CBSI HOT 5 : Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)



1st Appearance Carol Danvers

Where it all began.  While the original Captain Marvel debuted in the previous issue, MSH 13 gives us the first appearance of Carol Danvers who eventually becomes Ms Marvel, Binary, Warhawk and of course Captain Marvel.  For now though, we are introduced to her as the head of security for NASA on Cape Canaveral.


1st Solo Carol Danvers series.

During the height of the female empowerment movement, Ms Marvel debuted in her own solo title in 1977.  This would lead to a mildly successful run that lasted 23 issues, though more importantly this run introduces Mystique (Ms Marvel 16, Ms Marvel 17, Ms Marvel 18).


2nd Appearance of Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers 2nd appearance is Captain Marvel #1.  Due to the success of Marvel Super Heroes #12 and #13, Marvel ordered a Captain Marvel solo series.  This issue finds Mar-Vell protecting the folks on “The Cape” which includes head of security, Carol Danvers.


Carol Danvers gains her powers

Issue 18 of Captain Marvel sees Carol accidentally getting her powers from the outlawed Kree weapon, the Psyche-Magnitron.


1st Appearance Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

A week before the 2012 Captain Marvel series is released we get Avenging Spidey #9 which boasts the first appearance of Carol as Cap Marvel.  The issue otherwise is of no significance though the cover certainly helped this one achieve “Key Issue” status.

Uncanny X-Men #164

1st Appearance Binary

Carol Danvers becomes Binary.  While purely speculation, the future of the cinematic MCU has folks leaving no stone unturned.  That includes a closer look at the possibility that Captain Marvel could cross over into the X-men movies, making this comic an interesting spec play.

FOOM #15

1st Appearance Ms Marvel(Cameo)

Four months before Ms Marvel #1 we have Friends of Ol Marvel giving us the first preview and cover shot of Ms Marvel #1.  With other issues of FOOM doing so well it was only a matter of time before this one caught on.



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    FYI in that “Honorable Mention” category, The Comic Reader #136 with a cover date of October 1976 (pre-dates Ms. Marvel #1’s January 1977 cover date) contains an editorial preview of Ms Marvel’s forthcoming release, FOOM #15 still trumps TCR by a month with it’s September 1976 cover date ‘tho.

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    Great stuff, all must haves!
    There is a free preview summer of Spider-Man that pre dates ASM 9… currently a cheap book to find.

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