When Fandom Pays Off!

As The Umbrella Academy frenzy rages on like a freight train, I am remind that no matter how well you think you may know this market; you don’t. As I’ve stated a number of times before, I’ve been an avid reader and fan since the first issue dropped in ’07. Admittedly, I was/am a huge fan of Gerard Way as well as My Chemical Romance, and from the moment I read about the “atomic elbow smash”, UA became and still is my favorite independent comic book read.



This led me to buying everything and anything UA. That being said, at the time there was no type of hype surrounding the series, so merchandise was few and far between. From mugs, to figures, to magnets and patches, if I saw it, I’d buy it. I even had commissioned seven canvases of the main characters!


(Art by Adam Soltys)


To my delight, the TV series has been a dynamite success (even though I had my issues with it). So much so that all of the main cast are on IMDB’s top celebrity list. Word of mouth alone has kept the train going and it doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon.

Although I did make a nice chunk of change and claim I know when to hold and when to sell, the market beat me on this one.

Two weeks ago I sold 16 copies of the first appearance (FCBD UA issue) for $400. Just a few days ago, a single copy sold for $162 with a ton of bids!!! Some may think that this was just an outlier, but no.

There are several single copies of this selling for $125+. I pulled my money and left the table. I left a heater. You never leave a heater.

My advice has been and will always be to sell right before or days after a TV show or film drops. It’s the safest play you can make in the comic business and you’re sure to make at least a couple of bucks back.

That being said, in this case, I missed a real opportunity to make some solid spondulli. But what can I say? That is the safe way to play stocks, and it’s the safe way to play comics as well.

Had UA tanked, the books are back to $5 and $1 bins. It’s a Dark Horse published comic book and it would have missed its big opportunity at long term success. Independent titles like this don’t have nine lives like The Fantastic Four or Spider-Man. Instead this gained millions of fans and season 2 is already being talked about.

The third part of the comic book series is out now (genius of Way to release it at the same time as the series) and new fans are sure to rush to comic book stores and buy them up.



Barnes and Noble are sold out of the TPB and eBay prices on all things UA are astronomical. Now surely these prices can’t hold, but I do truly believe this series will develop its cult following and these issues will be sought after for the foreseeable future. And with that, I bid you adieu. I promise next week’s article will have nothing to do with The Umbrella Academy. Although, its times like these that I’m glad I’m in this business first and foremost to READ the actual story. It sure is nice when something you enjoy, pays off.




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    Sold my UA FCBD for $100. I named my price that it took to peel it away and somebody took me up on it.

    I only had it a week (grabbed out of a box of free comics) but still struggled with whether I should hold or list.

    It was NM+ but likely not 9.8. 9.6 graders were going for $100 at the time .so I’m good with my decision. Easy come, easy go, and $100 more in my pocket.

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      After watching the show and reading the firdt few books I’m hooked. I think people who sold early are missing out. I read the next series already and the potential is really good as the story is great and more characters to be introduced.

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    I sold all my UA cheap.. when It was selling cheap last December……

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    Watch out for new characters from the new series like Saint 14 and the Scientific Man. They seem pretty interesting. You never know what could make it to Netflix.

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    Saint Zero not Saint 14, I’ve been playing too much Destiny 2 lately.

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