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Killer Frost


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. The news of James Gunn returning to the helm of GOTG 3 brought millions of fans to give collective high fives all across the planet. This series belongs in his hands, period. He’s earned that right by making trees and raccoons household names.

However, he now is also dipping his hands in the DC world heading up the new Suicide Squad starting production this Fall if all goes well. The comic and film fans were set a buzz with rumors swirling about characters to make their names onto the silver screen within this universe. One of the very first characters to garner this attention was none other than Killer Frost.

I felt it was the perfect time to bring her to the forefront within the CBSI community. In addition, smooth out some of the wrinkles within her history as it has been a tad convoluted by separate characters carrying that name across the DC world over the years.



In my humble opinion, Killer Frost could be, or should be on the same level as a let’s say a Poison Ivy in terms of popularity. Furthermore, if you look at the exposure she has across all media platforms, Ms. Frost is up there with any other DC women.

Comic books, toys, video games, TV appearances – both in cartoon and real life form, and fan Cosplay to name a few. The problem being there isn’t one central character to follow, it has been three.

This has no doubt taken some zing off of her following, both past and present. So let’s walk thru each time frame including first appearances, panels, archs and cover art to make some sense of the total package.


Crystal Frost

1st rendition of Killer Frost

1st app June 1978


Crystal Frost made her 1st appearance in Firestorm # 3 in June of 1978. Her character was studying to be a scientist when she fell in love with a teacher Martin Stein. Unfortunately, the feelings were not reciprocated.

After graduation while working in the Arctic, she was mistakenly trapped inside a thermo frost chamber. With this she turned into Killer Frost with the abilities to control extreme cold to use against her enemies. See 1st comic and panels below…


Firestorm Vol 1 # 3


Additional Covers in alphabetical order…


DC Presents Vol 1 # 17


Firestorm Vol 2 # 3


Firestorm Vol 2 # 4


Firestorm Vol 2 # 20


Firestorm Vol 2 # 21


Justice League of America Vol 1 # 195


Justice League of America Vol 1 # 197

Louise Lincoln

2nd rendition of Killer Frost

1st app March 1984


Dr. Louise Lincoln made her 1st appearance in Firestorm Vol 2 # 21 in March of 1984. She was a friend and colleague of Ms. Frost. After Crystal’s demise she decided to repeat the same experiment as her predecessor, and then became the 2nd rendition of Killer Frost.



Firestorm Vol 2 # 21

(1st app of Louise Lincoln)


Firestorm Vol 2 # 34

(1st appearance of Louise Lincoln as Killer Frost)


Additional Covers in alphabetical order…


Chase Vol 1 # 2


Firestorm Vol 2 # 35


Firestorm Vol 2 # 36


Firestorm Vol 2 # 64


Firestorm Vol 3 # 9


Firestorm Vol 3 # 24


Green Arrow # 55


Green Lantern Vol 3 # 127


Green Lantern Vol 3  # 157


Justice League Adventures # 12


Suicide Squad Vol 2 # 6


Superboy Vol 4 # 22


Caitlin Snow

3rd rendition of Killer Frost

1st appearance June 2013


Caitlin Snow made her 1st appearance in Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men # 19. She too was a scientist working for S.T.A.R labs in the Arctic. Caitlin became interested in Dr. Louise Lincoln’s (see a pattern here from all these women) work on a machine that could create perpetual motion. As she worked on the engine it was revealed that her colleagues were working for the H.I.V.E and tried to kill her by putting her in that very machine. With her life on the line she ripped the wires out of the coolant system making her biological makeup infuse with ice. Thus creating, yes Killer Frost. Hey it’s comics right?’



Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men # 19


Additional Covers in alphabetical order…


DC Bombshells # 92


Flash # 43


Forever Evil # 1


Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S # 5


Justice League vs. Suicide Squad # 6 Cover B


Justice League 3000 # 13


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 1


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 7


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 8


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 9


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 12


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 13


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 15


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 22


Justice League of America Vol 5 # 29


Justice League Of America # 7.2


Killer Frost Rebirth # 1


Killer Frost Rebirth Cover B


Suicide Squad Rebirth # 23


Superman Vol 3 # 44


Well, that’s a cool ride around Killer Frost and her history! As I mentioned things can be a bit confusing with all the time frames, characters, and story lines. Hopefully this helps and there is a cover or two worth collecting out in the wild. In addition as with the comics, there has been multiple character feature changes within cartoon land. Oh, and also there is that one TV show Arrow in which we are granted with her presence as well. We can only hope if she does appear in the next Suicide Squad flick, or another movie that they do her justice as a strong female within the DC Universe.

Finally, she would make a hell of a one-two punch with this little lady too ❤️ Imagine the havoc they could wreak together within a DC movie film reel?!



Talk soon,


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  • Topher

    Glad you put that Harley gif at the end or I never would have made it through your excellent article!

  • Martin Fairlie

    Totally agree that she’s a very underrated character and she absolutely should stand alongside DC’s other heavy hitter female villains/ anti heroes.

    I think the only thing holding her back is the signature look or costume that people can gravitate towards.

    When Harley and Ivy were gaining popularity, it showed first in the cosplay community. But I can’t recall seeing many Killer Frosts at shows in recent years. Hopefully this might change in the future.

    • Clint Joslin

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad to see other fans of hers in this group. You bring up a good point about having a signature look. Perhaps that will come if she is indeed in the SS follow up

  • Peter Renna

    Awesome stuff Clint. The New 52 Fury of Firestorm #19 was in Dollar Bins for a while there. Her character def has potential. But thanks for reminding me to go dig for that James Jean Green Arrow cover. I know it’s buried in a box somewhere at home.

  • Avatar

    Great info, thank you!

  • Avatar

    Great article! Very thorough in chronicling decades worth of Killer Frost in her various incarnations. I love how Crystal Frost enters the Thermofrost Unit wearing a dress and lab coat only to emerge as Killer Frost wearing a gown with a necklace, tiara and boots. Must be similar to how Bruce Banner always ends up wearing torn purple pants when he transforms into the Hulk.

    One thing, I think on the last cover in the article, Superman #44, it’s Livewire and not Killer Frost. Both have the same coloring and almost the exact same look except Livewire has a Lightning Bolt cutout on her chest whereas Killer Frost has an ice crystal emblem.

    • Clint Joslin

      Really appreciate the comments and reading the article. You are right about how these comic characters mysteriously have wardrobe changes regardless of the situation. Finally, thanks for the heads up on the last cover. Hard to tell the difference! My mistake on that one

  • Avatar

    Must be a regional thing, as I’ve seen a few Killer Frosts in the Boston area the last few years. I was so excited, as I’ve been a fan of the character since first encountering her in Crisis in Infinite Earths (pulled out of quarter bins) when I was around 12. As with Deadshot, it’s been kind of bittersweet to see s character that was “mine” become more popular.

  • Clint Joslin

    That’s awesome Joe! Thanks for reading and really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and comments

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