The Wednesday One 02/20/19


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 02/20/19

This is a big week with some good hunting to be had. Tons of reads.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #2 Cover B Incentive Matteo Scalera Variant Cover 1:25

A lot of buzz around this one, but a lot of Donny books have buzz by default. Grabbing a solid $45 so far. I think it drops a bit. There are a lot listed and I think there will be an undercut. Well under ratio should be a good grab even if there is nothing key or hasn't been made key by retcon.


Return Of Wolverine #5 Cover C Incentive Adi Granov Variant Cover 1:25

I'm not sure which way this one will go with the store variant. Either way I do want one for my PC. It is one of the better Granov covers in a while. I think it floods and stays below ratio. Sales $11-25 with $20 bins listed. I think it will $15-20 with a good amount of traffic. The trade dress works with the cover imo.

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #5 Cover B Incentive Scott Forbes Variant Cover 1:25

These are hit or miss. I think this one does around ratio. Auction at $31 and $60 bin avail. It is an okay cover imo.


Avengers Vol 7 #15 Cover B Variant Gerald Parel Captain Marvel Cover

$20 sales, but $10 bins. This is a classic cover. I can see this be $10 for a long time, great cover. Early reactions to the movie seem pretty solid so far. Ben Mendelsohn (Talos) is a standout apparently and a few mentions for the cat Goose.




Hulkverines #1 Cover C Incentive Cory Smith Variant Cover 1:25

I just don't know about this. Shark jump? Going for about ratio so far. I might grab for half ratio. I might keep it too. Maybe there is something to save it.

Cool Covers

Nightwing Vol 4 #57 Cover B Variant Jeff Dekal Cover

This cover is growing on me every time I see it. I hope I can find a clean one.

High Level #1 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina

A few sales over cover but most right at cover. Probably sit a few over. PC cover for me. I love the colors, this cover is amazing.

Love Romances One Shot Cover B Variant Russell Dauterman Young Guns Cover

This is a great classic cover. I probably won't grab one, but I like it.

Return Of Wolverine #5 Cover B Variant Adam Kubert Cover

Great cover and another tough dark cover.

Bloodborne #9 Cover C Variant Game Art Cover

I don't know much about this book other than it is a game and this cover is amazing. I think some of these game books are overlooked. One of the comments in Andy's article spoke very highly of the series.

Wolverine Infinity Watch #1 Cover B Variant Jee Hyung Lee Skrulls Cover

I do like some Hyung Lee covers and I shouldn't like this one but I do. All the covers for this book have something to them. The ratio book isn't bad.

Black Order #4 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Cover

JTC killed it. This cover is definitely going into the PC collection. 3rd black cool cover this week. Really hope they are all clean.

Teen Titans Vol 6 #27 Cover B Variant Alex Garner Cover

I grabbed all the others but I might skip this one. Still I do like a complete set.




Black Widow Vol 7 #2

Now I'm not saying to grab this cover. I'm just saying I like a busty broad with a mini-gun on a cover. Seriously though this cover rips.

Read it

Batman Vol 3 #65 Cover B Variant Jeffrey Alan Love Cover

Pull book. Mostly good, seems to be on a run.

Catwoman Vol 5 #8 Cover A Regular Joelle Jones Cover

I've actually liked this book for the read as well as all the amazing B covers. Jones's covers have been really good, but usually play 2nd fiddle. The B Daniel cover is nice also.

Bitter Root #4 Cover C Variant Kevin Nowlan Cover

This book is a really good read. Has a great feel and style.

Evolution #14

I still read and enjoy it. Good art.

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 Cover D Variant Matteo Scalera Cover

I think this is a mini. Millar books are a crap shoot. Usually hyped and well printed. Folks seem to like this cover. I might grab one to read.

Monstress #20

More people should be reading this. Glad it is back.

Venom Vol 4 #11 Cover C Variant Dave Gibbons Cover

What? Another hyped Cates book? No way. I have this on my pull and I dig this watchman homage.

Hot Lunch Special #5

Another great read. Too many good ones this week.

Monstrous #4

I think this is the last one.

Knights Of The Golden Sun #4

I have the 1st 3 issues and hope to grab this one. I really like the art style of these Mad Cave books.

Stronghold Vol 2 #1 Cover B Incentive Tyler Walpole Variant Cover 1:10

I like this cover and I usually try new Aftershock books. I don't know anything about vol#1. I like this cover, but most of these A.S. titles dont heat up. Curious how it reads so I'll flip thru it.

