Umbrellas and Annihilation


Good day my fellow agents,

Today I bring you a short, quick report from the field. There’s a lot of noise on the market this week. Plenty of sales, but not many strong trends I could identify. One thing that has caught my attention is the Umbrella Academy TPB.


Umbrella Academy TPB Volume 1


The popularity of the TV show has renewed the desire for the Umbrella Academy comic book. In turn the TPB which Collects Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1-6 has risen well above its retail price. Copies are selling for $34 to $37.

Next up, I would like to mention an omnibus. Surprise! If I wanted to I could do a weekly article on the highest priced omnibus sales. This week I just want to point out one.



Annihilation Omnibus HC (2014 Marvel)


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone and is continuing to go cosmic. This book’s sales should continue to be strong as long as it isn’t reprinted.

The Annihilation Omnibus collects Drax the Destroyer, #1-4, Annihilation: Prologue , Annihilation: Nova, #1-4, Annihilation: Silver Surfer, #1-4, Annihilation: Super Skrull, #1-4, and Annihilation: Ronan, #1-4, Annihilation  #1-6, Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1-2, and the Annihilation: The Nova Corp Files. Its last sale was for $325.

That’s it for this week. As always, be careful out there.

Agent Newton out.


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  • Avatar

    Yeah I went out and picked up both vol 1 and 2 of umbrella academy. I’m a little confused though cause the TPB’s I bought both have a Netflix label on the cover, I see version without the Netflix label – which I assume that mine would be second prints/editions – but when I look inside it says they’re first editions. What’s the difference between the coping with the Netflix label and without?

    • Phil Newton

      Interesting. Diamond does show a second printing, but it comes up as like first edition when I click for more info. I’ll check further on this. Thanks for the information. I report back on what I find.

    • A. J. Diesel

      The first edition most definitely has an error in regards to the number of children being born on the back cover. I don’t know if this was ever caught or corrected.

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