The Wednesday One 2/27/19

Welcome to the all new Wednesday One. We would first like to shout out Adam Lebednik for the amazing job he has done writing this column. He has been a Wednesday regular read for so many in the spec game for quite some time. We could not possibly do justice to what he does so instead decided to bring you something different. An ALL NEW Wednesday One. 

Each week we will go head to head picking just ONE book in each category in a battle for NCBD supremacy. Best of all, you get to pick the winner! Sound off in the comments if you’re #TeamSimpleman or #TeamBolo and we will recap each week in the following weeks Column.

So its Brian vs. Jack.

Simpleman vs. Bolo.

And there can be only ONE. The Wednesday One. 

Most Looking Forward to Reading Marvel

First issue was a great jumping on point! It sets up the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen struggling with inner demons of using violence for justice. Chip Zdarsky’s writing is what you have come to expect from him and Marco Chechetto’s interior art brings Chip’s words to life in the way Hell’s Kitchen is meant to be visualized.

I grew up disinterested in Conan but reviews of the new series’ convinced me to give both a try. And now……..I’m hooked!

​Most Looking Forward to Reading DC

The mastermind behind who is trying to unmake Batman is revealed. Also last issue leading up to the heavily solicited issue #1000.

With a light week from DC and this event looming so large, there was only one pick here.

​Most Looking Forward to Reading Indie

Honor and Curse #1

(Mad Cave Studios)

I’ve actually read an advance copy of this issue and can’t say enough good things about it. The story’s genesis has a Bruce Wayne resemblance but quickly shifts to a tale of honor among Shinobi Japanese culture. Mark London, the writer of Knight’s of the Golden Son, strikes pen to paper on this exciting first issue and does not disappoint!

Sweetie #1

(Action Lab)

On a week where not much speaks to me outside of curiosity over Mark London’s newest book, I find I'm a sucker for these female empowerment stories. I'm a father of two daughters and a book where an ordinary fangirl studies the ways of superheroes until eventually becoming one sounds like a trope I can get behind as well as one that sounds adaptable.

​Cover Art

Usually we see Alex Ross do this big epics for covers, here we get a more understated Ben Oliver-esque portrait shot. No surprise, he kills it. 

​Regular Price Variant Marvel

Looks like a classic metal album cover. Like the band “The Darkness” would use. “Do You Believe in a Thing Called Love” was rock masterpiece by the way lol!

Ok admittedly Brian, I'm cheating here a little. But you didn't say I couldn't do it so meh grey area In going with it! Look, we are two issues in and it may be entirely too early to tell if we are on another Cates epic but you won't catch me slipping. It's my belief Cates’ Thanos, Venom, and Guardians runs will be back issue gold. I'm grabbing these now and sticking them in a box.

​Regular Price Variant DC

I’m a huge Jeff Dekal fan boy so I’m definitely picking this up!

See, neither of us went with the obvious with Batgirl and Wonder Woman dropping today. Instead, I've been bullish on this run the whole time. You have a low print run, hot cover artist and a character with limited variant exposure on the market. I've been picking these up as long term plays.

​Regular Price Variant Indie

Null Faeries #2 (Danger Zone)

The Sorah Sung cover B. I’m a sucker for yellow covers. Looks like it should be a Zenescope cover wink wink.

So, this may be the toughest category of the week! I mean, Rose has some great covers (Calvin and Hobbs Homage!), Mattina did his Mattina thing on Spawn, and I was really tempted to go with the Fight Club 3 Romance homage cover but would lose all street cred if I picked that one! But this week I'm going Ice Cream Man. Horror is hot right now and this has an IT / The Rejected vibe to it.

​Incentive Variant

Psylocke is one of my favorite characters, again yellow cover (and pink) and not sure if many shops will order 50 copies of a comic that is part of a 6 issue mini series.

I don’t know a ton of stores ordering 50 copies of Marvel Comics Presents plus Parel is in that class of B artists waiting to break out. Already sold out at online retailers, this book has a flippable buzz to it. EBay prices sit around $80 so a good one to look at if you can get it at or below ratio.

