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Justice League #21

With a lot of folks having already seen Shazam even though it doesn’t premiere nationwide until next week, the buzz has been pretty good.

Solid reviews and a lighter tone, this could be a hit for DC. Speculation that the Shazam roster may grow in future installments, this issue of Justice League features the 1st appearance of the extended Shazam family.

Given that these New 52 Justice League books were very highly printed, it’s not tough to find these books in the cheap bins. So apart from the Darkseid War issues, you might want to keep your eyes open for this book. And those other JL issues (0, 7-11, 14-16, 18-20) that featured Shazam while you’re at it.


Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $20.50 on 2/19/18
Raw – $9.99 and $6.95 on 3/26/19


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Totally Awesome Hulk #3

The director of Godzilla: King of the Monsters recently joked at how he would love to see Godzilla crossover with the MCU. If that were to ever happen, even just in the comics, it would almost certainly need to include Kid Kaiju.

Kid Kaiju was a character introduced in this issue of Amadeus Cho’s run at being The Hulk. This book also had 2 different incentive variants that sold pretty well at one time.

But chances are good that you can find this book in the dollar bins. I know I have found plenty and I think it’s worth grabbing and stashing for a buck. Plus Fin Fang Foom. ‘Nuff said.


Recent Sales Data:

CGC 9.8 – $59.99 on 7/27/18
Raw – $7.99 on 3/18/19


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So until next time, remember while you dig that…

“It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan



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  • Avatar

    The “Shazam Family” is the Marvel Family and their 1st appearance is Captain Marvel Adventures #18 from December 1942.

    There shouldn’t be any spec on the New 52 Shazam Family and that’s why a 9.8 still sells for $20.50.

    • Peter Renna

      I hear you. And I am covering Shazam more in depth for Usual Suspects tomorrow. But from what I gather, this Shazam movie is based on the New 52 origin of the character so the “Shazam Family” based on his foster siblings is a little different from the original Marvel Family from the 40’s. But this is a dollar bin book. I am not suggesting anyone expect to strike it rich off any of these books. Just interesting stuff to keep an eye out for, for a buck.

      • Father_fanboy

        This movie is lifted wholesale from the New 52 origin and the family is straight out of this book (saw it last weekend, and literally just grabbed a copy of this for cover price about an hour ago haha).

  • octoberland

    I really like the TAH3, and have been on Kid Kaiju for the past couple years. I am not sure they are in the dollar bins (but I might have just cleared out my LCSs before they went there), but there are still some cover As out there. I love him as spec for exactly the same reason (and more!) you just cited. DISCLAIMER: I am heavily into this book so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

    • Peter Renna

      Yeah Kid Kaiju is a fun character. Could have a future as an animated property on the new Disney + streaming service too. That’s pure conjecture, but I could see it. All dollar bins are different and some stores eventually move back cover price stuff to their bins to clear space. A least I find that these bins have a way off refreshing themselves, so I always keep my eyes open

  • Avatar

    Justice League #21 has a lot going for it. Awesome cover, 1st modern appearance of the Shazam family members and a Combo variant that’s pretty rare and a 1:100 sketch variant that’s pretty hard to find.

    Regardless if the Shazam family 1st appeared in the 1040’s, just like Shazam #1, this Justice League issue will see the heat.

    It has already started creaping in value and when these characters make their DCCU debut, the combo variant and especially the 1:100 variant will be the way to go!!

  • Avatar

    So just curious but is that JLA 21 an homage to Batman Adventures 7? They are pretty similar but then again that’s not an uncommon pose I guess.

  • Avatar

    why doesn’t superman 276(bronze age) or JLA 137(bronze age) get any love?

  • Avatar

    High grade Justice League #21 newsstands combo pack versions should do pretty well.

  • Avatar

    Any combo pack should do well there’s only one listed on eBay I believe.

  • Avatar

    I don’t have a ton of faith in Kid Kaiju but the Monstes Unleahsed #5 Future Fight 1:25 variant by Jee-Hyung Lee has him on the cover with comic chron stating there were 8,614 copies sold which would put the 1:25 at about only 344 copies.

  • Topher

    The Justice League 21 is also the first full Seven Deadly Sins and i believe the first for some of them at all. Nice article btw.

  • Avatar

    Future movie could feature the Shazam family vs the 7 deadly sins!

    Never know!

  • Avatar

    Sloth of the 7 Deadly Sins gets converted from his human form back into gross ass Sloth form and self-identifies at the end of Justice League #14 so that seems like more of a first appearance than #21 does for him least him.

  • Avatar

    Wasn’t the Shazam extended family kids’ first appearance Flashpoint # 1?

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