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Another week, another bunch of comic news!


Doctor Fate? I like the spec on his 2015 books.


Nova maybe news? I like how Alexander’s first is the somewhat obscure 1-shot, Point One from 2011.


Tokyo Ghost live action announcement on the way?


And, Hulk madness continues! Grey Hulk, Green Hulk, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, Mad Hulk, Happy Hulk. Maybe we will see Charlie Sheen as Hulk? If I’m on Marvel’s board, I pound my fist on the table and say “Every week, I want a new Hulk. I was to see ‘Who is the next Hulk?’ rumors everywhere online. This is good for business people!”


New stuff? Why, yes! …


Spiderman, meet Deadpool. Deadpool, meet Spiderman!


Cable & Deadpool #24. 2006. First meeting between Deadpool and Spiderman! I would have thought they would’ve met sooner, but 2006 it is! Like many Marvel books from this era, there’s a Newsstand version.

Here’s a close-up of the Newsstand barcode.


There’s also another character in this book I thought was cool…


Black Box!

Real name: Garabed Bashur. Country of origin: India. Why I think he’s cool: Professor X trained him on his ability to psychically view and store data from any electronic source.

First Appearance: Deadpool The Circle Chase #2 1993.


Youngblood #78!

Final Issue in series. Where is this book?

For Youngblood fans, digging a little deeper here, from what I see, Image produced issues #71#78 from May 2012 up until July 2013. #71 has an approx. 7,600 print run. But I believe that’s in total, split between 3 covers. So, about 2,500 a piece? Were they evenly printed among the 3 covers? Who knows? I’m really asking that question! Does anyone really know? There was also a 2nd printing to the issue.

Comichron skips to #75 next (that’s right, no printing numbers for issues #72, #73 or #74), showing a print run of approx. 6,000 copies. But that should be split between 5 Covers, in some uneven way, I’m sure.

I can see no entries for print numbers of the last 3 issues (#76, #77 and #78.)


Carnage! Inside the mind of a serial killer!



Cates wasn’t kidding about this book being creepy.


Tank Girl!

What a following Tank Girl has, huh? I’m not 100% certain that this is a rare book.

This is the Comic Block Variant by Nerd Block #1 issue, 2016.


The Adventures of Sly Cooper!

So, it’s not just that it’s rare. A cartoon was announced last year. The initial plan was for a CGI movie that was announced in 2017.



I hear it’s coming out this October, with 52 episodes planned for the first season. Wow, that’s quite a few episodes. Hopefully it will be successful.


Seeing more than double!


Multiple Man!

I hope this movie is still on. I like Franco and think he’ll do well in the role. Provided they have a huge budget and great storyline. Maybe some solid cameo’s from established characters? Or am I starting to ask for too much? No, I think we must have all of those elements for it to succeed. Is James Gunn free? Who needs sleep anymore? 2 movies? Let’s do 3 movies at once!


Movie progress?

At a quick glance, the only thing I find is a note from November of last year that it’s still being worked on.




He-Man! There’s a couple issues to these series that are hard to come by and command a premium.

First one pictured is the promotional book to mark the first Image series of Masters of the Universe. It contains some goodies including sketches, character bios and unfinished comic cells.

Here’s a sketch inside:


The back cover looks great too!


The second He-man book is Masters of The Universe #7 Variant from 2004 by MVCreations. I believe it’s limited to 500.

Boo Bunny Plague 2014, DC.

Following how successful and rare some video game comics can be (God of War, Deus Ex, Last of Us American Dreams, Ratchet and Clank, etc.), I saw this character in a review dubbed, “If Deadpool were a rabbit.” Boo Bunny Plague is about a robot rabbit implanted with a computer virus to gain sentience. He becomes a bounty hunter.


Star Trekkin!


Where no one has… ordered a lot before? Went a little wild with Star Trek Incentives. The Q were in the brain! Or maybe the Borg? But it’s IDW striking again with their low printed ratios. I have seen an uptick in the first Comic Book appearance of Star Trek, #1 1970 Gold Key. I think of Scooby Doo in the same breath. Its #1 boasts their first appearance and also came out in 1970 by Gold Key.

Movies/TV Shows planned for Star Trek?

