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WalkerDateLog Entry number 3230039q…7!

We’re cruising around the sun at speeds of thousands of miles per hour in the milky way candy wrapper star system and…

Wait a minute. No we’re not. The earth is flat and at the center of… everything! Ha!

Had to split-finger throw a Q in the entry number as a shout out to Q Conflict, which is shockingly still doing really well!

Hope you had a great weekend. And a couple sips of coffee, at least! Now, to inundate you with a whole bunch of cool comics… here we go!

Comic Heroes, King Size!



Heroes Convention!

Stumbled across this and thought it was likely rare. Not to mention the cover art is from Black Widow #6 1:15 Variant from 2010. Or, is it the other way around?

Wha-wha-wha…t, you say? Yes, indeed! Right smack on the cover we have the month and year, June, 2010. When you look up Black Widow #6 from 2010, it states November of 2010.

Kind of an ‘ah-ha!’ moment for me.


Giant Size Annual #1 1968. It’s on the rise. Not sure if it’s just because it’s a #1 and from the 60’s, or something else.

Some cool battles in it. Hulk fights Lockjaw and then Black Bolt.

Looks like there are first appearances of 6 inhumans? Aiero, Falcona, Leonus, Nebulo, Stallior, and Timberius. Together, they attempt to overthrow Black Bolt. I think they have other comic book appearances but not many. Can you picture them being heroes, potentially, or antiheroes in future stories?



Here’s what looks like another first appearance. An inhuman scientist from long ago who created an energy, aka, ancient power source that killed millions.






X-23! I thought and still think this sketch is undervalued. Issue #2, 2005.

Crow! Hastings books are sought after? Still hard to believe that. But when a store closes and books suddenly disappear, that’s what happens. So many great selling Hastings, yes, Hastings Exclusives.


This is the Summer Special Edition from Toronto Comic Expo 2004.

Gundam Style!

Mobile Suit #1 0079 from 1999. For whatever reason, it’s not an easy issue to find.

Yo Joe! La Muerte style! I’m not one to gamble on new ‘out this week’ stuff, but last week (or was it the week before?) I was feeling it along with a few covers. Not covers. Should say “others”. Covers, or others. Covers actually works there! Ha! How about, “other covers.” Even better! Sigh. Decisions, decisions. Can I blame this on auto-incorrect?

“Need more… Incentive!”



Marvel Tales Black Widow and Avengers Hughes.

I was feeling both these covers. Why? Black Widow movie hype train is a’rolling. Anything high ratio with her on the cover sells well. Similarly, almost everything that is a high ratio with a female on the cover drawn by Adam Hughes sells well or at least has been holding value. He has such a large following it’s hard to ever pass up his limited books.

The Ame-Comi Girls Vol 2 #1 is a 1:25. It’s kinda hard to tell the difference from the regular cover at first glance. But I just focus on the sword. If you see the entire sword across the book, it’s the regular cover. It use to be around here and there but not much at all now.

Who is the female Brainiac character?

She is Indigo, aka Brainiac-8, who first appeared in Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1, 2003.



Also, who are the characters in the back from the John Constantine preview?



-Sargon the Sorcerer – Debuted in All American Comics #26, 1941

-Zatara – Debuted in Action Comics #1… Volume #1!

-Mister E – Debuted in Secrets of Haunted House #31

-Dr. Occult – Debuted in New Fun Comics #6, 1935


And, who is this?



Sargon the Sorceress – I believe her first appearance is in this book. I see she debuts in Constantine #1, 2013, which came out the same month as this book so I’m not 100% sure which came out first vs. which was intended to come out first. I’m also not certain if this preview was in other books that came out the same month.

Did you know?

Black Kryptonite is in this issue!

What is Black Kryptonite?

It is made by heating Green Kryptonite to extreme temperatures and has the power to split Kryptonians into 2 different beings; one good and one evil.

The concept first appeared in a Smallville TV episode and later debuted in the 2005 comic book Supergirl #2.

Garbage Pail Kids comics? You betcha! This one’s an RI. Scarcity is probably the main reason if not the only reason I grabbed it. About 1,000 copies?

What the Hulu?



