First You May Have Missed: Fuerza

It's no secret that i am a fan of the flash and his rogue gallery. Some of my favorite D.C. character's are from flash books so whenever someone new shows up i am all in. Todays First You May Have Missed is about Fuerza.


Fuerza is a new ally of the flash whose first cameo is in Flash #59. She is a native to Corto Maltese and control's the strength force. If you have not been paying attention to the flash lately Barry has recently discovered that the speed force is only one of many forces that exist. The strength force grants its users strength, invulnerability, control of gravity and the earth itself. Fuerza whose real name is Alexa Antigone uses the strength force to protect the citizen's of her hometown from a corrupt police force. Flash and Iris travel to meet her in order to better understand the strength force and in true comic book fashion they fight and quickly make friends.

Fuerza may not in concept be the most original idea she is a bit of fresh air for flash and being one of the first strength force hero's she may stick around for a bit. This is certainly a pick up and stick in a box situation but i for one have speculated on far worst and more forced characters (I'm never letting it go, I knew mosaic was a bad idea but I did it anyway).


Flash #59 first Fuerza cameo. 42k print run. 2 covers with the cover B by Karl Kerschl standing out being colorless. Fuerza appears at the very end and i would pick up both covers just to cover my bases but don't go over cover as these are readily available all over.


Flash #60 1st full appearance of Fuerza 42k print run. This book contains Alexa Antigone first appearance and origin which makes this one the book to have. They Derrick Chew b cover is nice but the A cover has Fuerza. Typical flash print size not high not low for this book, grab them at cover and stash them if you're looking for some cheap long-term spec.

Thanks for reading see you next week and as always “its better to have first and flipped then to never have first at all”—- Valiant Horton


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