1 Die #1 ‘Virgin' Variant /800

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Stephanie Hans
Major price increase alert!  Wow.  From $10, to $30-40 to now almost $200?!?  Already in its third printing, this book is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon…but is this price jump too fast?

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2 Venom #7 ‘Secret' Tongue Variant

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Iban Coello
Up in price from $25 (and $110 for 9.8's) last week to $40-50/$170.  Speculation of this Dylan Brock character seems to be driving this, or is it just another case of FOMO?

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3 Fantastic Four #65

WRITER: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
First appearance of the Kree (and Ronan the Accuser) and their appearance in this week's Captain Marvel movie have caused prices to hit all time highs including 9.0 sales of $700+ when last November, it was $250.  To be honest, this is a double key and was probably undervalued.

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4 Superboy (Vol. 3) #9

WRITER: Karl Kesel
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
King Shark in Suicide Squad 2?  Ok, well, this 1st full appearance has had its ups and downs, but it is currently on the upswing again.  $2-4 a week ago, it is now selling for $10-20+.  Don't forget about the DCU logo variant of this (and the Zero Hour logo variant for Superboy #0–first cameo).

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5 Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 Jim Lee Variant

WRITER: Gerard Way
ARTIST: Gabriel Ba
Ok, we get it…Umbrella Academy is nuclear.  I could almost fill half the list with UA books, but that wouldn't be any fun, right?  Anyway, this one was like $30ish a couple weeks ago and has jumped to $70-75.

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6 Ziggy Pig Silly Seal #1 ‘Secret' Poop Variant

WRITER: Frank Tieri
ARTIST: Jacob Chabot
<sigh>  Can I even comment on this?  Poop variant?  $20-25…have at it people.

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7 The Mall #1

WRITER: Don Handfield & James Haick III
ARTIST: Rafael Loureiro
This optioned property with a low print run was seeing sales less than $10 a week ago.  Once again, the fear of missing out seems to have set in and now $25-30 is what you will have to pay.  Is this FOMO a good or bad thing for the market?

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8 Astro Hustle #1 Greg Smallwood Cover

WRITER: Jai Nitz
ARTIST: Tom Reilly
I can only assume that people just want this cool looking retro cover because they are paying up to $20 for it and the regular cover is cover price.  It does say ‘No gum' on the cover, which is a little disappointing to be honest.

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9 Domino: Hotshots #1 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Gail Simone
ARTIST: David Baldeon
Ahhh, JSC and Marvel female characters…how is this Outlaw character not more popular?  Anyway, selling for 50% above ratio the week of release in the $75 range.

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10 Hulk #15

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
ARTIST: Ian Churchill
Ok, I have no dogs in the fight of this Red She-Hulk and whether it is in the new Immortal Hulk or not.  All I am doing is reporting sales, which for this book were almost non-existent last week, and now many sales have occurred, some upwards of $20.

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Eternals #1 30 Cent Price

WRITER: Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
More record high sales for this scarce price variant including $1500 for a 9.4 and $900 for a 9.0.  For those that hate these price variants, I apologize.  People like to have things that others don't, regardless of how trivial.  This one fits the bill.

Planet Comics #1

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Lou Fine (cover)
Beautiful Lou Fine cover.  A 5.5 sold this week for $6600.  The closest, most recent sale I could find was a 6.0 that sold in 2016 for only $3800.  A 9.4 Mile High copy sold in December for $108K.

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  • Boognish is Rising

    Which one should I throw $$ at? Hulk 15, 16 or 14 variant?

    • Avatar

      That is really a good question. Let’s say Red She Hulk becomes a big thing…Maybe Marvel starts pushing her because licensing rights for the original she Hulk are all tied up with Universal and they just want to introduce She Hulk in the MCU….or something like. It is sometimes hard to gauge which book the market will consider the first true appearance. Since #14 (Red She-Hulk) only has her on the cover from what I remember. Even though it is her first printed version it may be looked at a just a cameo of sorts. Seems right now most people are going for #15 but 16 is her first full appearance and she is on the cover. If you can get 15 and 16 I think you will be covered. The Variant #14 will still be in demand but I think most collectors will gravitate toward 15 & 16 in my opinion.

      • Avatar

        What you said about #14, would apply to #15.
        If she’s just considered to be on the cover of #14 so that’s a cameo, then her only being on the last page of 15 would have to be the same thing.
        #16 is clearly the first full appearance, so people jumping on #15 makes no sense.
        We’re seeing a lot of this confusion recently.

        • Avatar

          That is true, but a lot of collectors seem to shy away from First appearances on a cover only. Many are more accepting of a cameo in the book where the character is part of the ongoing story. That’s why I think #15 is a better bet. I still like #14 though. It is a pretty cool cover. For me however, my favorite is #16 with the first full along with a cover. With that, my favorite doesn’t mean much if the market gravitates toward another issue. I look at books such as Captain Marvel #14 with a weak cameo that collectors still go nuts over and consider Khans first. Then I look at books such as Hulk 180 which has Wolverine only on one panel but it is a full shot with him introducing himself…yet that is “just” a cameo. I stopped scratching my head over all that a while ago. I just accept what the market/ majority collectors go to. For anyone who thinks She Hulk might be the next big thing all three would be the best way to go when it comes right down to it.