Wulfborne #1

I try new Scout titles. “combination of Hellboy and Adventure Time” . Meh, but I'll check it out.




Black Badge #7

This book is so good get on it! I think it has a long term chance for #1 to heat up as I see it start to sell out at online shops. But Boom! titles have the worst track record.


  • Die #1 Cover D 3rd Ptg Variant Stephanie Hans Cover – Die is getting warm. Great read.
  • True Believers Captain Marvel Binary #1 – $1
  • True Believers Captain Marvel Earths Mightiest Hero #1 – $1
  • True Believers Captain Marvel Kree Skrull War #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Avengers No Road Home #1 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Variant Cover 1:25 Brooks – Going for $10-12 they should be really plentiful. I'll grab a PC if I find it under $10. Going for right over cover. ouch. 

Avengers No Road Home #1 Cover F Incentive Adam Hughes Variant Cover 1:50 – `Not my favorite Hughes cover. It is good not great. Dark cover might make it hard to find clean, but print run will be solid. Selling for about ratio. I'd grab for half ratio as I think it drops to $35-45. Which is still solid. If I get one it will probably go into my PC though. Killing it at $70-80 with $200 9.8 fast track. 

Dead Man Logan #4 Cover B Incentive Gerardo Zaffino Variant Cover 1:25 – From $17-75 but mostly $50. I have been grabbing Zaffino covers lately and wish I could grab this one for under ratio for PC. I think there will be a good amount listed because it has been hot for days, but it will stay $40-50 which is great. There is a good chance I'm low on this one though as auctions with 12hrs left are nearing $70. Guessing 35k/25=1400 ballpark. The black cover might make clean ones a challenge. $60-70 and on fire!! 

Marvel Tales Black Widow #1 Cover B Incentive Jen Bartel Virgin Cover 1:50 – 3 listed and I can't find any sales. $8 cover this is probably scarce. It is a really good cover, but I don't think it can hang. I think it ends up around ratio and not much action. 3 sold with 3 listed. Seems to be $150-200+

Savage Sword Of Conan #1 Cover E Incentive Rahzzah Color Variant Cover 1:25 – It seems like no one cares about this cover. I really like it. Already a flood and cheap. I can't find any sold recently. last was 2-3 days ago. Grab for under $10 for PC and even then Right over cover- 2x cover. 

Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet #4 Cover B Incentive Caspar Wijngaard Variant Cover 1:25 – I have no idea on these. Last was a few days ago for $30. I only see 3 sold and 1 current auction. Little supply but little demand I think. I'd take a chance for half ratio or less. $20ish not many moving 

Exciting Comics Vol 2 #1 Cover E Variant Speedway Cover – I don't get it. This is a $20 book apparently and it is selling for that with a few listed for more. Something about different covers have different retail price. Pass for me.  $33 most recent. 3 sold <- this was an edit. I searched it wrong. 

Captain Marvel Vol 9 #2 Cover D Incentive Chris Bachalo Variant Cover 1:50 –  almost forgot about this cover. One sold for $65 and bin is $60. I don't see it. Cover is okay.  If I find it under $20 I'll try to flip it. I think it goes down under ratio. But, I don't care. Bins at $70, but sales at $80-100. 


Wrap Up



Another big week that will destroy my wallet. I was trying to avoid tec1k variants, but that didn't go so well. I need to get to listing and it looks like the Capt Marvel should do well, plus people will be getting returns soon. Sorry I was late getting this done. Let me know if I missed anything and thanks.




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  • Beezle

    The Dooney variant cover for Zodiac #1 (Zenescope) — Now, that’s hot!

  • Matthew King

    I don’t know how I feel about the Hulkverines #1 Cover C Incentive ( Because I just cannot Buy into that Mesh Mash Character ) But I’m loving everything else as Usual ADAM. *BEEZLE* I’m witcha on the Zodiac #1 (Zenescope) !
    Got some last night…

  • Avatar

    I feel like that Granov cover is an unacknowledged swipe of something from the leather jacket era, maybe Ian Churchill?

    I really like the Solo cover (if Emilia Clarke ever did a con, I could see getting that signed and slabbed) and the Love And Romance one.

  • octoberland

    Firstly, let me open with I really appreciate your work and effort on this column. I look at it nearly weekely and appreciate the information I take from it. But I am not tracking with what is so tough about Exciting Comics?