Yes, and lots! I see well over a dozen potentially in the works. Here’s a few:

-Nickelodeon last month announced an animated series in development.

-Lower Decks, another animated series, this one being an adult comedy from CBS with Rick and Morty producer attached.

-Jean-Luc Picard is reprising his role in what will be his own series.

-Star Fleet Academy TV Series

Quentin Tarantino is developing a new Star Trek movie for Paramount alongside J.J. Abrams.

-Wrath of Khan TV Series

– Star Trek 4 from Paramount Pictures


Cool Covers!


More Star Trek!

Natali Sanders – Salem’s Daughter Haunting #4 2011 Cover b by Zenescope.

Stephanie Hans – Journey Into Mystery #642 1:20 2012 Retailer Incentive Marvel Comics.

Stjepan Sejic – Witchblade #131 Baltimore Convention Exclusive. 2009 Image Comics.

Bruce Timm’s cover for Vampirella Monthly #20, Limited Variant, 1999, Harris Comics.

Did you know?

Bruce Timm was an artist on some of the He-Man mini comics that came with the toys back in the 1980’s. They may or may not be his first published work.


Keys are a’ jingling!


Black Widow!

Trying to buy more of her first appearance (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964) but it’s tough the way prices continue sky rocketing.



With Swamp Thing getting a lot of attention, I figured I’d revisit some Justice League Dark spec. This is his first appearance (Strange Adventures #205, 1967.)


Ghost Rider!

Not Johnny Blaze from the 1970’s. The original Ghost Rider!

This one’s the #1 issue from 1967.


Did you know?

This Western Ghost Rider first appears in November 1949.

The book? Tim Holt #11, by Magazine Enterprises.



Where Monsters Dwell #6 1970

This book reprints the first appearance and origin of Groot, originally from Tales to Astonish #13, 1960. Interesting that he’s redrawn slightly different on this cover to somewhat of an updated look.

I am trying to find out which book he first appears in with his “skinny” GOTG movie Groot look.


More Elektra!

Might be a good time soon to stock up on Netflix defenders characters. Unless you think they’re never coming back on screen. Luke Cage #1 is down a bit. Marvel Premiere #15 has been down for a while. Alias #1 was over $300 at one point. Sales have been $100-range lately.


Teen Titans!

DC Comics Presents #26, 1980. We’ve been using the word “undervalued” for this book containing first appearances of Cyborg, Raven and Starfire for at least a year.

I’ve heard that the Titans story was also issued as a stand-alone comic, similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog promo that was added to 4 or 5 different DC comics back in 1991. But I don’t think there’s a clear cut way to distinguish them, if they are even different versions.


Here’s a look at the cover:


Punisher #102

People like it for the cover. It’s close to the final issue from the mid-90’s series so you can bet there weren’t tons and tons printed. I do like the Punisher logo reflection in the knife Bullseye is holding.


Cryptozoic Man #1, 2013, Dynamite Entertainment

Remember when this came out a few years ago? It was created by the cast of Comic Book Men. It doesn’t sell for a whole lot, but there are people out there still buying it. I miss that show. They would feature a book on a Sunday night when the new episodes aired and then next thing you know, Monday morning the books they featured would be selling online like crazy! Looking at you, Rick and Morty #1 and Alf #48.


There’s also a 1:10 and 2nd print to it. It looks like Midtown is doing an exclusive for it that’s up for preorder too this month?


Last I saw, Kevin Smith was shopping Comic Book Men to other Networks. Can you believe it ran on AMC for 7 seasons with 96 episodes?


Port of Earth!


First Row is #1 Cover A. Second row is #1 Cover B Variant. Third row is the Ashcan handed out at NYCC limited to 500. There also exists a SDCC Ashcan limited to 100.


I’ve watched way too many “aliens are visiting earth” documentaries to not love the potential for a great Sci-Fi show here, minus the low SYFY Channel-like budget. Don’t get me wrong. Some of their shows are great, but so many are really cheesy. I remember how Alien Nation had depth to the history of the species. I can imagine info Charles Hall wrote about based on his own experiences for some great sub-plots. But, if Amazon winds up making this, I’d have high hopes.


Probably a good stopping point for this week.


To be continued next week!


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