Indie Spotlight Series 22


Hello everyone and welcome back to another I.S.S. After several lighter weeks this is one that could hurt your bank account! That being said, lets jump right in!


Dark Red 1

Aftershock Comics

Great premise, eye popping art, sales sales sales and written by Tim Seeley are all reasons this is my Co Pick of the Week. Reviews on this book have been stellar as it follows Chip, a night time convenient store clerk, who is also a vampire! Who doesn't love a great modern day vampire story?  Well, apparently everyone does as this book has seen some great presales. The 1:10 variant is my pick and has not stayed on ebay long once listed (easily getting $15) could have something to do with the controversial cover.  Also, there are a couple store variants out there with tiny print runs that are seeing astronomical sales! Very excited to see what this book does come Wednesday.



Rise 1

Scout Comics

Rise 1 written and painted by Don Aguillo is also a book that has my attention for several reasons. I am a huge fan of art and Don is one of the best. First off, you heard me right when I said “painted” earlier. Illustrations were all hand painted by Aguillo and you will see just how talented of an individual he is!  The story line will be the perfect premise to couple with his art.  I can't wait to see the fantasy world that he builds! Once again,  pre sales on this book are strong. Several sales at cover and now starting to see some in the $8 range.  Also, we have seen the Incentive Variant going for over $20.  Shout out to Clint Joslin of Run The Table as he was all over this book from the get go!  Rise 1 is my Co Pick of the Week. On a side note , ( Thanks James H. for the info )  for all you first appearance hunters, Rise had a preview in Obliv18n #5.



Honor and Curse 2

Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave continues to deliver quality titles that people can't wait to get their hands on and sales on the secondary market are starting to show that for Honor and Curse 2! All Cheap copies of this book have dried up and you will now have to pay over 10 for it. I have to say I am not usually a fan of Japanese Folklore , but Mark London has even gotten me into this one! Thoroughly enjoyed issue 1 and I can't wait to read this one as well!


Dungeons and Dragons Darkened Wish 1


I must admit, this is a book and series that I know nothing about however, I am drawn to it for a of couple reasons. First off is the obvious, cult D & D following, makes me think this could do well on the aftermarket as time passes. Secondly,  it has an epic cover for the 1:10 incentive variant! FIRE FIRE FIRE. Maybe I'm just a sucker for fire covers.. No listings on ebay as of now, with the last sale being $15.



Blessed Machine 1

Cave Pictures Publishing

My head Scratcher of the week is definitely Blessed Machine 1 from new publisher Cave Pictures. I have read the premise several times and still can't figure out what it’s all about because it’s so far fetched. Normally I run when that happens, but something tells me to give it a shot. Maybe it's the decent amount of pre sales and one $8 sale….. Maybe someone knows something I don't haha.




Middlewest 1

Image Comics

This is a series that just gets better and better with each issue. The story is written by Skottie Young and the world he is building is fantastic! The story follows a young boy named Abel who is having some major father son problems to say the least. After a violent reckoning, Abel is off on his journey with his faithful snarky sidekick outwitting danger and meeting some interesting characters along the way. Highly recommend this series.

On a side note this series is seeing some major increases on the secondary market. Issue 1 is a $10 to $15 book while issue 2 is a little over that. Issue 2 also contains a first appearance.



Bitterroot 5

Image Comics (love the Ben Oliver cover)

Criminal 3

Image Comics

Die 1 Fourth Print

Image Comics

Farmhand 6

Image Comics

Lazarus Risen 1

Image Comics

Middlewest 5

Image Comics (this series just gets better and better.. issues continue to heat up on the secondary market)

Monstress 21

Image Comics

Outpost Zero 8

Image Comics

Warning 5

Image Comics

Invisible Kingdom 1

Dark Horse Comics

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 76

IDW (call me a Brony if you want, I love this cover and other people must as well because it’s selling)


TMNT ongoing 92


Army of Darkness Bubba Hotep 2


Battlestar Galactica Twilight Command 1


Black Badge 8

Boom Studios

Firefly Bad Co. 1

Boom Studios

Lumberjanes 60

Boom Studios

Sparrowhawk 5

Boom Studios

Wizard Beach 4

Boom Studios

Appalachian Apocalypse 3

Cave Publishing

Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Terror

Ahoy Comics

George Mcdonalds Light Princess

Cave publishing

Gretel 1


Grumble 5

Albatross Funnybooks

Incursion 2


Knights of the Golden Sun 5

Mad Cave Studios

Mobster Graveyard 2

Antarctic Press (One to Watch)

Monstrous European Getaway

Source Point Press

Offbeats 1

Antarctic Press

Stronghold 2

Aftershock Comics

Tainted Love 1

Antarctic Press

XO Man of War 25



Last Week's Updates


The Goon 1

Albatross Funny Books

Both covers are selling well!  Cover A is a $12 book and sets of the two together are selling for $20.  I have not had a chance to read yet.


Little Bird 1

Image Comics

Also selling very well.  Cheapest copy for Cover A available is going for around $8.  Most have raved about the story so far and the book has already gone to a second print.. That should tell you something!  Definitely one to watch.


Transformers 1


Sales have been fairly slow.  The 1:25 variant can be bought for under $15.  Store variants seem to be doing the best on this particular book.  


Middlewest 2 Third Print

Image Comics

This can still be found at cover.  Do not sleep on this series!


Die 3 Second Print

Image Comics

Another one that can still be found at cover along with a series you should not sleep on!


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps out!  



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