The Wednesday One 3/6/19

Welcome to the all new Wednesday One. We would first like to shout out Adam Lebednik for the amazing job he has done writing this column. He has been a Wednesday regular read for so many in the spec game for quite some time. We could not possibly do justice to what he does so instead decided to bring you something different. An ALL NEW Wednesday One. 

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE. The Wednesday One. 

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

This book is written by Paul Sheer who is a comedian and actor (Andre on “The League”) So I’m definitely looking forward to his take on one of Marvel’s current most popular characters, Cosmic Ghost Rider, as he goes back in time to the birth of Fantastic Four and decides to have a little fun with the timeline. Although it’s a limited series, it should be a lot of fun. 

Champions #3?!?! Whaaaat?? I Know in a week where we have some #1’s dropping as well as a few iconic runs it does seem weird I would choose this book. But here is the deal, when spoilers for the last issue his I was intrigued and grabbed issue #2 as well as #1. I’m not much of a monthly floppy reader but what this series is doing with Miles Morales and the complex moral challenges he is facing has me hooked. Issue #2 was great and I have been anticipated the follow up ever since its release.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

Two of my favorite characters in Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. Peter J. Tomasi has done a phenomenal job giving these characters the stories they deserve. In this issue Super Boy and Robin take on Rex Luthor and their plan involves using a Green Lantern ring.

So I must admit the release schedule for these series leaves much to be desired and I have given up more than once, but Geoff Johns is putting together one heck of a mini series. This issue bring us Dr. Manhattan and while there seems to be no hype on the issue, it appears to be what this event has been building toward since Rebirth.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

Really looking forward to reading this. Dungeons and Dragons meets video games in this tale of video game characters brought to life by escaping their video game they were created in to take on a villain which escaped as well. There is also a great retro video game homage variant as well.

Ok I admit, I am fully onboard the Die train now. Brian and Andy from the Indie Spotlight Series gave me fair warning but I slept on this series too long and am paying for it now. Well no more. I will be grabbing #4 on release day and can’t wait to check it out.

​Cover Art

Joe Jusko is no stranger to amazing cover art. He is one of the best and is really in his element with his art on Red Sonja covers. With the recent popularity of Conan in Marvel’s new titles. Is it possible Red Sonja’s star may rise as well?

So this book could fit in multiple categories and I
refuse to pick books and leave this series out! So for the second week in a row I’m choosing some Alex Ross man cave poster worthy cover art with this weeks Immortal Hulk release. Plus this book provides a bonus of a dope story to go with insane cover art. You won’t find that on shelves every Wednesday, so when you do, you gotta grab it.

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

I’m not normally a fan of covers that don’t have anything to do with the story but this Mark Brooks cover is too good to overlook. Especially at regular price.

So Im with you Brian on your pick for sure. I think its awesome cover art by Brooks and even more important to speculators (myself included) it shows Red Goblin may still be viable. But I have to go with the cover B variant for the biggest book Marvel is releasing this week. It was your pick for book you most want to read, well my suggestion, grab the Lim cover showing the Punisher/CGR transition and hedge your bet. It is sold out at large online retailers and could see double digit sales if the series pops. 

*After the writing of this column, news broke of the Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics #1 Poop emoji secret variant. Expect that one to see a pop on eBay. BOLO for the emoji on the map on the cover. 

​Regular Price Variant DC

It’s a slow week for DC variants but I love the 1970’s pulp movie poster style feel to this cover as the issue kicks off the prelude to “The Terminus Agenda”. It also reminds me of bronze age Jim Steranko Nick Fury covers.

Definitely a slower week and the low hanging fruit here is this Harley cover. Derrick Chew is on a role with his popular DC Cover B’s having just killed his Batgirl cover and coming back with this Harley heat. The problem with this book is it was heavily solicited and should be available everywhere. This is more of a buy and hold.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

This issue will have a total of 4 covers (1 reg cvr, 2 reg price variant cvrs, 1 incentive variant cvr) I don’t see a huge print run for this as a peasant orphan and son of a great samurai warrior who hate each other must work together to take on an invading army.

Astro Hustle does have some solid reader buzz going for it but this pick is all about the cover art. Even more specific than this pick being all about the cover art is the fact that its really all about the concept of the art. Any child of the 80’s remembers Wax Pax. Whether it was Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Leaf, Garbage Pail Kids or whatever movie or cartoon property was hot at the time (and many that weren’t) we all busted one of these open at some point or another. Who didn’t risk chipping a tooth on that bubble gum in every pack. So this pick is all about nostalgia, hold the bubble gum.

​Incentive Variant

An all female starring character comic book and J Scott Campbell cover art = Winning! This is one of Campbell’s better covers he’s done recently that is not exclusive to his store. His 1:50 incentive variants direct from Marvel are always hot. There is also a 1:25 and two regular price covers for this issue.