​Top Spec Pick

Scalera covers have been hot lately. Popular cover artist with a great story from Chip Zdarsky. And let’s face it, the cover looks amazing! Daredevil gets framed for murder.

I could have put this book in several categories (cover art, Indy reading, regular variant) as it seemingly checks all boxes. This book features 3 covers by Hot 10 regular Francesco Mattina including a virgin B variant with different art and a B & W cover C variant. The book also features the first appearance of a new Violator, Spawn’s main nemesis. I dig cover A more than cover B but ultimately think both will be hot and sets of 3 will draw a premium. Selling out at large retailers already and with Spawn not being heavily ordered by many LCS across the country, securing multiple copies may not be an easy task. BOLO!

​Sleeper Pick

This B cover from Toni Infante is my sleeper pick of the week and the cover art is amazing!

This week saw lots of mainstream media news on Naomi’s creation as Bendis prepared for Oscar season. The comparisons to Miles Morales have been rolling in and it looks like DC comics has big plans for her. While I wish they would switch the cover art as Marvel does, now is the time to grab these 1st appearances especially if you slept on the first print. Don't hit the snooze alarm a second time!

Want to see more from CBSI’s NCBD duo? 

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Be sure to also check them out on Simpleman's Comics YouTube Channel Live at 9 PM Est / 6 PM Pst Thursday's for the Weekly Bolo List Livestream with the replay releasing right here on the site on Friday's. 



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    This was a really great article. Thanks guys. I have to admit when I realised it has changed I was a bit apprehensive but I really enjoyed it. Great structure and advice. Looking forward to seeing this every week

    • Avatar

      Trust me we were apprehensive doing it! But we couldn’t see doing it any other way. Thanks foe your feedback! We really hope to build on the article week to week.

  • Avatar

    Congrats on the new format guys!
    And all the Best to Adam Lebednik on his new journey!

    Love how you guys are going head to head on this article. We get two distinct perspectives and reasoning why for each selection. It’s great, but how do we vote?

    Do we list each category and state Team Bolo or Team Simple man?
    Are you guys gonna implement a poll option for each category in the article?
    Whatever way you guys choose, it make great NCBD Recap material to talk about the results!

    Congrats again on the new format Brian & Jack. Looking forward to seeing more from the ALL NEW Wednesday One!!!

  • Dan Piercy

    I don’t see Old Lady Harley anywhere on this list, sadness. 🙂

    Very cool, guys. Daredevil and Conan are must reads for me this week.

  • Avatar

    Honor and Curse is a pump n dump all the way. Savage Sword of Conan has a first appearance. Spawn does not have a new violater. I have read it and it is absolutely not a new violater.

  • Avatar

    I found myself agreeing with Brian more often than not. 👌 I’m stoked to read both Honor and Curse #1 as well as Daredevil #2.

  • Mike Morello

    Well done guys! This is a fun format. I’ve got team BOLO eeking out the win, but just barely. I’m psyched about both of your reads (DD and Conan) and really love the Martian Manhunter cover and the Scalera DD (even though I won’t be able to find that one). BOLO had me at the Naomi pick… I think she explodes, soon.

  • Avatar

    I still like this article but I do prefer the old format.

    • Avatar

      Thanks for giving us a shot

    • Avatar

      I like the Wednesday warrior competition between two view points… but the graphical formatting needs some work. I’m sure this looks great on mobile, but as a PC user, it needs some optimization. In the space where you cover two books, the old format covered four, and showed the covers better. Also you can save space by not including logos in each competitive bracket. You covered that in the opening, no need to repeat yourself every battle.

      Aside from the optimization, if one person has a lot to say about a cover, and the other doesn’t, it throws things out of balance. It might help to try to limit each view point to a certain length. Also you may need to prepare for the light week, where the same book is going to win every competition, because it’s the only thing with heat that weak.

      And I miss the look back to last week, maybe add in a Best Book from Last Week kind of thing.

