Variant Heat Check for 3/19/19



The Untamed #1 1:10 Nam Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Rumors are swirling, and people have decided to jump back on the Niobe train. Over the weekend it was reported that people from the Stranger Comics booth were telling attendees of Emerald City Comic Con that Niobe had been optioned by a well known entertainment company. In any case, prices rose from $40 ($60 for a set of the regular and variant) to over $100 raw, two 9.6 sales of $190 and $225, and a 9.8 for $450.


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Doctor Fate #1 1:25 Moustafa Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Doctor Fate is reported to be in development for a movie, and books are moving. This variant was dead in the water as recently as the beginning of March, selling for under cover price! Fast forward two and a half weeks and it’s hitting $50-$100.


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Hulk #2 Mcguinness Variants

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

Immortal Hulk has done it again, as it appears that people are speculating on the first appearance of A-Bomb, even though Rick Jones is “dead”. Multiple copies have sold over the last two days and all of the cheap copies were snatched up. Time to search those back bins?


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Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.



  • gideontged

    Wonder what the CBSI Variants for Untamed and Niobe will fetch…

  • Avatar

    Of course Untamed spikes a 3 weeks after I offload my copies that had been sitting on eBay for 4 months…. Thankfully I broke even on my original investment.

  • Demon Jim

    I never got into the Niobe thing, but my wife did. So much that she went and bought all the issues and variants, and she doesn’t even read comic books. It is cool to see that Untamed cover spiking again.

    I bought Hulk #2 for like a dollar or 2 many years ago because I was trying to fill out a Hulk run of this volume. (There are so many good covers in this volume, you all should be checking these out.) I guess the whole thing of when the water rises it affects everything is taking it’s affect here as Immortal Hulk seems to be pushing other Hulk issues.

    Vol 2 also gave us Compound Hulk.

    • Keith S.

      Immortal hulk, just like venom, is reaching back for material from previous runs. it’s refreshing to see, especially since we live in a media option for TV/movie world now days.

  • Avatar

    Don’t forget A-Bomb is a cameo (last page) in Hulk #2. First full as well as first cover on #3…for those who want to have it all!

  • Avatar

    Thanks man! Have that Doctor Fate signed. Thought i wasted my money on it, glad i did it now

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