1 Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1

WRITER: Gerard Way
ARTIST: Gabriel Ba
Wow is this series scorching hot!  FCBD is still selling like hotcakes and now this 1st issue has doubled in price from $50 to $100 since last week.

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2 Old Lady Harley #5

WRITER: Frank Tieri
ARTIST: Inaki Miranda
Our own Dan Piercy has been all over this one.  1st Joker son, and zero variants and the last issue of a mini-series.  A lot going for this one and a hefty $20 price tag days after release.

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3 Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1 Special Edition /1000

WRITER: Gerard Way
ARTIST: Gabriel Ba
Whoa.  Following up with what is going on up at #1, 10 copies of this were given to 100 stores, so finding one of these outside of those areas would be difficult.  Raws are busting $500+ at the moment.

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4 Die #1 ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Stephanie Hans
I finally got to read issue #1 and I must admit, it's pretty good, although it felt like the Jumanji movies a little bit.  We will see how this one plays out, but this ‘Virgin' cover has jumped from less than $10 all the way up to $30-40.

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5 Venom #7 Secret ‘Tongue' Variant

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Iban Coello
More Dylan Brock speculation and this one is seeing the benefits.  Raw copies have jumped from $10 to $25 and 9.8's are up from $45 to $110+.

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Daredevil (Vol. 7) #1 ComicsPro Variant

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Marco Checchetto
Keith mentioned this in his Variant Heat Check and how ComicsPro variants don't normally hold value.  This is a fantastic cover though, so we will see if it can buck the trend.  Currently sits about $40.

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Flash Rebirth #1

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
While Godspeed is revealed in issue #6, his 1st appearance is in this issue.  Raw copies have increased to $10-15 and a 9.8 sold for $85.  Large supply on this one, so it might be best to not get too carried away.

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8 Avengers #684

ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Immortal Hulk, again…the train isn't stopping folks (although it will at some point).  Anyway, NM ungraded copies will now run you $40 and a graded 9.8 sold for $300!

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9 Steven Universe (Vol. 2) #25 Jen Bartel Variant

WRITER: Terry Blas
ARTIST: Gabriele Bagnoli
Jen Bartel is getting some recognition of late and this off-beat title likely had a low print run.  How hard will it be to get a 9.8 on this one?  Either way, this one's $10-15 right now.

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10 Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1 ComicsPro Variant

WRITER: Mike Mignola
ARTIST: Mike Mignola
Another ComicsPro variant that is selling for around $30-35.  Hellboy fans might want this reprint, but what will happen with it then?

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Naomi #1

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Jamal Campbell
MyComicShop must have had a large supply as they had a bunch of sales recently on this book.  Now that all the cheap copies are gone, we are seeing an increase close to the $10 range.

Great Comics #3

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Holy moly, 2?! Copies of this hard to find book sold on Heritage this week.  A CGC 2.5 hit $6600 and a staggering 8.0 amassed $31,000! Both of those sales are about 4x guide.  The cover image is, quite frankly, harrowing.

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  • Avatar

    I wish you’d publish this list before 4pm EST on Friday’s so I could hit my lcs on the drive home…always seeing this after I’m settled in!

    Sold my raw FCBD Umbrella academy for $100 this past week.

    Also Sold a copy of OLH5 for $16, and will likely put my next one up for $30 to see ho long it takes to reach it (I think it will, and soon).

    Going all in on Naomi…grabbed 7 copies at shops this week! Holding onto these for now…

    May have to part with my Venom Tongue variant if it pops…as I have a regular copy too for the PC.

  • Avatar

    People still overlooking the Umbrella Academy convention variants. Those undoubtedly had smaller runs than normal copies.

  • Avatar

    Most Comicspro variants are simply rehashes of other covers. Being a unique cover, the Daredevil should give it an edge over others.

    That being said, Comicspro editions have the advantage of being low print runs. Issues that turn out to be keys are rewarded like any other variant.

  • Avatar

    Too many variants on this list! Has to be the worst list I have ever seen, hope next week is better!

  • Avatar

    Great list as always. I sold the two CGC 9.8 Venom’s at $110 and just sold another one 30 mins ago at $139.00. I also grabbed 7 copies of Venom #7 the Regular cover this week. I’m happy that OLH #5 has no Variants…It’s tough hunting down those Variants. Can wait to see next week’s run!

