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To perform your task as my herald, Norrin Radd, you must become far more than merely a man. I bestow upon you a part of my own Power Cosmic. You shall absorb boundless strength from the cosmos itself. Needing no food to eat. Nor water to drink. Nor air to breathe. You shall be able to transmute the elements. And to heal others as well as yourself. Cosmic bolts of awesome power shall be yours to hurl. And neither the frigid cold of the deepest space or the blazing heat of the brightest star shall harm your shielded body. Most importantly, I shall give you the means to travel faster than the fastest starship. So you may soar to the ends of the universe and beyond. Norrin Radd exists no more. You are newborn my herald. Even your mind is a new page on which I shall write. ARISE!”




Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. I saw my first rattlesnake of the season on a local trail this weekend, letting me know Spring is here in Arizona. Those reptiles are out a bit early in the year, but nevertheless seek food and sun to warm themselves after the “frigid” winter we experienced. I get it, it’s nothing like what most of you endured, but for us it was definitely a change from the norm.

What’s the first thing week think of with most of our superheroes? How cool they are right? Is there anything more cool than the Silver Surfer? The dude just oozes awesome as he travels the galaxies in their infinite darkness. I chose that above picture for a reason, it’s simplicity. Yet we know in an instant who that represents. Thank you Francesco Francavilla for that gorgeous piece of art, the full cover will follow later within this article. Silver Surfer is a iconic piece of comic lore created by the brilliant Jack Kirby.

The quote that started this article speaks to how Norrin Radd became the Silver Surfer. The why involves Galactus sparing his planet, Zenn – La from being being consumed. In return he would travel the cosmos searching for planets for Galactus to devour. After serving this fate for decades, Silver Surfer came upon Earth where he fought the Fantastic Four over the survival of the planet. In addition, he met Alicia Masters, a blind sculptress. With her inner beauty, she was able to stir dormant emotions within the Silver Surfer this helping him turn on Galactus and fight against him for the salvation of mankind. In return, Galactus trapped him on earth with a cosmic energy barrier. Now with a cliff notes version of how all started, let’s look at some key events and covers

Fantastic Four # 48

1st app of Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four # 49

1st Cover app

Fantastic Four # 50

Silver Surfer # 1

Origin Issue

Norrin Radd becomes Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer # 4

Silver Surfer # 10

Rare app on cover disguised as human

Silver Surfer # 11

Silver Surfer # 14

Silver Surfer # 16

Silver Surfer Vol 2 # 1

One Shot

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 1

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 9

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 10

Silver Surfer Annual # 1

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 25

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 28

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 34

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 44

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 50

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 58

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 75

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 100

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 107

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 113

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 120

Silver Surfer Vol 3 # 136

Silver Surfer Vol 4 # 1

Silver Surfer Vol 5 # 1

Silver Surfer Vol 5 # 4

Silver Surfer Vol 5 # 5

Silver Surfer Vol 5 # 11

Surfer Surfer Vol 5 # 12

Silver Surfer: Annihilation # 1

Silver Surfer: Annihilation # 2

Silver Surfer: Annihilation # 3

Silver Surfer: Annihilation # 4

Silver Surfer Vol 6 # 1

Silver Surfer Vol 6 # 1

1:50 Variant

Silver Surfer Vol 6 # 2

1:50 Variant

Silver Surfer Vol 7 # 1

Silver Surfer Vol 7 # 1

1:10 Variant

Silver Surfer Vol 7 # 2

1:25 Variant

Silver Surfer Vol 7 # 3

1:25 Variant

Silver Surfer Vol 7 # 9

1:25 Variant

Silver Surfer Vol 7 # 14

Silver Surfer Vol 7 Annual

Bonus Covers:

Tales to Astonish # 93

Foom # 9

Wizard ½ Silver Surfer

Marvel Fanfare # 51

Incredible Hulk Annual # 7

Marvel Adventures # 16

*Credit to Topher

Guardians of the Galaxy # 24

Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter # 2

Amazing Spider-Man # 430

1st Carnage Cosmic

Amazing Spider-Man # 431

What if ? # 108

What if ? # 22

What if ? # 49

Silver Surfer / Superman # 1

Green Lantern / Silver Surfer

Weapon Zero / Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer GN

Yes the end is here! That’s a hell of a lot of cool covers. Silver Surfer spans decades of cosmic heroics throughout the Marvel Universe. There is something about the vastness of space that has always created curiosity in millions of people. I think many of us envy the ability of Silver Surfer to glide effortlessly across galaxies. Now I am not saying we want to be ruled under Galactus’s thumb, but you get the point. The dude with the silver board is just plain cool as I said at the beginning of this piece. There are many covers out there of his that can be had for cheap. We all know at some point he’s going to make his way into the MCU. It’s a good time to find and stack them now before the craze hits the mainstream market. Thanks as always for reading!

I will send a shout out to the rattlers who are awake now here in the desert on behalf of all CBSI members.

A penny for your thoughts…

Talk soon,


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