1 Umbrella Academy FCBD

WRITER: Gerard Way
ARTIST: Gabriel Ba
Who would have ever thought that a FCBD book would end up at the top of the list.  Doesn't it seem reasonable that a store still has a bunch of these in a warehouse somewhere?  Anyway, people seem to like the show and this 1st appearance is now fetching $50-60 when 10 days ago it was $15-20.

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2 Hit Monkey #1 2nd Print

WRITER: Daniel Way
ARTIST: Dalibor Talajic
The 1st print is holding its own at around $40-50, but this harder to find 2nd print has skyrocketed to over $100.  What a weird collecting reality we live in right now.

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3 Marvel Tales Featuring: Black Widow #1 Jen Bartel 1:50 ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
This one was on the Honorable Mentions last week with a couple sales in the $80 range.  There now have been multiple sales at $225 and only 3 are even listed.  I will agree with the rarity factor, but is that all that is pushing this book to these heights?

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4 Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 6) #2 Matteo Scalera 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
I have no teeth in this game and don't have an opinion on whether this is the Dark Guardians' first appearance or not, but do any of these ‘team' 1st's ever amount to anything unless they are an iconic team (Avengers, Teen Titans, etc.)?  Anyway, $40-50 with a lot of sales having occurred.

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5 Vampirella: Valentine's Day Special Shannon Maer Variant /500

WRITER: Leah Williams & Micheal Golden
ARTIST: Maria Sanapo
I hope that this artist is awarded with some additional work after the success of this issue, he does stunning work.  I missed ordering on the $20 buy in as I'm sure that a lot of people did with a print run of only 500.  They are now in hand and selling for $55+.

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6 Rai #0

WRITER: Bob Layton
ARTIST: David Lapham
2nd week in a row on the list for Rai #0, with 9.8's now selling for $275/500 for the matte/glossy versions.  With set photos of Vin Diesel coming out, we will just have to sit back and see how this all plays out for this long-awaited Valiant movie.

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7 Old Guard #1 Gold Foil 1/store Variant

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Leandro Fernandez
News broke yesterday of an Old Guard Netflix film with Charlize Theron attached.  Immediately, all the $10 copies of this book were gone and then all the $30 copies were gone too.  The regular cover has jumped to over $10 as well

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8 Avengers #684

ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Is there really anything else to say about Immortal Hulk other than just get out and read it?  While I'm still not sold on this as a 1st appearance (he is still just the Hulk), other people think it is and as such, the price has jumped from $10-15 up to $25-30.

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9 Immortal Hulk #3

WRITER: Al Ewing
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
What was I saying about this Immortal Hulk storyline??  Yet another incredible Ross cover, this one has doubled in price this week from $10 to $20.

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10 Venom (Vol. 4) #9 Animation 1:10 Variant

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Ryan Stegman
While the market is still trying to come to a consensus on the 1st appearance of Dylan Brock, this book is right in the middle of it.  Up to $25 from $10, it does have an advantage of having the well-liked Spider-Man Noir on the cover.

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A1: The Weirding Willows #1

WRITER: David Elliott
ARTIST: Sam Basri
For the longest time, this book was not  available anywhere.  A couple have finally popped up and raws are well over $100 and a CGC 9.4 sold this week for almost $200 shipped.  I have made it well known that this is one of my favorite Artgerm covers and am glad that others seem to like it as well.

Mister Mystery #12

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Hy Fleishman, Bernard Baily (cover)
Classic cover that has an OSPG value at around $700 in 3.5 grade.  The most recent 3.5 sale was in 2016 for $917.  A CGC 3.5 sold this week for $2600.

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