    The prices seem to be set according to the ratio-ish of the variant. Many ratio covers from other companies sell for more than cover but no one complains that the cover says $3.99 (or whatever) and they pay $30+. This column is littered with examples. AP just set the cover price to the ratio levels from the jump. The whole print run is (reportedly) under 7K. The variant you are specifically talking about has a 300 print run (again reportedly). That puts it right around a 1:25 ratio, right on target with the price and a crazy low numbers on the variants and total copies.

    Comparatively, some of those Valiant covers sell for way more than this at comparable print size but are seen as “ghosts” and scarce. Plus they come from a larger overall print run for the title. Even just small press / low print run books are enough to make people pay up in the after market due to low numbers. All those are a niche market as well, but folks in said market get quite excited for them and happily pay much more.

    I get it if you do not like the idea / art / whatever for Exciting Comics because the is a matter of personal taste, but I am not seeing why the price is such a no-go for you? Can you please explain?

    • Adam Lebednik

      Having msrp for a ratio variant is unusual, but interesting. I rarely pay anywhere near ratio for any book but they are over cover and also most of the time I don’t recommend paying anywhere near ratio. I do like the idea of a set and reported print run of varying sizes, that is a big step in the right direction. But I don’t see that title having any lasting demand and therefore falling well below that msrp. If I had seen the $20 variant for half that i might have grabbed it. This pub is trying to manufacture price and demand. AP is the hot pub right now, but they are just the flavor of the week. One of the problems with very low print run books is that many folks don’t ever hear about them so the demand is very limited also. I’d rather grab a popular book with some draw that has 10x the print run if the demand is 100x. The cover is meh so there is no draw there either. There was a Grumble Frison variant recently with a tiny print run. Frison has a solid following but most folks didn’t hear about it so it is easy to get and only goes for a few dollars over cover. Small run, but small demand. Id rather grab the wolverine 1:25 cover vs the exciting $20. The wolverine is probably 2k run give or take but has demand as the cover and character are cool.

      I checked the Exciting #1 speedway and realized I missed a few sales. I will correct that. I must have searched wrong before and only saw the 3x $25 sales and 1 other. The have been a few more for more. Most recently $33 shipped. Only 3 copies have sold since last wed and there are 13 listed. There is far more supply despite the small run. Have a rare book is fine, but without demand it is a book that wont move. If they had let the market decide the price as it does with ratio variants there may have been more heat. The $20 msrp will turn a lot of people off a book they have never heard of.

      I hope I answered the question well. I feel like I kinda rambled, but I’m super tired.

      Tldr: Published print runs are good, trying to manufacture demand and aftermarket price not good. The market will decide.

      edit. as far as valiant goes it is the same issue. I don’t spec on Valiant for the same reason of small demand. Also I usually only mess with books I know about/like. There have been tons of super rare ultra high ratio that sell a few at high price but then die. Those Savage 1:50s for example they were really hot and now I never see anyone talking about them. How many have sold in the last 6 months? Not many, I see less than 10 of any of the 1:50 issues. Now Valiant might get a huge boom if/when the movies pop. Valiant might be great spec that I miss because I’m just not down with it and that is okay. I don’t have access to them either and a lot of what I mess with is a result of what I can get. I don’t have anything against Valiant and they def have a loyal following.

      • octoberland


        No ramble at all. You definitely laid out your thoughts and that is great. I can see where you are coming from. In my view there is not much difference from a buyer POV because you still pay about the same (roughly ratio) for the book on release day. That said, I get your logic here and your surrounding motivation to pass on the title.

        The potential small demand is a definite concern for anything. I miss on titles as well because I either cannot secure a copy locally or I am not interested. We are in a similar stance on Valiant, I just knew it was a _similar_ situation and drew the comparison. FWIW I do have copies of Exciting Comics 1. I think it is a very interesting idea and I believe they have a chance at pulling a fun world together. I also really like Black Hammer, so perhaps there is a theme for me with these two titles. Mainly I wanted to state that I do have copies so there is transparency in my talking about the title.

        Thank you kindly for the response, and the work you put in on this article every week. It is quite an effort and I appreciate it!

        – Craig Coffman

  • Avatar

    Can’t believe how under-ordered Bloodborne is, it’s the best horror comic coming out right now – yes better than immortal hulk. I got that C cover too, it’s wicked. People are going to be kicking themselves once this series takes flight.

  • Avatar

    In love with the Venom homage cover. Got a few today. Midtown still has for cover but 1 per

  • Avatar

    I really miss this old format/content. I don’t want to watch a video. I don’t care for the Wednesday warrior style. I miss informative stuff about the weekly releases.

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