  • Avatar

    Strange list.
    Avengers #682 is seeing a rise (specifically the 2nd print) as people are slowly realizing that’s the true first appearance and may have been more noteworthy. #684 is only on a gradual incline and might leave people disappointed soon, plus it’s made the list a couple times previously? The current community ‘mistake’ book!
    Flash Rebirth #1, why’s that even on here lol? Better books this week (Honor and Curse)
    Two ComicsPro variants? What is this? lol

    • Avatar

      My understanding is 682 is a cameo, not a full appearance (like 684). Also, hulk appears on the cover of 684.

      That’s why 684 will likely always be the better if the two. It’s hulk 180 vs. 181.

      But it’s worth grabbing 682s if you see them in NM or better shape, for sure.

      • Topher

        First naming of the Hulk as Immortal in 682 ( logo on last page ) and I believe Ewing stated it’s a first but 684 is very important.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, I thought someone posted an exchange with Ewing where he said 684 is the true first? Gary Nusser maybe? Wanna say it was a CBR chat or discussion thread?

        And not that markets can’t change, but for now, 684 is what people are buying up as the 1st. I haven’t been able to keep 684s on eBay long, but have a 682 just sitting around waiting.

      • Avatar


    • Sdalton

      Avengers #684 has to be on this list and it could arguably be in the top three – raws have hit $50 and a 9.8 sale at $300 – perhaps only Umbrella Academy is hotter.

  • Seeking NM Comics

    Nice list as I have few books in this list, but that DD 1 Comicspro variant might a hard 9.8 and cool cover. Even if it doesn’t hold I am sure 200 print run will have collectors wanting this for their PC.

  • accustomfigures

    I can’t afford variants most of the time, but I don’t understand complaining about them being on this list. Why? They’re part of the market which is what this article is about. Just read the books you like and all will be well. If you just want a pat on the back for what’s on your pull list, take a picture and make an Instagram post.

    • Avatar

      I think the point is most variants are not even attainable out of the gate as retailers need to hit incentives, then they price he book at ratio or what he market is. That’s how I look at it; This weeks list is really a top 4 list to me as the variants are already a high by-in and likely never made it to my lcs.

      Also, for every incentive/special variant that makes the list, it’s likely bumping some other hot book from being recognized that may actually be lurking in the long boxes at your lcs.

      Maybe there should be two lists….ratio/incentive variants and open order comics/regukar back issues.

  • Avatar

    I usually don’t bother with variants, especially incentives and store/con variants ect.

    Godspeed is a wicked character anyways, Flash #1 is a good PC pick-up. I believe he’s rumored to appear in the Flash Show, that’s why it’s jumping.

    Die #1 is definitely a sure bet, the series gets better with every issue.

    Honor and Curse #1 got snubbed for sure What a wicked read that is. Mad Cave is killing it.

  • A. J. Diesel

    Man, even I (self proclaimed expert on the Umbrella Academy) didn’t see this coming. I sold 10 copies of the FCBD for $250 last week…jeez, I’m never so off on the market. It’s gotta top out soon, right?

  • Avatar

    naomi is hitting 25-35 raw on ebay, 25k print run. if bendis does what he’s say this book could have major legs

  • Avatar

    I enjoy reading the top 10 and appreciate you taking the time to compile it. Thank you!

  • Avatar

    No love for Deadly Class, a far better show?

    • Avatar

      i agree. i binged watched both shows over the weekend and thought deadly class was much better. But, the sales are not even close between the 2 comics.

  • Juno Beach

    Flash Rebirth #1 has a much better B cover by Jason Pearson that seems to have fewer copies looking at Ebay.

  • Avatar

    Rebirth 1 is also only a cameo for godspeed. His 1st full according to cgc is #3. There’s a good bit less of cvr A, too. I think eventually 3 will be the one to have.

  • Avatar

    Anyone notice Umbrella Academy 1 second print has a print run of 10,804? Also the Dark Horse One for One (sometimes called the 3rd printing) has a print run of a little over 7,000. I expect these to go bananas very soon.

  • Avatar

    What’s hotter, Umbrella Academy FCBD (which is not on list) or Apocalypse Suite # 1? I’m glad I got the FCBD issue without the store stamp on it while I still could.

  • Avatar

    The die 1 virgin variant is now at a buy it now price of 180-400 bucks. Must have been this top 10 jacking up the price. Bought mine in January for 13 bucks. Lol

  • Avatar

    “Immortal Hulk”- so now the “first appearance” of a title is a thing ? Lol

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