      I think with some improvement, this kind of post will do well on the site, but forgive me if I miss the old format’s way of covering a release date.

      • Avatar

        As we stated in our intro…..the look back will be coming. Just needed a week under our belts to look back on. Covering less books was a goal with the change. A consistant negative feedback is that we cover to many and dont make choices. So that’s what we gave you here. I hope you will keep reading in coming weeks as the column develops. Either way we appreciate your time and reading. Thanks! #cbsination #WeOwnWednesdays

  • Dale Valiant horton

    I hate to embrace change, but this is awesome. You guys have been killing it on the stream and this is a great follow up to adams work #teambolo today only very slightly. Your still the man brian! It was close.

  • Avatar

    The Black Hammer variant today was awesome!!!! Didn’t know this was coming out. Pleasant surprise.

  • Earlybird

    Not for me…. sorry guys, I love your work on CBSI but preferred the old format, it gave us a list with numerous titles within category’s, this is just your personal choices, up against each other.. too many titles will be overlooked and missed, I know you’ll say I should do my own homework, and I do, but TWO was the final part in my jigsaw. Adams article was impartial, this I’m afraid is not, not saying it’s a bad article, just hat it’s not what I’m looking for in my homework process, a lot here seem to like it.
    Still keep up your good work on CBSI, I still love other stuff you guys do 😎

    • Avatar

      Yeah, same for me. I like this site very much, but I do prefer the old format as well.

      • Foxom

        Same here. If Adam stepped down then I guess this isn’t too bad, but if he didn’t and someone thought this would be better personally I think it’s a big mistake. This format has a strong chance to leave good books uncovered during strong weeks. Just my opinion

    • Avatar

      I kind of agree. I mean really, Naomi 2nd printing?? Even if the first print blows up inexplicably, the 2nd print with same cover will never be anything other than birdcage lining.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I prefer old format much better. Adam went through a lot of books and I too feel that many titles will be overlooked in this format. I’ll keep reading because I really like the stuff on CBSI, but if I had to choose, I prefer the old format.

    • Avatar

      I’m open to embracing change, but this format doesn’t work for me at all. I really appreciated the way Adam’s column laid out what’s hot to flip vs. good reads vs. stuff to keep our eyes on. I also appreciated the look back to see how his predictions were. I will probably stop reading this column – shame, too. I looked forward to reading Adam’s column every Tuesday night / Wednesday morning 🙁

    • Avatar

      I feel the same, the old format helped me prepare what to look for. I think this is fine as a supplementary column, but as the site is “comic Book Speculation and Investing” that is what I am looking for here….

  • Avatar

    This new format is cool, but is there a way to adjust for mobile? It currently shows up as one long list, once comic at a time.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Avatar

    Nice write up. I’m all for trying new stuff, but I feel like this should be a separate thing in some form; not into the contest aspect of this. I like the old format because of how informative it was and prepped me for my Wednesday LCS pics. I feel like a lot of books could be missed out on that down the road could be highlighted here like they have been in the past. At least that’s why I read the original article. My worthless 2 cents.

  • Adam Lebednik

    Awesome write up. TY guys again for doing it. Like the new style!

  • Dell18

    I read like 4-5 Spec reports every week. Adam was (Is?) the best in the game and hit on more than anybody else. I think the new format is probably the best way to go. Especially if you guys are the competitive type. I always try to take a quick check on eBay of the listed and sold prices before I head out the door on Wed morning anyway. The new format gives me more to check on but possibly a better chance to hit. I know the research can be exhaustive and I wish you both, the best of luck! Already looking forward to next week.

  • Eman

    For the most part I like it.,.I know it would be more work on your end but it would be cool if both of you guys did your normal column and this vs column as well.
    Just a thought. Because as much as I like this column a lot more books could have been covered.
    Or maybe the solution is to add more books!?! Example Top 3 Indi books, Top 3 Variant covers, etc.

  • Avatar

    Old Lady Harley 5 is definitely the one this week. Sold out everywhere… Two guys were fighting over it at my LCS…

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