The Wednesday One 3/20/19

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE. The Wednesday One. 

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

Purely from a reader perspective I can’t get enough of these Conan books right now! Jason Aaron’s Conan the Barbarian and Gerry Dugan’s Savage Sword of Conan books are always at the top of my reading pile on release day! The Alex Ross covers are an extra cherry on top.

There are several books that would make great choices here. Spider Man Life Story from Chip Zdarsky peaks my interest the most but I will wait for the trade. But that isn't all from Marvel as Conan joins forces with the Avengers this week, reader buzz juggernaut Immortal Hulk has a new issue out and Donny Cates drops a new issue of GOTG and Venomin. It's the last book that intrigues me most from a speculation perspective. Cates has teased a big Dylan Brock reveal in this issue and it could play into a lot of future spec. We have seen Cates pop back issues like no one else so this book will definitely be my first read.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

We get a classic Teen Titans arc in “Terminus Agenda” as the Teen Titans look to take out Deathstroke once and for all. Is DC priming their readers for season 2 of Titans on DC Universe? Either way, I’m down to read this arc!

The solicit for this issue teases batman chasing a new foe. The issue also Boston two unique covers. This will be one of the first books I check out to see if there is any spec in the issue or if the issue ignites spec in the back issue market anywhere.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

It has been 4 months since issue 5 was released (Nov 2018). This kicks off a new arc and I am so glad to have this book in my life. If you’re a fan of horror comedy and haven’t been reading this you’re missing out. Rob Guillory (Chew) is masterful at setting the tone, pacing a great story, and creating creepy yet likeable characters. Farmhand… you complete me! LMAO

While I want to read Dark Red #1 from Aftershock to see if the initial buzz warrants a spec play on Cover A, its Knights Of The Golden Sun #5 that I can't wait to read first. I think sets of this 7 issue Mad Cave mini will draw good money and I Continue to grab new issues. From a spec perspective these books have hit $10 post release regularly. I could see that trend continuing.

​Cover Art

I’m a huge fan of Bruce Campbell and this book combines two of my favorite movies he’s in with Army of Darkness and Bubba Ho Tep. This cover has that classic 1980’s VHS tape homage look to it. It even has the “Be Kind Please Rewind” sticker printed on it.

Alex Ross run of home run cover art streak continues at 15 with another installment of Immortal Hulk. I refuse to go a week where this book is released and I do not pick it in some form or fashion.

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

Before I even knew Al Ewing would write such a great story, I picked up each issue of Immortal Hulk for the Alex Ross covers alone. Fast forward 14 issues later and the story is great, issues are selling like 2017 bitcoin on the secondary market. You mean to tell me we get a second Alex Ross cover which is a variant, and it’s regular price? Thank you sir, may I have another?

Stegman is really killing his run on Venom and he and Cates seem like a natural team. It only seems like a matter of time before we get a Brock vs. Parker Storyline from the duo and this cover gives us a glimpse of what that would look like. White covers are a tough 9.8 so BOLO on those minty copies as the longer on the shelf the worse these books will look.

​Regular Price Variant DC

With the regular and two connecting covers, these make up a great piece of art you’d normally find as a centerfold. Jorge Jimenez work is phenomenal and collectors may seek out all three to complete the picture of current Justice League vs future Justice League.

The popular Valiant Entertainment and Marvel Zombies artist hits a Mattina esque vibe on this Deathstroke Variant. This Is one of those books that the DC Cover B program is all about.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

While I’m not a big fan of his art on the recent Thor books. I absolutely love this cover and Bitter Roots has been a great read.

While most of these Eastman Cover B's don't really do numbers on the secondary market, the solicit states that the events of this issue will change the fate of TMNT forever. Could we have a big event in this issue? It's important to note that we are approaching issue #100 and I am sure IDW will want a big story in play leading up to the monumental issue.

​Incentive Variant

Based on the hit exclusive Playstation game, Marvel brings it’s storyline to the printed page. This is a cover I love but feel I can hold off on release day prices and possibly find cheaper later down the road. A 1:100 with 5 other covers, it most likely have a small print run. I mean, it’s Marvel we’re talking about here lol. I don’t think this book will be super rare and as much as I love it, will take the risk and wait it out.

This book probably won’t pop as everyone sees it coming a mile away. Conan's addition to the Marvel slate had been a huge success and now he takes center stage in the Marvel Universe joining forces with The Avengers. While I like all the Incentives for this one, no one captures the moment better than Alex Ross.

​Top Spec Pick

Tim Seeley is no stranger to writing horror comics. This book has been getting a lot of attention. Looks like there is a resurgence of vampire stories lately. Don’t see this book having a large print run as most number one issues from Aftershock are less than 7K. This being a 1:10 makes it even more attractive. There are some store exclusive variants of this issue that’ll inflate the print run some.