So this week there are 3 great options to choose from looking at 1:50 variants alone. And the truth is, I think you can’t go wrong with Vader, Hot Shots, or my choice Meet the Skrulls #1. Here you have new characters, standout cover art, and a series that won’t be ordered as heavily as the other two in question. This book may be a sleeper but sales are already over ratio for this one. It’s an easy grab if you can find it for ratio or less.

​Top Spec Pick

Darth Vader is back with his own series. Anakin as Darth Vader is always portrayed as a menacing villain harnessing the dark power of the force. Here we see him as the protagonist and knight in shining armor. I love Camuncoli when he lends his talent to Star Wars covers and this is no different. Darth Vader incentives for 1st and last issues of his titles tend to do well. Plus it has the winning crossover appeal combination of comic book fans and Star Wars fans.

Anyone who has followed my content here on or on Simpleman’s Comics Youtube Channel on the Bolo Livestream knows my affinity for IDW incentive variants and particularly GI Joe ones. This book is one of those books where although just a 1:10 incentive, being a one shot yearbook of a series already ordered sparingly by most LCS's makes this one pop on my radar as a book look out for. Joe fans are completionists and there wont be many of these on the market. Sold out at large online retailers, it will be interesting to see how or if this one pops. Either way with a $10 at r too buy in and an low print run, I'm in.

​Sleeper Pick

Skottie Young’s latest title from Image Comics has garnered huge fan recognition. The third print had a print run of around 5K. This will most likely be lower than that. 1st print will always be most sought after but it has different cover art and a low print run for a popular title, all things I like!

So I know I will take heat for this one but I don’t care. I am no brony (is that still a thing?) but I have learned over the years to not judge others fandoms. From kids, to women, to teen girls, to Bronies MLP has a solid following. This issue Mark's the 75th in this popular series. The solicitation teases a possible first appearance of a new villain and the issue is double sized having a $7.99 cover price. I don't expect a lot of shops to order this heavy and it could pop. Maybe not. But that's why it's a sleeper.

Last Week Look Back

Winner: #TeamAdam

That's right! Last week's winner was a write in vote landslide for Adam. But #TeamSimpleman and #TeamBolo each had supporters in their corner. But as Adam’s ghost may have won this battle, lets look at som other winners and losers from last week.

Winners: (In No Order)

  •  Honor and Curse #1 (Simpleman) - Everyone wins with reader picks but this book has also seen spikes to $20-25 on eBay.  Looks like Mad Cave has another hit on it’s hands.
  • Marvel Comics Presents #2 1:50 ( Bolo) -  This Parel Variant sees little demand but does show sales at 50% above ratio.
  • Rose #17 Shultz Variant This Calvin and Hobbs homage shot up to $25.  Its cooled some since but shame on both of us for omitting that one. Mr. Bolo referenced it but did not pull the trigger.  Shout out to those who did!
  • Old Lady Harley #5 - 1st Appearance of Jeriatric Joker plus Joker’s Son???? Yup this book got hot and hot fast.  With no variant this book may have been under ordered. It shot up to prices of $20-25 before cooling to as little as $13-15 as the undercutter wave hit.  Time will tell if this one will remain in demand. The big winner was Dan Piercy of CBSI’s The Reading Pile who championed this book SUPER hard in the comments section.

Losers: (In No Order)

  • Those who trusted the Spawn #294 solicit (Bolo)- Sighhhhh.  It happened again.  Art changed. Solicit was misleading. Issue fell flat.  Ebay presells were optimistic. Current sales are at cover or less.  This book is Mr. Bolo’s Scarlet Letter for week one.
  • Daredevil #2 1:25 Scalera (Simpleman)- Hot artist? Check! Reader buzz? Check! So its hitting above ratio on eBay right? Nope! And not even close.  Sales are hovering around $10 shipped for this 1:25 incentive.
  • Detective Comics #999 (Both)- While neither of us pan this issue, the community did.   And we must admit it was underwhelming. As the only book unanimously picked in our debut column, the bar is set high and this book just did not reach it.  Hopefully #1000 is everything we hope it is.

Jury Is Still Out

  • Naomi #1 2nd. (Bolo) Copies are selling for cover to 2x cover.  Not enough for speculators to make money. But copies are drying up and the 1st print is on fire.  I would bet this ends up in the winners category making it a great sleeper.
  • Age of X Man X Tremists #1 1:50 (Simpleman) - Selling for about ratio, while this isn’t a heavily talked about book, it has sold and isn’t very plentiful.  Time will tell if prices will drop or if a dwindling supply of copies will result in a boost in resale value.
  • Most books released last week- It's hard to call a lot of books losers after just one week. Let us know in the comments what books you think the jury still out on!

