Negan, Young Avengers, Devil Hulk, Sliders and More!

The Walking Dead 156

Tell me Negan doesn't end up killing Alpha on the Walking Dead.  His redemption story continues and such a scene is gonna happen people.  Walking Dead spec isn't a sure thing anymore but this cover is great,  he does the deed within its pages and there is a Kill or Be Killed preview.


Master of Kung Fu 19

First time Fu Manchu is called the Devil Doctor?


More Shang Chi movie news trickled out this past week and I found one thing interesting.  They call Shang's dad the Devil Doctor.  There is no way they use the name Fu Manchu in for the lead villain.  In Secret Avengers 6 he was finally given a true name,  Zhang Zu,  I can easily see them calling him The Devil Doctor.  As far as I can tell he was first called this by a subordinate in issue 19.

NOTE:  Yes there is a Mark Jeweler for this!




Young Guns 2009 Sketchbook

First appearance of The Young Avengers ( minus Kate Bishop )

I don't believe the girl Clint is teaching to shoot arrows is Kate Bishop but the Young Avengers spec persists and has only intensified after the most recent Endgame trailer.

Now I thought Marvel Preview 16 was the first cover / appearance via preview for the Young Avengers but IG CBSI fan bluegreenartifacts did some digging and found the 2005 Sketchbook beats it!

There is a two page preview here of issue 1.  Say what you will about previews but they are on the cover of this one.

Issue 17 has a 6 page preview but no Kate Bishop.

I like this one for the poster!

Not only did he figure out there was an art preview of the team minus Kate but it's also a Ronin cover appearance that predates the New Avengers issue 4 variant.  Even though that variant is just a close up of the Quesada issue 1 variant it is quite a find!

2000 AD 1296

First published work for Al Ewing.

With everything Immortal Hulk going nuclear maybe it’s time to look at Al Ewing’s first published work. Personally I am a fan of collecting writer firsts but I do understand they don’t exactly set the world on fire. Although…Donnie Cates first has bucked that trend so who knows? A laserwhip cover doesn't hurt either.

First cover for the Devil Hulk and Bruce's twins

Others have picked this book because it is another Devil Hulk appearance but I like it for this reason,  it is the first appearance of Banner's conjured twins.  When the Devil returns you can bet he's going to torture Bruce's mind in the most horrific ways.  Bringing the family he never had back could be a great way to do it.

It is also odd to me that Brian Banner had twins manifested by the Devil Hulk and in the current Hulk run  Al Ewing has yet to explain why there are two cribs in Bruce's nursery via flashback.

Avengers Infinity War Prelude

First appearance of Lila Barton

I wouldn’t call this a go out and buy it book but there’s a better chance that chick in the Endgame trailer is an older Lila Barton rather than Kate Bishop. First appearance was here.
This one caught me by surprise when I went looking for obscure Umbrella Academy books.  Not only does this book contain a lengthy Wild Hunt Preview in color but is has a Fear Agent pinup that predates the popular Image series.
Comic Shop News 455 & Sliders 1
First appearance of Sliders!
Anyone remember this show?  Well there are talks it might be making a comeback!  There were comics too!

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