    • Father_fanboy

      Poop variant. Duh.

  • Boognish is Rising

    Agree with Outlaw. JSC needs to give her a solo cover. Her first appearance is definitely not cheap!! There’s a lot of reasons to like that Deadpool 65 though.

  • Avatar

    Boog: I would go with #16 variant.

    1st full red she-hulk, action cover hommage and 1:15 to boot.

    Then I would do 14 variant due to 1st cover app.

    Having all three would be even better!

    Agent X issues had some hot covers of outlaw. Also Domino #6 or #7 I believe by gang Lee is a super hot cover a la AH!

  • Avatar

    Everything is FOMO at this point, at least all of the initial early spikes in price. So many spec sites, apps, social media and streaming services all looking for content are driving the knowledge and opportunities to get the next Walking Dead.

    Interesting to see the look back articles and where prices where a year ago on various books.

  • Avatar

    I dont understand why they would jump to the red she hulk.. when they havent done anything big with the reg. she hulk yet…

    • Avatar

      Have you read Immortal Hulk #14?

      • Avatar

        Nope.. i get it tho.. characters get hot because of certain titles.. but is it worth dropping $$ on specs because of it? I feel characters who make it to the big are worth more $$ in the long run. Would marvel bring the red she hulk to big screen before the green?

        • Father_fanboy

          SOME spec is still actually comic-driven, and there’s a possibility she’s getting ready to be used in the Immortal Hulk. If she gets to the big screen then yeah, they’ll really explode, but it’s the hot series that’s driving this spec.

  • Avatar

    “but is this price jump too fast?”

    “or is it just another case of FOMO?”

    ” Can I even comment on this? ”

    “Is this FOMO a good or bad thing for the market?”

    “All I am doing is reporting sales”

    If the last quote there was true, that would be cool. Is the rest of this commentary really necessary? It reads as though it’s from a place of displeasure or frustration and comes across negatively. I think it would be better to report from the sales alone, rather than push these thoughts onto the readers. If those discussions arise naturally, great.

    • Ben Steiniger

      Hmmm. I’m not sure that I was pushing anything on anyone. I think they are valid questions that need posed. I am reporting sales when I put books on the list. I think most people prefer that I add some commentary from time to time so they can have more info to digest.

      • Avatar

        But you’re the one making the article. I get his point, it’s slightly disingenuous to be running a comic spec site, and then rub it in our faces when all of us are clearly acting on FOMO (I rest my case with King Shark). The new Wednesday One format, where you guys are picking best reads of the week instead of spec, kind of gives a mixed message too.

    • JamesGoodwin

      Yet, you’re reading the column. If you just wanted sales data, it’s readily available for those who want to do the work! Perhaps the undertone of negativity you suggest is caused by the lashings he routinely takes for using too many variants? A Top Ten list will always be extremely subjective; he reports what he sees and often, it is variant driven because that is a part of the hobby at this point. You really think a “secret poop variant” does not deserve any commentary at all? It is really is, or was selling and quite honestly, that is weird! Ben’s Top Ten is a weekly read of mine, something I look forward to quite a bit after a long shift on a Friday night. He writes well and adds his point of view to some researched data. I’m sure many people could create a search that would deliver the “hottest” books of the week; Lyria for example can deliver basic numbers formatted as simply a list of what people are watching. There are others out there as well. Ben does his research and writes a column for us to read, interpret and for me, enjoy.

      • Avatar

        “Yet, you’re reading the column.”
        What does that even mean?
        I’m not saying it’s terrible, I’m not saying I don’t want to read it?
        I’m highlighting a preference and asking a question. Ben doesn’t have to change a thing, think of it as feedback if you will.

        I enjoy the list, it’s definitely interesting to check out every week and I do appreciate it, perhaps I should’ve made that clear in my original comment. But just because I’m highlighting the tone of particular comments, doesn’t mean I don’t want to read it at all? Ben could’ve responded and explained to me exactly why such comments are necessary and I’d have an answer to my question and feedback.

        “Major price increase alert! Wow. From $10, to $30-40 to now almost $200?!? Already in its third printing, this book is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon…”
        Before the ellipsis this reporting injects minimal opinion and provides the reader with information. You also get other reports like this where you get information on the book, its contents, what elements drive interest and a sales report. Those are great, that’s what I personally like and was alluding to.

        I do see how my preference would detract from the subjective and natural thoughts of the writer, however. So yes, Ben should continue to do Ben.

  • Avatar

    I like the Fomo add on to the hot 10. I only get the fomo on Wednesday with some books. I bought that secret Venom when it came out thinking it would be hot and then it stayed low. Glad it got hit again so I could sell it. Now time to dig out my super boy 9 and see what logo I have.

  • accustomfigures

    What the fuck is FOMO anyway?

  • Avatar

    The first “Immortal Red She Hulk” should be Immortal Hulk 14. Not sure why Red Hulk 15 is spiking. That would make Hulk #1 (1962) first Immortal Hulk which would negate Avengers 682/684 IMO. Think everyone drank Jim’s Kool-Aid on this one.

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