing $80.  Seems like some might be jumping the gun at this time.

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6 Niobe: She Is Life #1 Hoknes Variant /100

WRITER: Sebastian A. Jones
ARTIST: Amandla Stenberg
The Niobe/HBO rumors were confirmed this week.  While Untamed #1 keeps selling well, this #1 is now doing well also.  This Hoknes variant sold a month ago in 9.8 for $350.  A raw sold this week for $700 alone.

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7Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: David Marquez
Well this book was a weird one this week.  News of Ultimate Taskmaster pushed this to an insane amount of $50, before people checked their insanity and the book settled back in the $20 range.  Wouldn't you rather have the actual Taskmaster 1st appearance (Avengers #195)?

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8 Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #2 Jenny Frison 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Leah Williams
ARTIST: Georges Jeanty
Why this book?  Frison ratio variant on what is likely a book that most retailers did not bother to order 25 copies of.  $40 sales have been common immediately after release.

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9 Die #1

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Stephanie Hans
Off to a 5th printing (thanks for the false ‘4th printing is the final printing' line Image).  Sales are still brisk and when last we saw this on the list, $15-20 was what it would cost to own a copy of Cover A.  The price has almost doubled since then to $25-30.

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10 Neon Future #1

WRITER: Jim Krueger
ARTIST: Neil Edwards & Jheremy Raapack
Steve Aoki didn't write this book, but it is based on his albums.  Sales in the $10-15 are occurring on eBay, but don't forget to go to  Impact Theory's website where they do still have some copies available (I do not know how they ship or endorse their website).

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Dark Red #1 C2E2 Trade Dress Variants

WRITER: Tim Seeley
ARTIST: Corin Powell
There were 3 different variants released at C2E2.  The trade dress variants were numbered to 300 and the Virgin's were numbered to 100.  It's weird, but the Trade Dress books are selling ($50ish at the moment) about the same as the Virgin's right now, despite the higher print run and lower buy-in cost.

Silver Streak Comics #15

WRITER: Otto Binder & Dick Wood
ARTIST: Jack Binder
A CGC 6.0 sold this week for $3300.  The most recent sale that I could find was a 5.5 a couple years ago for $1000.  Guide has this listed at about $750 for this grade.  Awesome mummy cover, but check out that skull spider!

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  • cbaileypacker

    Marvel rising is driven by perceived short supply, but also that it is Peach Momoko’s first published work outside of Heavy Metal magazine. She has a very strong up and coming art following at cons and events.

  • accustomfigures

    Marvel Rising has every teen female in the MCU on it. That’s the trend now. I think it’s that simple.

    Check out my C2E2 Con Recon for some Dark Red talk.

    And I had my finger ready to click on that Hoknes Naobi variant a year ago and didn’t pull the mouse. Not sure if I’m regretting that or not.

  • Clashoftitans71

    I regret not ordering the Ross Detective #1000. I balked at the shipping cost. I think it was almost $20 to ship it. Oh well.

    • Adam Lebednik

      same! the shipping was too much. now i wish i had..

      • Avatar

        This seems to be a consistent theme with all of us. If he hadn’t raped us on the shipping, I honestly believe he would’ve sold more. I gave up when his site wouldn’t take pre-orders but wouldn’t announce what time he was selling it. Just announce the print run and have people pay ahead of time in the order they saw it until it’s gone, done. The subterfuge really turned me off of it.

        • Avatar

          He couldn’t have “sold more”. The comic had a limited print run and completely sold out in a day. Only way Ross could have sold more is if they had more printed. Also, Ross announced on his Twitter the day before that this would be released at 3pm. Don’t blame the artist because you missed out.

          • Avatar

            Nobody “blamed the artist,” you focused on one sentence while ignoring what I said which made it clear I’m aware of the print limit. People like you are the problem, I’m so glad you think Alex had a right to charge $15 for shipping just to line his own pockets, if that goes down better.

  • Adam Lebednik

    oh snap i didnt hear about the dark age. i grabbed that book from my lcs bc it has a cool cover

  • Avatar

    Wow. I preordered the Detective #1000 Ross homage when it came out for $20 an issue plus shipping. I bought 3 of them for $77 total. I wish I bought more but I’m happy.

  • Avatar

    good list. I’d hate to be holding that IH 2 in 5 years. You could buy a real key with that change. lol

    • Avatar

      Agreed. Why not spend that money on a nice key …

      • Ben Steiniger

        You could say that about any purchase. If not this, then that.

        Just have to accept that some people like the risk and don’t want to buy safe, mid-grade silver age.

        • accustomfigures

          Good point. I feel like due to the considerably larger availability of modern books as compared to Silver or even Bronze, the modern equivalent to a S or B key would be a solid, low print variant, preferably with a first appearance in it. Everyone has an ASpM300, NM89 or 87, and even TT12 I think will only go so high because of availability regardless of demand. I’m not saying variants are the only way in the Modern market, but Invincible #1, Walking Dead #1, Goon #1 are all very few and far between. The big 2 publishers just produce too much of their stuff, and nowadays everyone is “bag and boarding”.

  • Avatar

    Own the niobe cgc 9.8 should I hold long term?

  • Avatar

    I wish I had ordered the Ross variant. Oh well, such is life.

    Save for the Ross variant I could care less about the rest of these books … lol.

  • Avatar

    These Immortal Hulk prices have been out of control. The variants are reprints are very unappealing compared to Alex Ross’s artwork. Don’t understand it.

    • Avatar

      I think its cuz you missed out, immortal hulk is a very good written book. the art of mediocre at best, the Ross covers might have been the draw here. I have been a fan of the book as I was reading it at my LCS. I had to order the Zaffino variants as soon as I found out there was a variant. been there since issue 1, then found out that IH, first appearance was in the Avengers No Surrender. bought them also, just in time for the craze hit. its been fun to see people not getting passed the art.

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