Gay Hercules, Ultimate Taskmaster, and Moore!


I think we can all agree that speculation has become an insane, minute to minute adventure where if you aren't at you pc or the comic shop 24/7 you are going to miss out. That can be a daunting task and is really unsustainable.  I am not sure where speculation goes from here.  Buy every first appearance?  Keep chasing those variants that will almost always depreciate?  Start collecting, buying and selling origin  art instead? Bring back Pogs?

No matter what the ride has been and remains fun!

Enjoy this weeks pics.


All New Ultimates 11

First Ultimate Taskmaster Cover

That taskmaster news sure has collectors going crazy for a certain issue of Ultimate All-New Spider-Man.  I'm inclined to stick with the actual first appearance of Taskmaster but if the Ultimate version is your thing his first cover was here and it's actually pretty rad.

Foreign First for Ultimate Taskmaster ( Panini )

Ultimate Comics New Spider-man Numero 13 ( reprints Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man 26,27 )


Hunter's Moon/Salvador FCBD Flipbook

First published work by Sebastian Jones


When your forgotten fantasy world is resurrected by the Home Box Office for a sprawling epic in the vein of GOT you immediately get looked into.  This is his first pro work on the comic Salvador.


Of all the Asunda covers this one is my favorite by Hyoung Taek Nam




X-Treme X-Men 7 and 10

First appearance of  Hercules as a gay character

Rumor has it the first MCU gay character will be Hercules set to debut in Eternals.  I doubt we will see the Demigod kiss Logan but he did have a comic first.  In this issue Herc kisses James which is the first appearance of him in this capacity.

Here is the first appearance of the X-treme X-Men Hercules ( E-12025 )


First Foreign Gay Hercules

X-Men Xtra 98





Hot Girls Cold Feet

First appearance of Motor Girl

Motor Girl was announced recently and once I learned that the genesis for the comic was a simple sketch I had to know if it was ever published.  Originally I was lead to believe that it was included in the Motor Girl TPB but a little luck produced this and it predates the series.




Legends of OZ The Wicked West 7 Cover C

First published work and cover for Shannon Maer

I am a hug fan of that Vampirella V-Day Special from Maer and each month I am now spotlighting a favorite cover or book that may or may not be related to the theme of my weekly article.  He has a limited amount of work under her belt but when he does a cover they are always worth a look.



As a bonus I am adding this one because it is incredible.  Ultimate Crossbones first appeared in issue 2 but this cover is now my favorite Crossbones cover from any part of the Marvel Multiverse!



  • octoberland


    hilarious reference there 🙂

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    I still have a large part of my pog collection so if we bring those back then I’m golden…

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    The market modern comics has always been a rollercoaster, and it definitely feels like we are at a peak. If you don’t have the stomach for it, get off! Play the long-game. Most of what was hot 3-5 years ago is cheap and plentiful now, and most of what is hot now will be cheap and plentiful in 3-5 years. FOMO is a bitch, but if you can control the impulse and avoid putting all your cash into losing bets, you will have plenty of money to get the good stuff once the cream has settled to the top.

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