A little of a slow week last week but I have a feeling this week will heat things up. Be sure to let us know in the comments your picks and predict who will win out #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo.

Want to see more from CBSI’s NCBD duo? 

Be sure to check out Brian’s Simpleman Weekly Picks Video and Jack's CBSI Bolo List right here on ComicBookInvest.Com

Be sure to also check them out on Simpleman's Comics YouTube Channel Live at 9 PM Est / 6 PM Pst Thursday's for the Weekly Bolo List Livestream with the replay releasing right here on the site on Friday's. 



  • Dan Piercy

    Thanks for the shout out, fellas.

    More in line with Mr. Bolo’s picks this week. #teambolo, 🧐

  • Earlybird

    Feel like I’m coming round to the format, and it’s a good read,, but my pick will be Simpleman’s B Wood this week, nice picks

  • Avatar

    I’m going Bolo because of the Ross Immortal Hulk, Lim Ghost Rider, and of course the Harley B cover. That’s gotta be the One. But no Ziggy Pig? Hmmm…….

    • Avatar

      News dropped after Brian submitted his picks. It would have been unfair for me to pick it so we put the disclaimer in the blue bar above. It’s easy to miss though. Thanks for reading!!!!

  • MikeBernardo1020

    There are some pretty decent sales on Spawn 294 especially the B&W cover.

  • Avatar

    I’ll take it! 🙏 Lord knows I need it with that pick lol.

  • Avatar

    TeamSimpleman edges out TeamBolo 3 to 2 for me this week. Liking the format and really liked the recap. Will miss the #TeamAdam format because it gave an idea of what items were already heating up in pre-sale, but am happy The Wednesday One is sticking around.

    Thanks Gents!

  • accustomfigures

    Man, I tried 2, just not into this format. Seems like it should be a separate thing. Appreciate the effort, though. I know it’s time consuming.

    • Avatar

      You can’t please everyone.

      I think there are a lot of people reading this article primarily for spec and this format isn’t geared toward spec’ing but personally I think this format is alright. I think BOLO list is better for spec than Wednesday One article. I got no complaints about it.

      Keep up the good work.

      • accustomfigures

        That’s kind of my point. It used to be more geared toward spec, now it’s not. Nothing against the article or format, but It’s something completely different than the Wednesday One. Have them both, or not. I’m sure me not reading it doesn’t affect anything.

        • Avatar

          I’m with acustomfigures on this one.

        • Avatar

          I agree that it’s missing the point and the old article is missed- because the site is literally called “comic book invest,” and it’s missing the Wednesday investment list now. While it’s nice to hear the guys’ picks of the week to read, that’s like what they do at the comic store to shift a quality title that will never have spec.

          • Avatar

            The article is the Wednesday One. People buy comics for lots of reasons and for each of those reasons we each identify “the one”. We write for the site. I am the Content Director. We know the audience we are aiming for. We know what we are hoping to achieve. There is tons of spec in each pick as books pop for lots of reasons. Die IS spec BECAUSE people read it. What there isn’t in our column is a regurgitating of Ebay prices. That just isnt us. That info is easily accessible and everywhere. Finally, while we appreciate the feedback. This is week two. We will be back week three with the same format. While we appreciate those who dont like the change, we are made the decision for the whole, for the future. We are 100% committed to our release day program. We will tweak and expand. But we will stay the course. Thanks for reading!

  • Avatar

    I think Ronin Island #1 B variant (black and white) is catching more heat than Anka variant. Already at $10 on eBay.

  • Avatar


  • Avatar

    Mannnnn it’s gonna take me some time to get used to this format ??!!! :/

  • Dan Piercy

    I think this format is fun as hell. Not trying to cheerlead either. I like the follow through on the “there can only be one” theme and I can tell it’s going to be fun to see whose picks align with mine with from week to week.

    Love what Adam did, but bravo on this idea; I think it is a fun spin on the idea.

  • Avatar

    Another thumbs down to the new format.
    You literally have the whole site and a million different ways to post which books you’re most looking forward to reading, which covers you think are cool etc, yet you chose the most popular feature on the site to do that, I wonder how that works… I think there are different motives at work here… I guess too many people were getting the “good info” so it’s time to dial it back to not eveyrone’s “in-the-know”
    But yeah, the previous format was on point with good tips pretty much every week, this new one, not so much.

    • Avatar

      Your free to your feelings on the column, but you assertions and assumptions of motive make me lose respect for your opinion. They could not be more off base.

  • sdalton32

    I dig it the most – Immortal Hulk & Harley have me with team #TeamBolo

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