Ok, so why does Tigra look amused that Hit Monkey is in B&W and is pointing a gun at her? Deadpool got the first shot(s) off at the poor little monkey. Spiderman doesn’t want anything to do with this mess. He’s outta there! He’s out so fast I’m seeing double! Low blow kicking Deadpool on his way out! Or, is he protecting the Monkey? The plot thickens! Star Trek people are like, what’s going on? Who’s shooting at who over there? What do we do?? And, Q? Q’s like, insignificant little Marvelings.

What the Hulu happened a few weeks back!?! Howard the Duck, MODOK, Tigra and Hit Monkey getting animated, in an Undefender like manner? I love it! If you jumped on their books early, congrats! Some are doing very well in the aftermarket since the news, while others haven’t quite taken off yet. Pretty sure they are just refueling. Then, they’ll be ready for liftoff!

I’ve heard about the X-Men Annual 14/X-Men 266 paradox with Hit Monkey #1/Deadpool #19. One was supposed to come out first, but, even though they hit shelves the same month, one made it out a week early, or a week late. Something like that. One thing I can say is that the panel below is the only appearance of Hit Monkey in this book’s story. This book=Deadpool #19.



There’s also this page telling us Hit Monkey #1 is out now as well. Hmm. In any case, they’re both great books to have! Here’s to Hit Monkey trying to be like Rocket! Can you imagine? A big screen team-up movie with Hit Monkey and Rocket Raccoon? I think we’d half to throw Groot in there! Who else?



Let’s go back!



Back to the Future, that is. And back to the early 1990’s!

These are two series from Harvey.

They published a 3-issue mini-series in 1991 and a 4-issue mini-series the very next year. There’s also a special, I believe, which I’m just now remembering I totally forgot about. Did I really just type, “Totally?” Ha! Totally radical, Bill and Ted!

Who is/was Harvey?

Harvey Comics was founded in 1941 in NYC by Alfred Harvey after he acquired Speed Comics. Long story short, they stopped making comics in 1994, so their limited series from the early 90’s were also limited in their printing numbers, especially the final issues for the majority of them which may be silly rare compared to other books of that time.

Picked up a Sonic the Hedgehog #1 from Archie 1993. Speaking of Sonic, the movie is slated to hit theatres this year, with trailers already out.

Off the grid, oddball-itis!



Samurai Santa!

As in, Solson Christmas Special. First published Jim Lee work, I hear. I got a kick out of this from the inside cover…



X-Men 134!

In here we have the first appearance of Jean Grey Dark Phoenix!



X-Men… Stridex?

Randomly discovered this. Or maybe it was a rediscovery. So many books out there with so many cool backstories! Who can remember them all? I can remember to forget! Er, forget to remember?

Either way, here we have X-Men Stridex Special #1 from 1993.

Who is John Dee? I had difficulty finding any info about him outside of this book.



Hey, I know, “that guy” As in, Comic Book Guy! Had a little bit of trouble tracking this one down. Love the FF1 homage and love how it’s not plentiful.

Lots of cool stuff inside too! Like Spawn’s cape and R2D2! How much would those original movie props actually sell for? Big, unbelievable amounts of money I’m sure!



Lots of cool, hilarious cover swipes inside, too, including this one…




No, wait, it’s the Toxic Avenger? Yes!

DC Current Directs #58, 1993. First appearance of Bane! Or, a tie, at least? Looks like it debuted the same month as Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1. Here’s the Bane shot…


Never Forget!


About 2012 Image!

Thief of Thieves was first planned to debut on AMC. Now it's slated for Amazon. Kirkman is THEE man! We know he’s staying super busy with a bunch of projects in the works. But people are losing sight of this book. #1 first prints raw NM are at times of late selling very close to single digits. Remember when they were closing in on $100 raw a few years back? If comics are waves, this is certainly low tide!

Another one – Think Tank! There’s a preview of the series in this Top Cow Productions Bible book. Thought the series debuted in 2012, this book is from 2010! The property was optioned as well. I've been following options fairly closely the past several years. Though many options do not pan out for various reasons, many of them are optioned again years later by other companies. And the cycle continues!

Here’s a pic of the Think Tank preview…



Whelp, I’ll end here, capping off another buying spree week. My, how fast they are going by! Good luck on your hunting this week!


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