Sony developing Agent Venom TV Series

Multiple sources are now confirming that Sony is set to develop an Agent Venom television series.

For those on the hunt, there are 3 comics everyone will be chasing(Thanks to Jason Shaw and Mahleezer for pointing out SA23) :

Secret Avengers 23 (1st and 2nd Print)


Amazing Spider-Man #654


Amazing Spider-Man #654 2nd Print


Though the 2nd print is obviously a lot harder to find and pricier, it might have the larger pay off.  As usual time will tell.


There is also the 1st Agent Venom cover :

Amazing Spider-Man 654.1


Happy Hunting folks!!



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    Thanks for the news Ben! I almost sold my 654 2nd print via FB on Sunday so I’m glad that I didn’t.

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    Do you think Secret Avengers #23 (1st and 2nd prints) might also be in play?

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    I thought secret avengers #23 was tje 1st agent venom?

  • Ben C

    Great points about the Secret Avengers 23

    Will add above, thanks folks!

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    Another rare one to look for is Venom Flashpoint. It collects ASM 654, 654.1, and Venom 1. July 2011, 3,829 copies printed.
    There was also a True Believers reprint from last year.

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    Nice, I got every issue, except the 2nd print of #654, all in CGC 9.8 🙂

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    When this rumor/announcement starts gaining traction ASM 654 is going to explode, especially the second print! Bit the bullet and bought one. Been on my radar for a while but never wanted to spend that much on a 2nd print. Figured odds are that time is running out on it being semi-affordable in high grade.

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    I have the 2nd print to ASM #654… I don’t know what to do!!

    I sold my ASM 569 2nd print last for 180$… good money but regardless I still have sellers remorse…

    Feel like if I do the same for ASM 654 2nd I will regret it as well.

    I am still loking for 569 2nd print at a resonable price damn it!

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