So I must admit I think you have a clear hit on your hands there Brian. But I will go with an out of the box chalice with some out of the noc art design. This book has a lot going for it. There should be a big drop off in ordering from shops going from issue 1 to issue 2 in the series. The cover art is really unique and the empty space on the cover plays really well. Razzah has shown the ability to have his variants pop on the secondary market and with presales at about $40 as of this draft I believe he has another one on his hands. This is probably not a huge long term play but like real estate is all about location, speculation is all about timing. With Captain Marvel in theaters the timing may just be right for this one to pop.

​Sleeper Pick

A classic character written by Chip Zdarsky, one of the best action comedy writers in comics. Some of my favorite Spider-Man covers are by Skottie Young (ASM 611). This could be a cover sought out by Skottie Young and Spider-Man collectors down the road. 

The Gilliam and Hans hit is back on shelves with a fourth printing. While these books will never hit the stratosphere of the 1st prints, with low printing and a proven track record of interest, this book is a no brainer cover price pick up. And BOLO for that Better Late (Printing) Than Never Report in the CBSI Release Day Rundown column right here on the site by yours truly. 

Last Week Look Back

Winner: #TeamBolo

The people voted with #TeamBolo decisively this week although the sample size was smaller.  This is a hard week to call a winner decisively as #TeamSimplemans roster is stocked with some potential gainers down the road.  Ultimately Squirrel Girl #42 tops Shredder in Hell #2 to decide the top spot.

Winners: (In No Order)

  • Squirrel Girl #42 1:25 Variant (Bolo) - From sleeper to top dog! This book has seen sales of $125 and drying up! This was THE book of the week.  
  • Shredder In Hell #2 Scalera 1:10 (Simpleman) - Snagging Mr. Bolo’s Long Term Pick of the Week from the Bolo List, Brian killed it with this one! A $10 at ratio buy in selling for $25-40 one week after release.  This one may have staying power.
  • Magnificent Ms Marvel #1 Babs Tarr 1:25 (Bolo) -  Outperforming its 1:50 counterpart on the profitability scale. Selling fro $35-42.
  • Readers- Like every week some great reads hit shelves. The Goon, Grim Knight, ASM, Little Bird, Avengers No Road Home and many others had readers buzzing. Any week where you pick up a new book and give it a read is a win in my eyes.  That is first and foremost what this hobby is founded on.
  • The Goon- What looked like a solid long term play payed immediate dividends as it hit 3x cover price in week 1.
  • Avengers No Road Home #5- Conan cameo made this a $10 book quick and a Hot 10 entry to boot.
  • MLP Nightmare Knights #5- Laugh all you want but this 1:10 incentive saw sales of upwards of $40 this week.  These low print MLP mini series incentives can bring coin.

Losers: (In No Order)

  • Marvel Regular Priced Variants (Both)- We talked about this last week but Marvel Cover B’s are continuing to prove to be a tough profit maker in the short term.
  • The Goon Cover B (Bolo)- With sales of Cover A hitting $15 and Cover B at price, it was not a profitable pick to go cover B over A.  Stick to the Eric Powell goodness. 

Jury Is Still Out

  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 1:50  (Bolo) Showing sales at about $60, it is above ratio.  The question is, now that we are past release week in which direction will this one go?.  
  • Cover #6 Jim Lee (Bolo) - While only selling for cover price at the moment, copies have dried up and now people are asking $15-20 on ebay. Will they get it? Time will tell
  • Little Bird #1 (Simpleman)- Brian’s longshot pick gained some serious reader buzz as the week wore on and neither of us would be surprised to see it on the winners column.  BOLO on cover price issues at your LCS.
  • Transformers #1 1:50 Williams Foil (Simpleman)- Only selling at ratio at the moment but has almost completely dried up.  This one could be a ghost very soon. BOLO
  • Grim Knight #1 Cover B (Simpleman)- This book had an up and down week.  While heavily printed, it was building toward a solid $10-12 sale before the release of the ECCC Foil Variant.  Now it's back around cover or a few over. This is still a solid buy and hold.
  • Most books released last week- It's hard to call a lot of books losers after just one week. Let us know in the comments what books you think the jury still out on!

We did pretty well this week making something out of slow week. Be sure to let us know in the comments your picks and predict who will win out #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo.

Want to see more from CBSI’s NCBD duo? 

Be sure to check out Brian’s Simpleman Weekly Picks Video and Jack's CBSI Bolo List right here on ComicBookInvest.Com

Be sure to also check them out on Simpleman's Comics YouTube Channel Live at 9 PM Est / 6 PM Pst Thursday's for the Weekly Bolo List Livestream with the replay releasing right here on the site on Friday's. 


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