Indie Spotlight Series 17


Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of ISS. This week is full of books that are already seeing pre sales over $15.00 and showing no signs of slowing down. That being said, let’s jump right in.


The Devils 1

Antarctic Press

Well this is another one that is very strong out the gate for Antarctic Press! Several titles have dropped with $15.00 to $20.00 price tags but few have held up much longer than a couple weeks for Antarctic Press. The Devils may be a little different, as this book seems to have substance to it. The book is set after World War II and follows two Japanese soldiers on their trek across a “haunted swamp” so to speak.  The kicker is that it’s based on a true story and I’m always a sucker for those!  Sales have been from $15 to $18 dollars and diamond is on backorder (AKA sold out).  Definitely one to watch through the next couple days.  I’m making this my pick of the week.


God of Bad Men 1

Amigo Comics

Written by Colleen Douglas, God of Bad Men 1 was scheduled to come out some time ago but when Insane Comics shut down the title was left homeless. Well it's now being brought back by Amigo Comics and is selling like crazy! Both Covers are already on back order at Diamond and seeing sales of $15.00 on ebay at the moment. The premise is a raging alcoholic with an inoperable brain tumor meets someone who tells him the tumor in his brain is the origin of God.  A little out there for me but if I see it at cover I may do a quick flip.


Exciting Comics 1

Antarctic Press

Another Antarctic Press number 1 issue that you just can't overlook this week. This is a title that was originally released over 70 years ago and is now returning.  Billed as combining many universes to make a superverse!  You will see some classic public domain heroes,  along with some new original ones. Apparently people are on board as it’s another one that is already back ordered at diamond and has seen several sales of $22.00 and up!  If you see it at cover it will probably be worth picking up for at least a read and quick flip.


Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep 1

Dynamite Entertainment

Billed as an epic crossover between two titles with cult followings, I honestly hate to even admit that this has caught my eye but it has!  This one may equate to a dumpster fire that you can't look away from but for some reason I’m in right now.   Some pre sales but nothing catching fire. I don't think it will heat up but I’ve got to see what's inside for myself. I do like the cover E Kubert variant and that's the one I will be picking up.


Hit Girl Season 2 # 1

Image Comics

The series from Mark Millar is back and better than ever.  Well that's yet to be determined but everything I’ve seen looks pretty good. Especially when you attach a writer like Kevin Smith to it!  Can't wait to see what he does with the second arc to this series. The premise is  Hit Girl finds out her story is being adapted for movies and goes nuclear leaving Hollywood in a blood bath. So far, good pre sales on this book though none over cover. I think it will be a fun read and a good long term hold. I will be picking up covers B and C.


Worth A Read

Oliver 1

Image Comics

Hooked on this one already. The story is set in London after a nuclear holocaust. The city is uninhabitable except for a few souls that are cut from a different cloth so to speak. After the fallout a child is born, a mysterious being that may hold secrets that he doesn't even know about yet. It's a story of outcasts coming together in a world that has turned their back on them all. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg with this story and I can't wait for more! The art in this book is fantastic and the first issue has done a magnificent job of world building. No spoilers here but you should def give this one a shot!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!


Also Watch Out For These Titles Releasing This Week

Blackbird 5

Image Comics (great cover B)

Criminal 1 second print

Image Comics

Criminal 2

Image Comics

Die 2 second print

Image Comics

Gideon Falls 11

Image Comics (end of this arc)

Kick Ass 12

Image Comics

Magic Order 6

Image Comics (series fInale)

Middlewest 2 second print

Image Comics

Murder Falcon 5

Image Comics

Oblivion Song 12

Image Comics

Outer Darkness 4

Image Comics

The Warning 4

Image Comics

God of War 4

Dark Horse Comics

Whispering Dark 4

Dark Horse Comics

TMNT ongoing 91


Bettie Page 2

Dynamite (cool old school photo cover)

Wizard Beach 3

Boom Studios

The Blackening 2

Amigo Comics

Dead Kings 3

Aftershock Comics

Devil Within 3

Black Mask

Fearscape 4

Vault Comics

Friendo 4

Vault Comics

Last Space Race 3


Lollipop Kids 3


Stars End 3

Antarctic Press


Last Week's Updates

Trump Titans vs. The End (Cape Variant)


A few sales but can still be found at cover everywhere


Magical Beatdown 1

Silver Sprocket

Well I don't even know where to start. This book was hot out of the gate but I think after word got around about not being a first print, sales have grinded to a halt. It's either that or Silver Sprocket calling out speculators for buying up all the copies from Diamond!  HEAVEN FORBID!  I have reached out to the writer and publisher several times trying to get print run numbers and info about past printings with little to no response! Buyer beware! As far as the story goes, it wasn't much of one to be honest. I was definitely disappointed but to each their own as I heard some enjoyed it.


These Savage Shores 3

Vault Comics

This was the real winner from last week as it is now a $20 book. The release of this issue has also sparked interest back in the first two as they are flying off ebay as well. Congrats Vault Comics on an amazing story. Highly recommended read!


Vindication 1

Image Comics

Not a ton of sales on this book which honestly surprised me. I have not been able to read yet and would love to hear anyones thoughts that has in the comments section!


The Girl in the Bay 1

Berger Books / Dark Horse Comics

Good sales and can still be found at cover.  Honestly, I enjoyed the read and will be picking up issue 2 for sure. It's definitely not your typical cold case type murder book. Full of twists and a big WTF at the end.  


Thanks as always for reading and I hope this helps.




  • Dan Piercy

    Looking forward to Criminal and Murder Falcon this week. I passed on Vindication.

  • Avatar

    I’m def looking forward to Criminal as well. I think a lot of people passed on vindication for some reason. I’m honestly anxious to read it. I have Murder Falcon 1 but am yet to read it 🤦‍♂️

  • Avatar

    your god hates you = eli stone meets the lost weekend? what’s with all the art nouveau knock offs….bring back the bauhaus!

    love these savage shores though…

  • Avatar

    Looking forward to The Devils, sounds like it could be a cool story. The Girl in the Bay was a good read, hope the story stays cool. These Savage Shores is just another great book coming from Vault, probably the best new publisher in years. Magical Beatdown was a great idea with not much story, it felt like a 5 minute synopsis of a good movie. Hoping God of Bad Men is as interesting as it sounds. Keep up the great work Andy.

    • Avatar

      Yea I hope Girl In the Bay can keep it going as well. I really enjoyed it! These savage Shores is def in my top two reads!!! Vault and Madcave are neck and neck for that title haha. Both are unreal! Thanks for reading And Congrats on winning the Ogre 3 variant.

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