Indie Spotlight Series 18


Hello everyone and welcome back to Indie Spotlight Series. This week there is a ton of good stuff releasing, so let's waste no time and jump right in.


Incursion 1

Valiant Entertainment

Valiant seems to be having a bit of a resurrection with news that the Bloodshot movie is so close to being done, coupled with new leadership in the front office. That being said, could Incursion 1 be the next big Valiant title?? Way too early to tell but the storyline is intriguing to say the least. This book will feature one of the Valiant universe's biggest characters, Eternal Warrior, as the charge is lead against a completely new, never before seen villain by the name Imperatrix Virago (first appearance).  I for one can't wait to read this one and see how it all goes down. The cover B De La Torre variant is my favorite out of the bunch and is eye catching to say the least.



Sharkey The Bounty Hunter

Image Comics

With a Netflix show already in the works, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter will hit comic shops this week and I am anxious to read it for sure. I’m imaging Dog the Bounty Hunter driving a high powered Ice Cream truck in outer space and laughing to myself as I type this.  I know everyone says “dont spec on Millar books”  and I’m not by any means advocating it, but I will say Netflix adds a whole different dimension!  I believe there are 6 covers for this but I will be picking up the sketch cover by Bianchi and the cover D Scalera variant.



Knights of the Golden Sun 4

Mad Cave Studios

I have raved about this series since issue 1 and it just keeps getting better and better! Knights of the Golden sun is a series like no other you will find. All issues have seen heat coming out of the gate, and I expect this one to be no different. If you are not reading this series I highly recommend it. The world building through the storytelling and artwork is rivaled by none at the moment in my opinion.



Zodiac 1

Zenescope Entertainment

Billed as introducing a new player for Zenescope and a must read for fans of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe. First appearance of a new character and an unreal A cover by Vitorino is what is driving me to pick this one up. Grimm Fairy tales has a huge following and I expect this one to sell well.



Stronghold 1

Aftershock Comics

Stronghold 1 has my attention based on the previews description and the 1:10 variant cover art by Tyler Walpole. This series was originally launched in August of 2005 by Devil's Due Publishing and those issues are actually very hard to find in NM condition. The premise is  our planet is basically a holding cell for the most dangerous being in the universe. The kicker is the alien being has no memory or recollection of his powers and is living as a midwesterner selling insurance. All is going well until he falls in love , and the only way to get what he wants is for earth to end!



Worth A Read

Blossoms 666 #1

Archie Comics

I want to start by saying I read very few Archie Comics and know almost nothing about the universe or the players in it. However Blossoms 666 was a very entertaining read for me and there was no problem jumping in knowing very little about the world itself. You can tell the two main characters , twins Cheryl and Jason have some “special” abilities as they mesmerize school bullies and teachers to manipulate situations. Both Characters seem very likeable as they throw a bash that sees the whole Archie Crowd in attendance.  During this party a game of truth or dare breaks out that leads us to the last cliff hanging panel of this issue. Can't wait for issue 2 to say the least.



Also Watch Out For These Titles This Week


Bitter Root 4

Image Comics

Die 1 Third Print

Image Comics

Errand Boys 5 of 5

Image Comics

Exorsisters 5

Image Comics

Middlewest 4

Image Comics (this is a fantastic series so far.. definitely recommend reading)

Monstress 20

Image Comics

Outpost Zero 7

Image Comics

Seven to Eternity 13

Image Comics

Anthem 1

Dark Horse Comics (prequel to the video game )

Death Orb 5

Dark Horse Comics (another series that I absolutely love)

Starcraft Soldiers 2

Dark Horse Comics

Judge Dredd Toxic 4


Sukeban Turbo 4 of 4


Crackdown 1

Dynamite Ent. (XBox video game)

Mars Attacks 5

Dynamite Ent. (love the Robert Hack variant)

Black Badge 7

Boom Studios

Appalachian Apocalypse 2

Cave Publishing

Breakneck 3 of 4

Titan Comics

Conspiracy 3 – Denver Airport


Grumble 4

Albatross Funnybooks

Hot Lunch Special 5

Aftershock Comics

Monstrous 4 of 4

Source Point Press

Punchline 4

Antarctic Press

Relay 4


Wulfborne 1

Scout Comics (premise sounds interesting-a swordsman who enters the underworld to heal his broken heart) I will def pick up if i see for cover price, but Scout has put a bitter taste in my mouth lately with their inability to keep follow up issues coming out on time.


Last Week's Updates


The Devils 1

Antarctic Press

Sales have been strong as this is a $12 to $15 book shipped. Honestly have heard nothing but good things about the story but have not been able to read myself.



God of Bad Men 1

Ahoy Comics

Both covers are going for right around $8 before shipping.



Exciting Comics 1

Antarctic Press

The Speedway variant was the winner out of the bunch. Only 300 in existence. Most sales have been over $50 but the most recent was $35. However there are no buy it nows for less than $45 at the moment. The A cover lost all Heat when it was revealed it was not going to be an homage to New Mutants 87.



Army of Darkness Bubba Ho-Tep 1

Dynamite Entertainment

Can be found Everywhere at cover price.



Hit Girl Season 2 #1

Image Comics

Another one that can still be found at cover price. I will def be picking up more of these at cover of below if I can find them.



Thanks again for reading and happy hunting this Wednesday.



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